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How to use your blogging skills to sell your products?

While blogging is the best way to express your thoughts it can also employed in various creative ways to achieve diverse objectives. For instance, the eCommerce sites can use blogging to gain more visitors and increase the conversion potential. In Likewise, the travel companies can create blogs around traveling tips and articles to attract the travelers and eventually take them to their travel package sections. If you also wish to use the blog section or create separate blog websites to attract your potential customers and encourage them to buy your products then you need to follow a smart strategy. Here the major challenge is to maintain a fine balance between offering reader-friendly blog content and eventually converting your readers into buyers. In this guide, we are going to present some tips that will help you achieve your sales objectives without disturbing the readers’ experience:

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Offer high quality content to win the trust

The primary task is to expand your readership potential by offering the high-quality content that satisfies your targeted audiences. Suppose if you are running a news based blog then instead of rephrasing the news from other sources you can mention the real-life impact of any specific news on your targeted audiences. For instance, many IT blogs present the news and also mention various ways the news will affect the CTOs, CEOs, and other businesses.

Likewise, if you are running a blog centered on solving specific issues of your targeted audiences then it should promise t to solve their issue with the help of self-help guides, tutorials, and actionable tips and tricks. It will help you connect quickly with the audiences and win their trust.

With each acquired reader you gradually increase the conversion potential of your blog. However, along with the acquisition of new readers, it is equally important to retain them and strategically strengthen the relations. It will streamline the entire readers to the buyer’s strategy without any gaps.

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Keep your content relevant to your products

Along with the quality of information the commercial relevance is equally important. For instance, if you sell the WordPress plugins then creating blogs around digital marketing or keyword strategy may be good for your targeted audiences (who are bloggers) but you also have to strategize the content in such an away that you can naturally include and highlight the WordPress plugins that you offer.

The objective is to highlight your product wherever you unnaturally can. Your prime goal is to sell your WordPress plugins to your targeted audiences without converting your blog post into a pushy sales pitch.

The best strategy is to identify the specific USP of your products and recognizing the major issues of the customers that they can solve. Creating a thorough content on those issues will enable you to seamlessly bake in your sales pitch into your blog without making it sound like a marketing content.

For instance, if you are selling keyword management tools then you can write a comprehensive blog post around how neglecting keywords can reduce the RoI of your targeted audience and prevent them to get any advantage from their content strategy. You can then include the practical solutions to the same and contextually mention your keyword research tool and how effectively it can help automate the RoI based keyword strategy for your customers.

The targeted audiences who are looking for streamlining their keyword strategy are more likely to buy your keyword research tool or at least use the free or trial version to test its competency.

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Don’t turn your content into a pushy sales pitch

While it is a good thing to try your best content marketing skills for selling your products through the blog, always be careful not to cross the line that divides ethical content marketing and pushing your products. You don’t have to center your blog entirely on your products but also concentrate on the major requirements and issues of your potential buyers.

For instance, if you are selling keyword research tools, then your potential customers are the individuals and companies who wish to enhance their digital business. You can attract such audiences by providing them basic digital marketing courses, actionable tips and tricks on digital marketing, content marketing strategy, latest algorithms, keyword strategy, and more.

It will help you to widen the targeted audience group for your content and optimize your website for more keywords for multiplying the visibility and opportunities.

Covering a wider spectrum of your niche will also help you establish your authority as an expert which helps in building trust.

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Avoid exaggeration and overpromise

Avoid exaggeration at all costs. The consumers today are too smart to be fooled by over-promising. You lose the badge of SEO expert the time you guarantee your potential customers to make their blog rank on No, 1 position on Google within 3 months. Never use the statements that show that your product is a single cure-all solution with some magical effect. Rather be realistic and mention the specific areas where your product can help customers to realize improvements.

Be very careful while supporting your claims with stats or numbers. For the best impact, you can mention the real-life use cases with the original names of individuals and brands to demonstrate the real-life value and potential of your product.

You can start with the challenges faced by your customers and how it affected their business. Then you can mention why they preferred your company over the others. Here you can use the original excerpts by the decisionmakers of your client brands like CEO or CTO.

Next, you can provide the details on how you employed your product to solve your client’s issue. This is the key part and you need to make it as effective as possible. Using a detailed but realistic description you can provide details on how you implemented the solution and how did it help the clients to overcome the issue.

Here again, you can use comparative figures and stats to highlight the business benefits brought by your solution.

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How to sell third party products through your blog?

If you are selling the products of a third party then you need to be very careful while selecting the right brands. After all, you won’t like to lose your readership by selling the products that fail to meet the customer’s expectations. So, it is always best to go for the brands that command respect in their niche and have a good reputation in the market.

Variety Is equally important. Selecting specific products will narrow down the convertible audience of your blog. By choosing a brand selling a wider catalog of products you can easily increase the convertible audience and it will also help you in your content marketing strategy.


Many people use blogging to attract their potential customers. By converting them into readers it becomes easier for them to win their trust and influence third purchase decisions. Thus selling your products to such people becomes easier. In this blog post, we presented some of the practical strategies to gain the best results out of this strategy. The readers are advised to properly follow the checklist regularly for the best results.

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