How to install WordPress using wpCentral?

WordPress is arguably the most reliable and simple CMS used across the globe and appreciated by beginners as well as advanced users. However, if you own multiple WordPress sites, you may experience the management complications that will expose your site(s) of security threats or lack of updated performance benefits. It is due to the increased chances of human errors because of repetitive steps, switching between different interfaces and multiple login requirements.

Single WP management dashboards like wpCentral help the users to easily manage multiple aspects of their several WordPress sites right from updating the themes and reviewing security to advanced plug-in management. In this guide, you will learn How to install WordPress using wpCentral

WordPress Installation through wpCentral

·         Sign in to your wpCentral panel using your registered credentials

·         Ensure that the domain on which the WordPress is to be installed, is already added to you wpCentral account. If needed, you can follow this guide for the instructions.

·         In the left panel click on Install WordPress option and you will be taken to the installation form.

·         Enter the required details like domain name, protocol, database name, admin login details, language, directory, etc.

·         For installing the script in domain root leave the directory field blank.

·         In the Advanced options section you will get the option to select your backup locations. Select it via Settings page where the installation backups need to be stored.

This is an optional field to specify your own backup location. You can leave it empty if you want to use the default location (automatically created by wpCentral) for backup storage.


After completing all the details click install button.

After successful installation you will get the installation links. It will also install the wpCentral plug-in on your website and the site is added to the wpCentral panel allowing you to manage it directly via the single dashboard of wpCentral · Clicking on the provided link will directly take you to the selected site's page or homepage.


There are different smart tools that make it much easier to install WordPress without any technical complication. wpCentral is one such tool that takes the complexity out of WordPress installation procedure. wpCentral saves your time and efforts by enabling you to install WordPress with just a few quick and easy steps.

Download wpCentral Plugin

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