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5 best tools to choose trending topics that audiences love

If you wish to earn a good commercial return from your blog then you should be ready to invest serious efforts and time for boosting its impact. Several factors influence the success potential of your blog but content plays the prime role. While creating impressive content isn’t an easy task, several tools and methodologies allow you to create great content. These tools help you to produce content with the RoI approach by selecting the most rewarding topics and understanding the information that most people are seeking on the internet. So it will be easier for you to market your content to a wider group of global audiences. In this blog we are going to present some tools and platforms that provide you the reliable updated list of trending topics:

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Buzzfeed fetches you good volume of information about the latest trends in the popular culture, entertainment and the contemporary issue across different sectors. Moreover, it also allows you to determine the viewing preferences by browsing only specific sections. If you haven’t yet decided the sector then you can simply select the trending sections that sort the different types of content by their popularity.

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Buzz Sumo empowers you to easily search the hottest topics and browse through a variety of related content types. All you have to do is to mention the keyword, domain or topic, and press enter. It will bring you a complete list of relevant trending topics along with social media engagement stats on major platforms. The quick view fetches your maximum key details at a glance. Moreover, it also offers comprehensive filtering options.

You can not only sort the list based on the content engagement but can also choose the specific type of content you are looking for like infographics.

How To Use Google Trends: 10 Unique Ways To Boost Your SEO

Google Trends

To turn your content into an organic traffic magnet you need to select the topics that most people are searching on the net. Google trends are the best tool for this purpose. It offers you direct information and relevant stats about the most trending searches across the diverse niche. By wisely manipulating this information you can craft the content with good SEO potential. You can also optimize the view to meet your preferences or purpose like specific region, topic, or the most trending searches.

Jobs at Quora


 On Quora you can see a huge question database as well as the answers. Its popularity and the genuine questioners and news makest the most reliable source to find the questions that people are looking for.

 For viewing only the most popular content you can visit your home page and browse op stories feed. There are other ways to see popular content based o upvotes, comments, and shares.

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 Reddit is not a ready-to-use tool for information on trending topics. But once you get used to it can make things easier for you. With some manual efforts of skimming away the silly things, you can get the pulse of trending topics in popular culture.


In this blog, we presented a list of 5 different tools that offer reliable insights on the trending topics thus enabling you to produce impressive content with high readership potential. The readers are also advised to carefully compare these tools, read the latest user reviews, and check prices and relevance before using or buying any tool. Most of the tools are freemium, i.e., you can use a free version with some usage restrictions to test its efficiency level before buying a paid version. So it is a good idea to start with a free version before taking the final purchase decision.

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