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5 best strategies to convert your readers into subscribers

Creating blogs that can survive the competition is a tough task for beginners. It is generally acceptable to suffer the failure in the initial period but gradually you can have a better grip over the audiences provided that you evolve with the time. The art of blogging can be improved if you follow some strategies. In this guide, we are going to present some of the best ways to create the blog posts that will not only attract the readers but will keep them engaged till the last word and encourage them to subscribe to your bog. It will allow you to gradually increase your readership and improve the ranking of your blog:

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Deep Research and high quality content

Deeply research on the most challenging problems of your targeted audiences and then brainstorm the most practical and easiest solutions for the same. Present those solutions in a simple, jargon-free language along with stepwise instructions so that your readers can practically implement those solutions in real-time while reading your blog. The objective is to satisfy your readers and build your blog authority to enhance its conversion potential in terms of readership volume and total subscribers.

Along with building your blog authority, the same strategy can also be employed to increase the sales for eCommerce sites. For instance, if you are selling web hosting packages you can create a blog around web hosting issues for the beginners and present a list of actionable solutions and instructive guides around the same. It will build trust among the readers and it can eventually help you to turn your readers into your hosting clients.

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Spamming can reduce your readership and affect ranking

Spamming can put off your readers or even compel your subscribers to unsubscribe from the mail list. The first challenge is how to assure your visitors that you won’t spam them if they provide you their email address?

Start with a question that is related to the most pressing issue of your targeted audiences and then tell them how you can help them solve their issue by providing them the well-researched content directly into their mailbox. For entrepreneurs, it could be about increasing their sales, reducing costs, or outpacing their competitors. If your targeted audiences are university students then the career, overseas studies, or internship/job opportunities are the questions that are most likely to draw the5r attention.

Don’t forget to mention the frequency of email like weekly or fortnightly. You can give them an option to choose their preferred frequency. This strategy will solve 2 purposes. First, your readers will be assured that you would send them the content that can potentially help them to solve the issues and meet their goals. Secondly, telling about the frequency or giving them multiple frequency options to choose from also ensures your readers that you won't spam them with loads of emails.

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Attract readers with incentives

If you are selling products or services then you can also offer incentives like discounts or special offers for your clients. Such commercial benefits will create a desire for your visitors and prompt them to become your subscribers.

Here also you can expect the dual benefit of increasing your subscribers as well as enhancing the conversion potential of your website. Even those who don’t avail of the offer immediately may want to utilize it in the future. You may also add a validity period for such discount offers to ensure that the audience won't forget about such offers after some time. 

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Use visual backgrounds for better impact

 The visual background also plays an important role in attracting visitors to become a subscriber. For instance, if you are selling blogging courses then you may use the images of the top 5 richest bloggers in the world along with their revenue figures. The 6th one could be a faceless character and you can write a promising phrase like “you could be the next”. This is one approach. Another more realistic approach is to include the names and pictures of your former blogging students and their present revenue. It will assure the targeted audiences that hey can also be able to earn sustainable revenue after completing your bogging course.

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Prompt your readers by creating urgency

One f the best ways to build a successful subscription strategy is to prompt your users to sign up then and thereby creating a sense of urgency. You can do this with the help of limited time offers on subscriptions like “Subscribe and get % off on our digital course package. Offer valid till 31st October 2020- you only have 3 days to avail of the offer. “For better impact, you can even add a reverse timer. Those who are looking for digital marketing courses would hopefully sign up install to get the discount.


To acquire and retain the maximum readers you need to follow smart strategies that fully satisfy the expectations or targeted readers. It is equally important to deliver them the high-value content presented in the format that makes it easy for them to read and understand your content. In this blog, we presented some of the practical tips on how to increase the readership potential of your blog and converting readers into subscribers. For the best results, you can increase a checklist based on the same and follow it on a scheduled basis. With time you can also add other points to this checklist depending upon your individual needs.

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