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Multiply your e-sales with buy one get one free deals (How-to Tutorial + publicity tips)

With the help of various purpose-built plugins it has now become super easy to create an eCommerce store. However, you also need to invest efforts in increasing sales through your digital store. The best way to do that is to introduce promo offers and deals. It helps in attracting new customers and winning the loyalty of the old ones. One such offer is Buy One Get One offer. There is some distinct attraction in this offer as it implies that you can get 100% free product on each purchase. The merchants across the globe use this method to build a strong customer base and widen their audiences.

Once you have decided on the products/gifts that you wish to include in the Buy One Get One offer, the next thing is to technically create the coupons and configure their settings to decide how they behave on the front-end. In this tutorial, we are going to explain how to do this by step by step instructions.

Free Coupon Plugin] Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce Free Version

Install Advanced coupons plug-in and activate it

Open advanced coupons tab and provide your license key 

Note: License key can be checked by visiting advanced coupons account and logging in to your account

Click the Woocommerce > coupons page. Next click Add coupon button 

Create Coupon Title on the next page that opens

Just below the title, a coupons code will be auto-generated which would be a random combination of letters and strings 

You can change it to create a relevant coupon code that can easily be recalled.

 Open Coupon Data section and select coupon deal type. Click BOGO deals tab

 Here you can set the desired conditions to activate multiple BOGO deals. It decides the product to be added to the deals. Here are a few options:

 Specific products: For standard single product deals 

Combination of products: For deals on multiple products or the varying products 

Product categories: For activating Buy One Get One deals on specific products range belonging to a particular category

 After setting the trigger type, choose the product on which the deal applies by clicking Add Products.>

Here you can select more than one product as the minimum purchase to get the deal.

 The best thing is that the plug-in allows you to create different deals like instead of giving away one product as free you may also give it on half the price. It allows you to have better control over the deal presentation

The next thing is to choose the product that would be given to the customers as a gift

 When a single product is chosen it automatically gets added to the shopping cart

You can also choose the option Any Combination of Products/Product Categories in the Apply Type. In this case the shoppers will get the discount when they select the product

 Under Price/Discount heading you would see a dropdown list from where you can choose other options like offering fixed/percentage-based discount instead of free giveaways

 You also have the option to decide if it is only a one time deal or repeated deal under Additional Setting

 Here you may allow clients to get free products in proportionate to the quantity purchased. For instance, the deal l of buy 2 get 1 free can automatically become buy 4 get two free when one buys two units… and so on.

Here you can also specify a notice to be displayed to the customers when the deal is triggered. All they have to do is to add the product and specify the BOGO coupon code

 You also have the option to present the deal the way you like. For instance, you can advertise it as a 100% discount, instead of buy one get one free deal

 Here the discounts would be calculated based on the deal triggers and required product quantity. For instance, buy two get two free offer will not be triggered or calculated as buy one get one- provided that you have selected the ideal settings while creating the deal>

How to publicize your Buy One Get One deals?

To gain more positive response out of your BOGO deals you need to publicize them the right way. Here are a few ways to make your deal popular among online shoppers:

·         Digital campaigns for Flash Sale: Limited time sales prompts people to buy your products fast before the deal is over. So, it is a good practice to divide you deals in multiple short-duration offers instead of a long term deal.

·         Interactive Presentation: Presenting your deal in an interactive format instantly captures the attention and urge visitors to act.

·         Collaboration with relevant Influencers: The easiest way to quickly multiply the reach of your deal offer to the maximum targeted audiences is through influencers. Hire the right influencers who are active in your niche, have a decent following, and charge reasonable fees for their services. Brainstorm with them on the right content, ideas, and platforms to publicize your deals.

·         Personalized Targeting: A brief demographic research will help you create personalized targeting that will turn your BOGO deal into a strong tool to widen your audience base.


Buy one get one deals help you increase your sales fast by attract more visitors and turning them into buyers. The global digital stores have been using this option to multiply their sales and meet their targets fast. You can also use it for clearing the old stock. In this blog we presented a step by step article on how to activate and publicize the Buy one Get one deal.

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