How to increase Domain Authority of your blog- Part 2

In our last blog on domain authority we discussed some of the practical ways to improve DA. In this concluding part we will discuss some more ways to increase the DA of your site or blog and enjoy better SEO profile.

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Delete toxic backlinks that hurt the DA (and SEO/ranking)

 While backlinks do offer many benefits to your site, some of them can pose risks as well. We are talking about toxic backlinks these backlinks are from low-quality sites, PBN (private blogging networks), etc.

Regular monitoring and assessment of your links will help you to identify such toxic links and effectively remove them.

 It is also important to check for the outbound links from your site that link to a low-quality site or broken links. Remove them immediately as they can intensely hurt the domain authority of your site.

 Tools like Link manager from SEOPresor save you from the repetitive and tedious manual process of link assessment by automating the tasks and providing you a single dashboard to manage the entire range of inbound and outbound links. So, you can perform link management activities more accurately and in a fraction of time.

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Mobile Responsiveness

 As an increasing number of people are using mobile devices to browse the internet, the search engines like Google have made mobile responsiveness an important ranking metric. So make sure that your web design or theme is fully responsive means ease of browsing and ideal visibility across different devices and browsers- be it smartphones, desktops, or tablets.

 Nonresponsive sites not only lose ranking but also lose visitors by providing a poor experience to mobile users. If you are not sure if your website is responsive or not then go to the Mobile-friendly test on Google develop page. It will give you an idea about how your site looks and behave on different devices.

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Speed up your webpages

 Speed plays a pivotal role in determining the user experience even before they start reading your site content or interacting with it. Slow loading sites frustrate visitors and compel them to look for other alternatives. They hit the back/close button to search for fast loading sites and it can adversely affect your site SEO. It also hurts the domain authority of your site. One of the major reasons behind slow lording site is heavy images and apps.

 There are many tools- both free and paid- to minimize the image sizes and speed up your site. Also, make it a habit to use apps responsibly and keep on assessing their usability. Immediately remove the ones that you no longer use. Other ways to speed up your site are minifying codes, removing flash and other demanding software, and using lighter image file versions. Many times an inferior hosting service quality or insufficient hosting resources also slows down the loading speed. In that case, buy additional resource, upgrade your plan or switch to a better hosting provider- choose the option that seems most relevant and reasonable to you.

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Use top social media sites for content promotion

 Promoting the content not only helps you gain better visibility but also encourages other people to link to your site. AN easy way to promote your blog is to write informative posts around the topic and publish t on the high authority industry sites with a contextual backlink to the original content. It will not only increase your authority but will also get you exposure to a wider set of audiences- and collectively it helps in increasing our DA.


Domain authority represents the quality value of your site. For digital growth, you may like to improve your DA. In this post, we mentioned some of the reliable ways to enhance your DA. By practically working on these tips you can expect healthy DA growth which plays a good role in telling people about the domain authority of your site.

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