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How to improve wordPress search with these 5 plugins

Improve Search
How to improve search feature of your wordppress site

Today, there are many advanced search plug-ins for WordPress sites and blogs that can be used to enhance the overall search experience of your visitors. However, with so many options in the market, it could be difficult to find the right option matching your specific requirements. In this blog post we have mentioned top 5 WordPress search plug-ins for your WordPress site or blog that will deliver a premium user experience to your clients:

Better Search
Help your visitors search better with Better Search

Better Search

Better Search is the ideal option for those looking to slightly upgrade the search experience and accelerate the speed.  It offers a quick and relevant visual guide to the users by highlighting search phrases in every search results and thus facilitate quicker meaningful navigation.

Main Features of Better Search

·         Extended control over outcome: You can decide if the search results will be primarily based on title phrase or the content of the post/webpage.

·         Greater relevance: The better results will look for searched terms in title as well as post

·         Better insights and content optimization: Search heat map is a feature of Better Search that shows you the top searches on your site or blog that gives you deep insights. It also helps you to produce the content that aligns well with changing interests of your visitors

·         Ease of installation: Installing and activating better search plug-in is quick and hassle-free thanks to its seamless, smooth integration. 

Dave's LIve Search
Dave's Live search simplified search experience

Dave’s Live search

As the high-speed mobile devices are becoming more affordable and network connectivity is improving day by day the people have become more impatient. What’s your takeaway here? To enjoy a competitive edge you need to exceed the speed expectations for your audience. Dave’s Live search is the perfect solution for you.

Major benefits of Dave’s Live Search

·          Live Search, literally: The USP of this plug-in is that it displays the results as the users type the search query. These results are continually refined and sorted as the users keep on typing the words

·         Fast Speed: The users don’t have to wait for completing the search query and clicking the search button to see the results. It significantly boosts the speed of things.

·         Note: Please consider that the users will need JavaScript for enjoying the above mentioned advanced live search functionality. In its absence, the default search functionality is applied.

Dave's WordPress Live Search functionality has attracted many positive reviews.

Ajax Search Pro
Ajax search pro helps your visitors enjoy better search results

Ajax Search Pro

Ajax Search Pro is the ideal option for the site owners who wish to give better weight and more highlighted appeal to the images too. The best thing is that it also offers live search functionality- that means displaying and adjusting the results as the search query is being typed.

Features of Ajax Pro

·         Highlights Images: If the search results contain images the same are featured for better visibility in search results

·         Better scope of searching: Along with the posts and pages the plug-in also looks for advertised Woocommerce products that are an additional benefit for the eCommerce sites

·         Better display options: The plug-in also offers 4 different search bar display options to suit different devices and viewing preferences as below: vertical, horizontal, Polaroid, isotopic ) Each layout comes with 60 different templates to choose from.

·         Sidebar options: If used wisely the plug-in also allows you to enjoy a better influence over your visitors by exhibiting top or most recent searches in the sidebar.

·         Extended configuration features: The client will also be provided a relevance panel with extended configuration features. However to enjoy its benefits you need to possess a good database knowledge.

Custom Google Search
Custom Google Search reduce search time with better results

Custom Google Search

Custom Google search allows the users to utilize custom styles for enhancing the appeal of the search functionality. You can enjoy extended capability by deciding if the search will be restricted to only a single site or includes multiple sites.

Main features of custom Google search

·         Sidebar Display: It includes the friendly widget allowing you to display a search box on the sidebar

·         Extended control: Gain extended control over display option by deciding if the search results will be displayed on a search page or limited only to the sidebar.

·         Seamless alignment: A diverse variety of themes and styles allows you to align the visual display of search result page with the default page style.

·         Better Accuracy: Being a tool developed by the search king Google, it also increases the accuracy of the search results .

·         Language advantage:  You will also get the language advantage as it is being translated into 7 languages that would be a better way to help your non-English speaker visitors.

Jetpack Search
Offer improved search experience with Jetpack search

Jetpack Search

If you are looking for a robust full-bodied WordPress plug-in with reliable extended capabilities like image hosting and securing the search process against hackers, then Jetpack search is the best choice for you.

·         Zero Delays: Jetpack is purpose-built to efficiently support a massive volume of search queries without any delays. Instant search display offers optimum user experience irrespective of the number of search queries.

·         Real Time Indexing: The visitors would also enjoy most updated and accurate search results as the content are indexed in the real time.

·         Extended filters:  Another USP of Jetpack that offers it a distinct position is the extensive filters it offers the visitors that significantly enriches their overall search experiences. It empowers them to further sort and filter the search results to perfectly align with their purpose.


Search functionality on your blog enriches your visitors experience by allowing them to quickly find the precise content or topics they are looking for. There are various WordPress search plugins that provide you a quick add advanced search functionality that further enhances the visitors experience and can increase their stay period and engagement. It is advisable to first decide the search experience you wish to offer your audiences and then select the plugin that precisely caters to your requirements.

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