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6 ways to write awesome blog posts that attract more readers

A common ambition for every blogger is to emerge as a high authority blogger that helps him to enhance his reputation and revenue potential. Turning this dream into reality needs hard work, smart strategies, and patience. The most important thing is to regularly write the blog posts that offer you a distinguished appeal regardless of the age or DA of your blog. Blogging is an art that can be improved with some efforts and regular practice. In this guide, we are going to mention some of the ideal ways to write blog posts that help you connect quickly with your targeted readers at a deeper level. By continuously following these guidelines you can gradually improve your ranking and reputation in your niche:

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Avoid hollow words

Hollow words don’t attract the readers. Make sure to use the solid, well-thought content that packs intense value for the readers. Think deeply about the kind of content that your targeted readers expect. Be clear about the problem that your content is going to solve.

What would be the central theme of your blog post? Would it be an opinion piece, actionable tips, and tricks, a self-help guide, or a product review? What are the deliverables for both the parties, i.e., the writer (that’s you) and the readers? How do you wish your readers to react after reading the content (buying a product, subscribe to your blog, share the content, or comment on it)? Thinking upon all these things will help you create a well-shaped blog post that not only seems beautiful but also unlocks more value for your readers with each of its paragraphs.

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Structure your blog post appropriately

In the above paragraph we talked about a well-shaped content. Now, we would concentrate on how to appropriately structure you’re content to help your readers extract the maximum m value out of it. While we may not realize it the reality is that the streamlined structure of your content can go a long way in delivering the maximum value to your readers by giving them an option to choose and pick only the portions that align with their specific requirements.

Introduction: Start with an Introduction to give a clear idea of what the readers are going to learn or derive from your content. It is a very important part and you need to be concise and clear. Use power words and avoid redundancy. Asking a few pressing questions will set them in the right mindset to read your article. If it is a self-help guide then you need to be more specific in defining the final takeaway for your clients

Body: Body is the soul of your content. It is your canvas to present your skills, establish your authority, and fulfill the expectations of your readers. Make sure that you structure it well.

Digital readers generally have very short attention spans and long, overflowing paragraphs can put them off. Using smaller paragraphs will give a simple, reader-friendly appeal to your articles. Also, divide your content into bulleted or numbered lists to offer a neat look to your content. It is especially an asset for the skim readers who wish to quickly go through the major points of your article before deciding if they wish to read the complete post.

Using charts, graphs, images, and other media for supporting your statements is an effective way to keep the readers engaged. Such a structure also offers a promising look that there is a lot to expect from the article. Ensure that each paragraph should conclude appropriately.

Conclusion: In the end provide the well-written conclusion ensuring that it presents the complete list of your entire article, a quick summary list and if possible bridge different parts of your content body to provide what can be called the essence or moral of the story.

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Logical statements

Logic plays a vital role in any content. If you are not able to present the tangible logic behind your content then you would fail to leave a long-lasting impact on your audiences. You would certainly not like to convert your content into a read and forget type of content that is available as hundreds of such content types are available on the net.

People are not looking for the flowery style content with full of hollow promises or unnecessary adjectives. Rather, you need to create content that presents the practical logic backed by real-life data and facts that cannot be dismissed. It will make sure that your readers will take your content seriously. It will help you strategically but gently pushing your readers to take the actions that you expect from them like buying your products, sharing your content on social media, or become a regular audience of your blog. 

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The right way of using headings

 Headings not only make your content reader-friendly but also helps the search engine bots to easily navigate and understand your content. It thus increases your blog’s probabilities to be included in the relevant SERPs.  Headings and subheadings play a vital role in uncomplicating your content structure even if it a long-form article.

Along with using the right heading formatting (H1, H2, etc.), you should also include contextual keywords in your heading without stuffing them forcibly. The mobile audience can easily scan through your content if you properly divide into multiple headings and subheadings which will thus increase your reach and impact.

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Indicator phrases works as milestones for the readers

 There are specific words that give a clear indication of what to be expected n a specific paragraph. Using such words helps your readers scan through the most specific portions of your content. We can compare these words as the milestone indicating the distance to specific destinations.

For instance the words like “Start with”, “The second step is to” and “The last step” are a few examples of such phrases. Likewise, other phrases are indicating the content that follows like “As a result”, “The key takeaway is”, “It is advisable”, “Recommended list of actions”, “Most practical solution is”, etc. All these words make the skim reading even easier and enjoyable for the readers.

Headings also allow the readers to navigate through the specific sections but the indicator words help them to further pick and read the specific paras or even single sentences that are most relevant for them. For the best impact, the indicator words should generally be used at the beginning of a paragraph or a sentence.

When used in the middle of a paragraph, try highlighting these words by adding commas or suitable separators. The main aim of indicators words is to instantly attract the readers’ attention direct them to the most relevant content that aligns with their specific purpose.

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Get your content proofread by others

It is a good practice to get your post read by random readers and get their feedback. Request them to give you honest and constructive feedback including both plus and minus points of your content. Also, check with them if they were able to get the clear gist of the content as it is the key prerequisite for increasing your readership potential and add more subscribers to your blog. Acting on the feedback, try to enhance the strong points of your blog while working on the weak areas to make it more reader-friendly.


Getting a good reputation and revenue is the main target for any blogger but it is easier said than done. However, by following some specific strategies you can gradually but steadily build readership of your blog and gain a high reputation in the blogging industry. The strategies that we presented in this guide can help you enhance your reputation over a reasonable item. However, you should be committed to regularly follow these tips and employ an RoI based approach to make sure that you are getting the expected returns out of your efforts.

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