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How to effectively use podcast to increase your blog reach?

The podcast is one of the trending content formats that are highly popular among the audiences of different demographics. Podcasts are not only engaging and informative but are also easily accessible. Did you know that podcasts can even help you to increase the traffic of your blog? Yes, if you use it wisely you can expect a good increase in your blog’s traffic. In this guide, we will discuss various ways to effectively use podcasts for increasing your blog traffic.

What is a Podcast?

Let us begin with the exact definition of a podcast and its objective.

According to Wikipedia:

“A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio or video files that a user can download to listen. Alternatively, the word “podcast” may refer to the individual component of such a series or an individual media file.

Podcasting often uses a subscription model, whereby new episodes automatically download via web syndication to a user’s local computer, mobile application, or portable media player.”

Now let us see how and in what ways podcast can help you in increasing your blog traffic:

Use podcast for increasing depth and value of your content

Writing a fulsome content is the dream of every blogger but, let’s face it, (almost) none of the bloggers can achieve it. There is always some fill in the blanks, some gaps that need to be patched. Instead of getting annoyed or disappointed you can use these gaps as opportunities to cover the greater, in-depth details.

A better, more interactive way of filling this gap is to use podcast The podcast will not only help you to touch the other untouched aspects of your content but also allows you to add a different format to your textual content. Additionally, it also helps you to overcome the monotony of textual content.

If presented well. the podcast can be highly indulging and deeply impress your audience. You are not only inviting your audience to discover new, less-explored aspects of the topic but also offering them a fresh entertaining format to enjoy. They will certainly appreciate the same and you will get local audiences.

Connect with other podcast presenters

If you find it difficult to create a podcast from scratch then there is an easy way around. You can look for the podcasts in your niche with good stats. Using an almost reverse mechanism, look for the gaps in those podcasts that you can fill with your written blog posts.

Depending upon time availability and intention you can either check for the existing post or write a fresh one. In either case, make sure that the information is updated and thoroughly vetted. There might be some questions that still need an answer or there could be some contextual topic that needs a better explanation. These are the perfect opportunities to show your expertise and use the same for enhancing your blog traffic and impact.

Here is the right way to do it

·         Don’t hesitate to reach such an audience to directly check if they have left their email address blogs (if they have) or social media accounts?

·         Have those listeners provided the professional info that can be used to reach them out?

·         Politely ask them if they would be interested to have more information of the topic and invite them to your blog post where the same can be found.

Mutually Beneficial Collaboration

One of the best ways to increase your audience base is a collaboration with the Podcast presenters with good traction. Of course, you need to target only those podcasts that are relevant to your niche. Do some research on the specific podcasts that are trending in your niche?

·         Listen to some of their recent podcasts and take note of the important points

·         Find out the points that impress you the most and congratulate the podcast creators for outstanding podcasts citing those specific points. It proves that you are genuinely interested in their podcasts and can go a long way in building strong relations

·         Communicate with the creators of these podcasts with polite welcoming messages.

·         After building a good rapport with them, explore the opportunities for mutually beneficial projects where you can collaborate and share the audience between each show

·         It will help each of you to capture the attention of new demographics that will not only widen but also diversify your audience group.

Such collaboration also helps in leveraging the authority of your blog as your podcasts are supported by other creators as well which shows that it is convincing enough.

A great option for the mobile audience

The audience love to consume information in different formats. It saves them from monotony and also offers them a more engaging experience. Besides, many times it is simply not possible for your audience to read the text, even if they are interested and have time. For instance, it may be practically challenging for them to read your blogs while traveling through the public’s conveyance.

·         You can convert this limitation into an opportunity by creating a dedicated series of podcasts on different topics.

·         It will allow even on the go audience to easily access your podcast and utilize their time by listening to something informative

·         Creating regular podcasts on different niche-specific topics will also help in building a dedicated community of listeners and turning your present readers in listeners too.


Podcasts can help you a great way to leverage your blog’s value. It allows the audiences to consume information in a more engaging format. By collaborating with other podcast presenters you can even increase the traffic on your blog. The readers are advised to make a checklist of the points that we mentioned in this blog and follow them. Also, don’t forget to keep a track of the results to see what works best for you and continue with that specific strategy.

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