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How to use Twitter to multiply blog traffic?

Twitter commands a respectable position as a leading social media platform trusted and used by millions of people across the globe.  That’s why a vast majority of bloggers use Twitter to share their latest posts and acquire new readers. Do you also want to use Twitter for sharing your latest blog post globally? Are you also eager to unlock the vast opportunities to multiply the traffic of your blog and earn loyal readers? We are going to present some of the actionable tips to gain maximum output out of your Twitter strategy without disturbing your schedule or spending lots of effort or time.

Twitter ecosystem focuses on “value over volume”. So, it could be a bit challenging, in the beginning, to share your blog on Twitter. But don’t worry. Just follow the tips that we are going to share in this blog. Within reasonable time you would be able to realize the positive change in your blog stats:

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Tweet your blog post multiple times to multiply views

It is perfectly okay to tweet your blog post multiple times if it is not related to a news-specific topic. Multiple tweets increase your opportunity of attracting more clicks and traffic.

However, you need to adopt a smart strategy and schedule your tweets wisely so as not to sound too pushy. Avoid copy-pasting the same tweet every time as it will irritate your followers. Instead, create at least 5-7 tweets each with different content. Utilize this opportunity to widen your reach by highlighting different aspects of your blog that appeals to different types of audiences.

Start by recognizing the multiple targeted audiences of your post. For instance, an education-related blog post can be equally interesting for students as well as academic professionals. Creating separate posts from the student’s perspective and teachers’ perspective will help you reach a wider set of audiences and also diversify the audience portfolio of your post. 

Don’t forget to use the topic-relevant trending hashtags to make your tweet more accessible to the interested audiences.

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Ideal number of daily tweets

If your blog contains many old posts with evergreen content then you can tweet 2-3 posts daily with a sufficient gap in between. Along with connecting you with new readers, it will also establish your authority as a blogger. But if yours is a new blog with a limited number of posts then it would be advisable to tweet modestly to avoid quickly running out of new posts to tweet about. Also, avoid tweeting the same posts too frequently as it will put off the audiences.

 If like many other bloggers, you find it difficult to follow a specific schedule on regular basis, then you can take the help of automated tweeting tools where you just need to draft tweets with your blog link and specify the time and date when you want it to be posted. These smart tools can automatically post the drafted tweets on a specified date and time.

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Add Click to Tweet button on prominent quotes and statements

If you would go through the blog posts of top blogger many of them a specific statement, quote or other content portion with a click to tweet option.

 With just a single click the readers can share a specific statement or quote linking back to your main article. This super-quick sharing process encourages maximum interested readers to share your link with a prominent quote on their twitter handle. Quotes also leave a deeper impact on the audiences and inspire them to click the link. Eventually, it helps you in gaining organic social media traction.

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Include brands and personalities in your tweets

 A smart technique is to include the mentions of specific brands and people in your post. When tweeting the post link just tag the included people and brands so that they get notified when you post the tweet.

In most of the cases, the mentioned personalities/brands will react by retweeting, commenting, etc. It will thus strengthen twitter engagement and also help you reach a far wider and diverse audience set.

It is also a good strategy to make some valuable connections that can help you in enhancing the revenue and reputation potential of your blog.

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Appreciate the audience that engages with your blog

Keep a track of the audiences who actively share your blog post and don’t forget to acknowledge their engagement. You can like, retweet, comment, or mention them in a post depending upon the level of engagement.

For the best benefits prefer retweeting the comment as it sends a message to other audiences that your blog post is getting good engagement. It will most likely encourage them to click and read your post.  

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Craft power-packed tweet posts

 You probably invested hours or even several days to create a single post. Don’t dismiss its potential by slapping a quick tweet that seems too generic to leave any impact. An ideal tweet should create a strong desire for readers to read your blog.

 Some of the major emotions that an ideal tweet should spark are humor, intrigue, suspense, surprise, an assurance. You only have a limited inventor of 140 characters. Use it wisely and insert only the power words with minimum stop words and using the right hashtags.

One of the best ways to keep your tweets short even if you don’t know how to shorten your tweet further is to use images. You can create an image of your longer content and then support it with a relevant quick tweet with hashtags


Twitter is a widely popular social media platform that allows you to share your updates, latest articles, etc. In this post, we mentioned various actionable tips on how can you use Twitter to popularize your latest blog posts and increase the traffic. By acting on these tips the readers should be able to increase their blog traffic.

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