How to enhance domain authority of your blog?

Domain Authority is an excellent way to know the SEO potential of your website or blog and by improving it you can strengthen the SEO. It also allows you to compare your website confidently with your nearest competitors to see where you currently stand and then determine the right strategy to grow.

Domain authority is measured at a scale of 1-100 and lower domain authority means low value while higher domain authority is associated with a high-value website. Some of the most popular and reputed sites like Facebook and Google have a domain authority of 85+ while the small websites can have less than 10 DA. If you need healthy digital growth then consider increasing your DA consistently.

In this blog, we will mention some of the ethical and reliable ways to increase your domain authority

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Select relevant domain name

Domain name may not technically impact your ranking but it still plays a decisive role in influencing the key factors that affect your ranking. Suppose you have created a blog on WordPress with high-quality content and named it “”. There are very few chances that people visitors will click the URL even if it appears on the first page- simply because the name is not relevant.

On the other hand, if your competitor has named his WP blog the visitors are comparatively much more likely to click on that URL simply because of the relevant domain name that instantly connects with their search intent. So, a relevant domain name attracts more links that in turn improve your ranking.

Internet users have a low attention span. Also, many visitors may get interrupted- say by a call from their employer, or a Whatsapp message- which prevents them from completing browsing sessions on your site and they may decide to return later.

A simple short and memorable domain name allows them to remember your URL and return to your site later. From the Domain Authority point of view, the age of the domain also matters a lot. So, instead of buying a new domain name and waiting for it to get aged, you can consider buying an existing domain name which not only saves your time but also offers you a pre-existing DA right in the starting which makes things easier.

For instance, if you buy an old domain with a DA score of 58 you will have a readymade advantage of a high DA score without any active efforts on your side. That said after purchasing a high authority aged domain name, you would need to work relentlessly on your site, in terms of content, design, SEO, and other aspects- for retaining the organic domain authority and improving it further.

Long term renewals can also help in increasing domain authority as it indicates that you have long term plans for your domain/website and are not going to abandon it anytime soon.

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Content Optimization

 Another way to increase your DA is to review your on-page content and optimize it to make it search engine friendly. Along with the main content and keywords, you also need to work on codes like image alt tags, title tags, etc/?

 Also consider using the eye-friendly format to enhance the readability of your content by using italics, bold, and underline formatting at appropriate places.

 Instead of shallow content of 250-300 words, write research-based high-value content in the long-form format covering all the key aspects related to the topic. The idea is to improve value delivery for the audiences so that almost all their key doubts/queries are cleared without visiting other sources.

 For instance if you are writing an article on the latest SEO practices then start your article with an official definition of SEO and its real-life benefits.

 Along with an improved value delivery the comprehensive content presented in the right format (headings, bullets, questions, etc.) also makes it easier for search engine bots to fully understand the content context and increases your chances of appearing in relevant search queries.

 To make things easier you can take help from tools like BiQ and Quora that help in deciding the most popular question and keywords and structure your article accordingly.

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Produce content that attracts links

 Regular publishing of content with high linking potential is another way to increase your visibility. It plays an important role in improving DA.

 Also try including factors like statistics, infographics, and original research in your content that will encourage good authority websites to refer your site for inspiration/information and link to it while citing the sources.

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Healthy Internal Linking Strategy

 While external links do help you a great way in enhancing your domain authority, the internal linking is no less important.

 With strategic internal linking, you can increase the click-through rate while also increasing the average stay duration of visitors. It also helps in guiding the user through different useful and relevant pages of your site and also prevents them to hop to other sites for additional information. It is also advisable to add multiple interpage links (obviously relevant ones only) on a single page.

 With appropriate interlinking practices you can not only promote the aged posts of your blog but also increase visitors' interest in your site.

With appropriate internal linking you can also help search engines like Google to index the entire site which influences its visibility


DA or Domain Authority plays a vital role in determining the growth status of your website. In this blog post we mentioned some of the best ways to enhance your site DA. In the second part of this blog post we will conclude with some more factors that directly influence your site DA.

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