Top 5 video embedding plugins for your WordPress site

WordPress is a user-oriented CMS that offers uniform functionality to both technical and nontechnical users. For the latter ones, it offers and supports several plugins to help them overcome the complicated processes without compromising on the performance and appeal. One such plug-in category is video plug-in which makes it much easier for you to embed video into your website to make it more interactive and engaging. It not only allows you to attract the visitors but also keep them engaged for long and increases average stay duration – something that can go a long way in improving the SEO value of your website or blog. In this blog we are going to resent you a curate list of top 5 video plugins for your WordPress site that will help you add maximum impact to your site with minimum efforts:

Embed plus for YouTube – Gallery, Channel, Playlist, Live Stream

This super-efficient Youtube plug-in comes with extended customization controls to quickly embed a variety of Video formats into your WordPress website. Three major features of this plug-in are ease of use, flexibility, and scalability. It offers seamless embedding f Youtube videos, channels, playlists, galleries, and live streams.

Salient Features

·         Seamless compatibility with Gutenberg block editor

·         Uniformly supports all the major WordPress themes

·         GDPR friendly

·         Supports shortcodes

WP Video Lightbox

 This is another reliable plug-in that helps you to add a distinct appeal to your blog by easily embedding the desired videos from across different platforms like Vimeo/Youtube/HTML5 etc. This responsive plug-in looks equally good across different platforms and devices and thus allows you to impact a wider audience group. The advanced controls like autoplay, deep-linking and navigation support further enrich the audiences’ experience.

Salient features

·         Automated thumbnail retrieval and lightbox embedding

·         Youtube video loaded over HTTPS (Secured Browsing)

·         Doesn’t show suggested videos when original video is over (it prevents distraction)

·         Media box pops up through shortcode or HTML code

·         Displays popup description is shown in the overlay

ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedded

 It is a user-friendly plug-in that facilitates the hassle-free embedding of videos on the WP site. You can embed videos from your desired sources like YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5, etc. with equal ease. This plug-in is specially designed to align seamlessly with SEO guidelines which actively help in extracting more SEO benefits out of your posts.

Salient features

·         Offers purpose-specific controls to add SEO value to the video by enabling you to specify details like date, title, and description which collectively help in indexing.

·         WYSIWYG model that relieves helps you to work quickly and effortlessly without struggling to preview

·         An easy and straightforward way to embed videos

·          URL embedded videos are made responsive

·         Not mandatory to work only with shortcodes

·         Almost all videos supporting iframe embed codes are supported by the plug-in

·         Neat short code syntax

·         The single button works with all providers

·         Responsive CSS embedding

·         Disables video suggestions that generally follow on youtube after the video is completed

·         Unobtrusive model

·         Provision to set brand variables

·          Provision for autostart

·         Every option provided by providers is supported by custom URL parameters

·         Maximum width option available

·         Better video alignment options

·         Automatically sets detected/custom aspect ratio for optimum viewing experience.

FV Flowplayer Video Player

 FV Player occupies a distinct position in this list as it blends the powerful trio of efficiency, ease, and scalability. It can easily host various HTML links, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, and pre-roll ads. Moreover, it is compatible with almost all the popular browser which means that whether you visit is a chrome enthusiast or firefox fan, they would still be able to enjoy the same visual experience.

Salient Features

·         Video position remembering for guest members and users

·         Custom Video fields API

·         Offers AB loop playback for your visitors

·         Better playlists for a more user-friendly experience

·         Automatic video encoding checking provision for logged in admins

·         Fully responsive WordPress video player

·         Inbuilt custom start/end screens with a provision for using your custom design before/after video

·         Unlimited instances in single page

·          No individual pricing for each features Single Standard license gives you complete access to all the features both basic as well advanced)

·         Player with super efficiency occupying a more 181kb JavaScript and 10k flashcard

·         FV player can be extended through HTML and CSS with o JavaScript processes to be done by the users

·          Seamless support for almost all the browsers including older browsers

Easy Video Player

 A result-oriented plug-in with a decent array of features, the Easy Video Player is a fine option for the nontechnical users who don’t wish to be puzzled by an overwhelming list of options but just need the key features and a simple ecosystem. The simple interface, as well as intuitive steps, makes it a go-to option for newbie WP bloggers. Being focused on the nontechnical users the plug-in concentrates more on simplifying the process rather than providing advanced customization features.

Salient features

·          Supports M4 video embedding in a website

·         Responsive videos embedding to ensure uniform viewing experience across multiple devise and screens including smaller sized smartphones

·         HTML5 video embedding that offers compatibility with all top browsers.

·          Embed videos with poster images, autoplay, loop option and mute enabling

·         Video layer can be customized through modifies classes

·         Video embedding with 3 different skins

·         Video embedding through MediaElement layer/default WordPress video layer


For the last few years, we have been experiencing a fast and constant increase in video content consumption over the internet. Also, many top bloggers and internet marketers are actively recommending embedding videos in your blogs and websites to increase the impact. However, it needs some technical knowledge to embed videos in your site and for a newbie blogger or a nontechnical client it could be an uphill task. Thankfully, multiple plugins allow you to quickly embed video into your site or blog with a few easy steps using WYSIWYG editor. In this blog, we resented you a list of some of the best video embedding plugins. We recommend you to check the relevance as well as the users’ review before using or investing in any plug-in.

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