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How to improve your website ranking on Google with some easy yet effective tips

Every website wants to reach the first page of Google and it causes a very tough competition making very difficult for you to improve your ranking, talk less of reaching the first page of Google. However, some strategies can help you optimize your blog to align with the best search engine guidelines and thus reasonably improving your ranking over time. The key strategy is to focus on very specific aspects of SEO instead of overwhelming yourself with the big picture. That said you also need to follow a well-planned strategy to steadily improve your ranking vis-à-vis your competitors.

Here are some of the reliable SEO tips to improve site ranking:

File:Long-Tail-Keywords-.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Research long-tail keywords

Long Tail Keywords play a very important role in strengthening the chances to rank in relevant organic queries.   The long-tail keywords also play a major role in strengthening the conversion probabilities by actively supporting the single keywords.

 The Long Tail keywords are more descriptive, like “Smartphones with the pop-up selfie camera”. The people searching for such long-tail keywords concentrating on specific particulars are nearer to making an immediate/instant purchase when compared to the ones who are looking for more general terms like “Smartphones”, “cheap smartphones”, etc.

By wisely finding and incorporating Long Tail Keywords in your content (web pages, blog posts etc.) you can add more strength to your ranking improvement strategy.

·         Today there are diverse tools that can make it easier for you to find the bets Long Tail Keywords related to your focused keywords. One such tool is UnderSuggest

·         Ubersuggest is a fantastic tool to get a wide list of keyword ideas including long tail keywords. All you have to do is to visit the site and search for your focused keyword. You would see an option in the Sidebar- Keyword Ideas.

·         Copy the most relevant ideas from the list and include them in your keyword strategy by wisely writing the content where they can naturally fit the context.

·         A good keyword tool offers supporting information and stats like CPC, volume, paid difficulty and SEO difficulty

·         For the optimum results it is advisable to go for the high volume keywords and the once having above-average CPCs. The latte helps in better conversion rate while the former gives you the power of volume.

Search Engine Crawlers: How They Work - Seobility Wiki

Write effective Meta descriptions

Meta Tags not only offer you the SEO benefits by showing your website’s relevancy to the search terms, but they also communicate the gist of your page to the visitors. So, even before clicking on your page, the visitors can get a quick overview of what your page has to offer.

 An effective Meta description presents quick and clear info about your webpage within 2-3 small sentences. Most of your readers would use this brief info as a basis to decide whether or not they should visit your webpage..

Here is the HTML format of a Meta Tag


meta name=” description” content=” This is the text named as Meta Description that is a key factor for to attract more clicks. Click on it to learn more about meta description tags.”


In absence of a description tag the phrase surrounding the keyword query is displayed. SO another way to getting optimum benefits out of your keyword strategy so that the first sentence containing keywords should be packed with maximum info and be shorter than 155 characters.

To preview what your meta description would look like and to see how well it matches your keyword strategy, you can use the SEO tools like Yoast. It not only allows you to easily create the meta descriptions without any coding but also helps you to check how well the meta description aligns with your keyword specific targets.

Structured Data - Seobility Wiki

Implement structured data

 The major challenge is to gain distinct appeal on the SERPs and having distinguished looks and formats with more digital real estate can significantly increase the probability of getting more visitors to your site. When done wisely the schema mark-up can help you get this privilege.

The interactive featured snippets can engage the people with your content even before clicking your webpage, thus allowing you to get over one barrier- automatically.  

 Having your site featured in featured snippets significantly improves the visibility on SERPs and offers you a competitive edge over other results.

 Structured data helps your site to be featured in featured snippets thus allowing the visitors to interact with your key content right on the SERP page. It places you in an advantageous position when compared with other websites on the same page.  

Image SEO: How to optimize images for SEO - Seobility Wiki

Create posts with images

Images can instantly leverage the value of your webpage and urge visitors to stay on and explore it further. The best way to keep the visitors engaged is to add awesome images, not only on your website but also across different mediums of communications like social media and emails.

By adding relevant visual content to your WebPages and communication you can not only increase the engagement probabilities but may also assist in getting a position in featured snippets.

Website address / URL bar | Please credit "Descrier" with UR… | Flickr

Use descriptive URLs

The key attributes of URL like path, size, and category play a reasonably important role in attracting visitors. Along with other efforts you can use your site URL as an important tool to bolster your visibility and reasonably improve your site ranking.

This is the ideal format of a descriptive URL -primary-keyword.html

If you use WordPress, you can easily go to the permalinks and change the URL to make it look more descriptive.

 Many bloggers create great posts but don’t change their permalink. By default, it can render irrelevant or complicated, no descriptive URLs. So it is a good strategy to change your permalink and give it a more relevant and suitable phrase.


To improve your ranking on Google, it is very important to optimize your blog posts and make them reader-friendly and easily discoverable by search engine bots. In this blog we have discussed some of the best SEO tips to follow is you wish to get better ranking than your competitors. None of the tips guarantee a sure shot or quick success but with committed efforts and some patience you can see reasonable improvement over time and gain a competitive edge over others.

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