What is best for your WordPress blog- shared hosting or managed WP hosting

Two major web hosting plans that are utilized by clients to host their WP site are shared hosting plan and Managed WordPress hosting plan. The shared hosting is cheap and that is why many users prefer it. However, it has its limitations especially when it comes to the WordPress website requirements. Let us read this post to know the best option to host your wordpress website:

Shared hosting Plan

In a shared hosting plan, several websites reside on the same server. A set amount of resources is shared by multiple websites. In case a specific website uses a massive amount of resources which can hurt the performance of other websites in various ways, Fluctuating performance, slow speed, or even downtimes that cost you, visitors and clients. 

·         As resource usage depends upon the fluctuating needs and traffic, it is not predictable to guess. For instance, a sudden traffic surge during the last hour sale on one website can instantly soak a huge volume of resources leaving other sites with lower resources to support their site needs.

·         The sudden reduction in memory, RAM, storage space or bandwidth can result in interruption that can leave your visitors angry and compel them to look for another substitute thus hurting your business

·         Besides, you are not able to get the WordPress centric support in case of any issues as you don’t have a dedicated WordPress expert to help you with your queries

·         Other issues include lack of security, shared IP, zero privacy, no managed WordPress updates and no optimized settings for optimum WP performance

Managed WordPress Hosting

As the name suggests, the managed WordPress hosting plans utilize the servers that are already configured to align with specific WordPress site requirements.

The speed plays a vital role in determining the success of your WP website. The studies show that a reputed managed WordPress hosting provider can help your WP site load much faster (when compared to shared hosting plan)


·         While the shared hosting offers only a basic level of security the WordPress managed hosting offers extensive WordPress-specific security.

·         The high level of security protocols along with daily scanning and instant actions against malware or hacking attempts make WordPress managed to host a worthy investment. Reputed hosting providers also offer personalized protections against the DDoS attacks

·         Moreover, if your site gets hacked even with a managed WordPress hosting then your hosting company can competently repair your website thanks to their WordPress experts with deep experience. The conventional shared hosting plans fail to offers you such specialized care, expert services, and quick solutions.


·          The reputed hosting piers take automated daily backups of your site and also empowers you to restore them almost instantly thanks to their user-friendly restoration interface

·         While you can also get the automated backups on shared hosting plans, the backups in most cases, are stored on the shared servers. So just like your site, the backups are also prone to a security threat.

·         Reputed managed wordpress hosting providers also offer you one-click restores to help you restore your site with just a single click


When you purchase the managed WordPress hosting the pool of dedicated experts will be assigned to update your website regularly.

·         So you can remain assured that your site is updated to the latest version

·         It also ensures higher grade performance and security against the latest vulnerabilities

·         While the shared hosting takes care of updating the operating system, control panel, PHP and maybe MySQL and Apache, it does not update the WordPress


The shared hosting support executive might be great at hosting related topics but in many cases, they don’t have much clue about the WordPress specific issues.

However, when you buy managed WordPress hosting plan you can remain assured that you will be in touch with a WordPress expert who is fully competent to solve your query with confidence and offer you an accurate solutions


The managed WordPress hosting plan helps in optimizing the configuration of your WordPress site to ensure the best performance throughput. Thus you can expect the higher uptime and scalability It is simply no exultant when you buy shared hosting plan.


While the shared hosting plans are very economical and hassle-free, they are just not the right option for managing a WordPress website. Due to the shared resources, these plans are not able to cope up with the heavy demands of a WordPress site due to themes, plugins and other elements. Managed WordPress hosting plans not only offer a comfortable amount of resources but also optimize the settings for the best experience and also assure timely updates, security maintenance, and expert WordPress support. It makes Managed WordPress hosting the preferable option for hosting your WordPress site.

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