How to effectively use podcast to increase your blog reach?

Podcast Tips

The podcast is one of the trending content formats that are highly popular among the audiences of different demographics. Podcasts are not only engaging and informative but are also easily accessible. Did you know that podcasts can even help you to increase the traffic of your blog? Yes, if you use it wisely you can expect a good increase in your blog’s traffic. In this guide, we will discuss various ways to effectively use podcasts for increasing your blog traffic.

What is a Podcast?

Let us begin with the exact definition of a podcast and its objective.

According to Wikipedia:

“A podcast is an episodic series of digital audio or video files that a user can download to listen. Alternatively, the word “podcast” may refer to the individual component of such a series or an individual media file.

Podcasting often uses a subscription model, whereby new episodes automatically download via web syndication to a user’s local computer, mobile application, or portable media player.”

Now let us see how and in what ways podcast can help you in increasing your blog traffic:

Use podcast for increasing depth and value of your content

Writing a fulsome content is the dream of every blogger but, let’s face it, (almost) none of the bloggers can achieve it. There is always some fill in the blanks, some gaps that need to be patched. Instead of getting annoyed or disappointed you can use these gaps as opportunities to cover the greater, in-depth details.

A better, more interactive way of filling this gap is to use podcast The podcast will not only help you to touch the other untouched aspects of your content but also allows you to add a different format to your textual content. Additionally, it also helps you to overcome the monotony of textual content.

If presented well. the podcast can be highly indulging and deeply impress your audience. You are not only inviting your audience to discover new, less-explored aspects of the topic but also offering them a fresh entertaining format to enjoy. They will certainly appreciate the same and you will get local audiences.

Connect with other podcast presenters

If you find it difficult to create a podcast from scratch then there is an easy way around. You can look for the podcasts in your niche with good stats. Using an almost reverse mechanism, look for the gaps in those podcasts that you can fill with your written blog posts.

Depending upon time availability and intention you can either check for the existing post or write a fresh one. In either case, make sure that the information is updated and thoroughly vetted. There might be some questions that still need an answer or there could be some contextual topic that needs a better explanation. These are the perfect opportunities to show your expertise and use the same for enhancing your blog traffic and impact.

Here is the right way to do it

·         Don’t hesitate to reach such an audience to directly check if they have left their email address blogs (if they have) or social media accounts?

·         Have those listeners provided the professional info that can be used to reach them out?

·         Politely ask them if they would be interested to have more information of the topic and invite them to your blog post where the same can be found.

Mutually Beneficial Collaboration

One of the best ways to increase your audience base is a collaboration with the Podcast presenters with good traction. Of course, you need to target only those podcasts that are relevant to your niche. Do some research on the specific podcasts that are trending in your niche?

·         Listen to some of their recent podcasts and take note of the important points

·         Find out the points that impress you the most and congratulate the podcast creators for outstanding podcasts citing those specific points. It proves that you are genuinely interested in their podcasts and can go a long way in building strong relations

·         Communicate with the creators of these podcasts with polite welcoming messages.

·         After building a good rapport with them, explore the opportunities for mutually beneficial projects where you can collaborate and share the audience between each show

·         It will help each of you to capture the attention of new demographics that will not only widen but also diversify your audience group.

Such collaboration also helps in leveraging the authority of your blog as your podcasts are supported by other creators as well which shows that it is convincing enough.

A great option for the mobile audience

The audience love to consume information in different formats. It saves them from monotony and also offers them a more engaging experience. Besides, many times it is simply not possible for your audience to read the text, even if they are interested and have time. For instance, it may be practically challenging for them to read your blogs while traveling through the public’s conveyance.

·         You can convert this limitation into an opportunity by creating a dedicated series of podcasts on different topics.

·         It will allow even on the go audience to easily access your podcast and utilize their time by listening to something informative

·         Creating regular podcasts on different niche-specific topics will also help in building a dedicated community of listeners and turning your present readers in listeners too.


Podcasts can help you a great way to leverage your blog’s value. It allows the audiences to consume information in a more engaging format. By collaborating with other podcast presenters you can even increase the traffic on your blog. The readers are advised to make a checklist of the points that we mentioned in this blog and follow them. Also, don’t forget to keep a track of the results to see what works best for you and continue with that specific strategy.

What is best for your WordPress blog- shared hosting or managed WP hosting

Shared hosting vs Wordpress Hosting

Two major web hosting plans that are utilized by clients to host their WP site are shared hosting plan and Managed WordPress hosting plan. The shared hosting is cheap and that is why many users prefer it. However, it has its limitations especially when it comes to the WordPress website requirements. Let us read this post to know the best option to host your wordpress website:

Shared hosting Plan

In a shared hosting plan, several websites reside on the same server. A set amount of resources is shared by multiple websites. In case a specific website uses a massive amount of resources which can hurt the performance of other websites in various ways, Fluctuating performance, slow speed, or even downtimes that cost you, visitors and clients. 

·         As resource usage depends upon the fluctuating needs and traffic, it is not predictable to guess. For instance, a sudden traffic surge during the last hour sale on one website can instantly soak a huge volume of resources leaving other sites with lower resources to support their site needs.

·         The sudden reduction in memory, RAM, storage space or bandwidth can result in interruption that can leave your visitors angry and compel them to look for another substitute thus hurting your business

·         Besides, you are not able to get the WordPress centric support in case of any issues as you don’t have a dedicated WordPress expert to help you with your queries

·         Other issues include lack of security, shared IP, zero privacy, no managed WordPress updates and no optimized settings for optimum WP performance

Managed WordPress Hosting

As the name suggests, the managed WordPress hosting plans utilize the servers that are already configured to align with specific WordPress site requirements.

The speed plays a vital role in determining the success of your WP website. The studies show that a reputed managed WordPress hosting provider can help your WP site load much faster (when compared to shared hosting plan)


·         While the shared hosting offers only a basic level of security the WordPress managed hosting offers extensive WordPress-specific security.

·         The high level of security protocols along with daily scanning and instant actions against malware or hacking attempts make WordPress managed to host a worthy investment. Reputed hosting providers also offer personalized protections against the DDoS attacks

·         Moreover, if your site gets hacked even with a managed WordPress hosting then your hosting company can competently repair your website thanks to their WordPress experts with deep experience. The conventional shared hosting plans fail to offers you such specialized care, expert services, and quick solutions.


·          The reputed hosting piers take automated daily backups of your site and also empowers you to restore them almost instantly thanks to their user-friendly restoration interface

·         While you can also get the automated backups on shared hosting plans, the backups in most cases, are stored on the shared servers. So just like your site, the backups are also prone to a security threat.

·         Reputed managed wordpress hosting providers also offer you one-click restores to help you restore your site with just a single click


When you purchase the managed WordPress hosting the pool of dedicated experts will be assigned to update your website regularly.

·         So you can remain assured that your site is updated to the latest version

·         It also ensures higher grade performance and security against the latest vulnerabilities

·         While the shared hosting takes care of updating the operating system, control panel, PHP and maybe MySQL and Apache, it does not update the WordPress


The shared hosting support executive might be great at hosting related topics but in many cases, they don’t have much clue about the WordPress specific issues.

However, when you buy managed WordPress hosting plan you can remain assured that you will be in touch with a WordPress expert who is fully competent to solve your query with confidence and offer you an accurate solutions


The managed WordPress hosting plan helps in optimizing the configuration of your WordPress site to ensure the best performance throughput. Thus you can expect the higher uptime and scalability It is simply no exultant when you buy shared hosting plan.


While the shared hosting plans are very economical and hassle-free, they are just not the right option for managing a WordPress website. Due to the shared resources, these plans are not able to cope up with the heavy demands of a WordPress site due to themes, plugins and other elements. Managed WordPress hosting plans not only offer a comfortable amount of resources but also optimize the settings for the best experience and also assure timely updates, security maintenance, and expert WordPress support. It makes Managed WordPress hosting the preferable option for hosting your WordPress site.

How to efficiently use Chrome Developer Tools for WordPress development?

Best WordPress Tutorials

The Google Chrome developer is a reliable, feature-rich tool to quickly change the various sections, pages, and elements of your WordPress websites. For enjoying the maximum potential of a chrome developer tool, you need to gain some key information about using the same. In this blog, we are going to discuss the various ways in which you can use Google chrome to un-complicate your WordPress development process and boost the time to market.

Open Chrome Tools

·         Go to the top pane of Chrome browser and click the Menu (Three vertical dots on the extreme left)

·         Go to Tools> More Tools and open Developer tools

·         Now right click on the desired page elements and select inspect element from the menu. You will see a small window section at the bottom of the browser. It is called DevTools window

·         You will see a more organized view of DevTools with task-specific categories.

·         The toolbars contain all the key items to modify/render information about specific page types and elements like resources, DOM elements, etc.

Inspecting the DOM content of a selected portion of your page

·         On the right panel, select Elements tab in the top portion of Developer Tools

·         Click on the desired portion of the site and the corresponding code will be highlighted in Developer Tools

·         You can change the code and instantly see the modifications in the visual design

·         For a detailed understanding of how to identify and inspect various DOM elements you can go through this post on Google:

CSS/HTML editing

You can go through the editing tutorial by visiting this link:

Preview of code modifications

Elements panel enables you to preview any modifications in the coding directly in your browser. It gives you a precise idea about the actual output before making final changes to the source code. It saves you from guesswork, unnecessary repetitions and stress.

Along with the entire HTML code of different sections, the elements panel also enables you to see the CSS styles of any specific HTML section.

·         All you have to do is to take your mouse pointer over the page elements for which you want to see the HTML code, right click and select “inspect” from the menu

·         Its HTML code will automatically be highlighted in the source code.

How to preview live changes in browser

·         Select the desired element

·         Now select DOM element in the Developer panel

·         Double click the opening tag that you want to edit and type the desired value (color, size etc.)

·         Make the desired changes and it will be visible in your internet (In the above screenshot we have changed the color of Google Background to Black)

CSS rule tracking

Monitoring different CSS rule for any specific elements becomes an uphill task when your site starts growing that inflates the CSS codebase.

·         The Elements panel takes the complexity out of the process by highlighting all the rules of any specific HTML elements. It also shows you the various other elements to which any specific CSS rule is applied.

·         Right click on the desired portion of the page and click Inspect

·         You will see the developer tools in the right pane

·         In the Style Pane you can see  the styles applied to various elements on that page

·         If you wish to see only the styles applied to a specific element/portion then click on Computed tab

Responsive layout testing

It isn’t an easy task to test your site on different mobile devices due to the diverse variety and sizes available in the market but Chrome Developer Tools makes it easier and quicker:

·         Go to the Toggle Device toolbar of developer tools (the second icon in the top pane of chrome developer)

In your left window pane you will see different options to change the layout/size of the current page as per the specifications of various mobile devices

·         Once you are there, just go to the pre-built configuration of any Android or iOS device to see how your site will actually appear in that specific device

It also offers various other features to select the desired preview (like selecting dimensions, zoom in/out, online/offline mode etc.)

Tip: While it already has the rebuilt configuration of all the most widely used devices you also have an option Select the custom dimensions as per your choice. It saves you a lot of time and can also help in reducing time to market.

Check multiple specifications of WordPress

When working on the big projects it becomes imperative to closely scrutinize all the major specifications of the WordPress theme to determine its relevance, suitability, and potential

·         With the help of developer tools you can conduct a 360-degree analysis including site structure, Performance potential, consistency, major elements and dozens of other aspects.

Coding Inspiration

 It is not ethically correct and legally permissible to copy the code of any website; however, you can take inspiration or learn some fine points about the coding by studying their codes. It will hone the coding skills that can help you in enhancing your career and expect better income opportunities along with other benefits. The developer tools allow you to quickly study the codes of the professional, well-designed websites so that you can sharpen your coding skills and learn to give a professional touch to the overall website.

The style pane of Elements panel will allow you to modify the styles of the different sections of a webpag, Like :

·         Modifying any name, value or property

·         Inserting desire property declarations

·         Inserting CSS rule. 

Edit an existing property name or value

Click the desired page element or the specific HTML element (related to the CSS)

·         Now edit the property value by clicking on it

·         Press Tab/enter for modifying property name

Keep in mind that refreshing will wipe out any changes made to the CSSS so it is highly advisable to copy and paste it to your text editor.

Add a rule

Many people might have a tough time matching the element and the relevant selector

·         You can simply use the new style rule button. It is present on the top portion of Style pane. 

·         Click on the desired website element

·         Click the + button 

·         You will see the nested styles and thus saves you from searching it repeatedly

A simple example

  • Go to the webpage that you would wish to use for inspecting elements or CSS modifications
  • Now look at the chrome developer window in the right pane and click the Computed tab that will show the attributes list for the inspected element
  • Take your pointer to the desired attribute. You will see an arrow appearing near its value. Clicking it will take you to the styles tab
  • Click the value or the attribute and type the desired value to make changes to any specification like color or dimensions.


The chrome developer tools reduce the efforts and time needed in the WordPress development process without compromising on the quality of the output. If you have a good knowledge of using chrome developer to modify WordPress websites, you can actually cut down the effort and time needed for each project that would help you do more in less period of time and with fewer efforts.

5 best security solutions that every WordPress blog should have

5 best wordpress security plugins

As an open-source CMS, WordPress has special security requirements. One of the best ways to secure your WordPress site or blog is to use the security plugins that make it easier to protect your WordPress from various types of threats without requiring you to go through any complicated technical process or intricate coding. In this post we will mention the best security plugins to safeguard your WordPress site/blog against various attacks:


Sucuri needs no introduction when it comes to security. Respected as one of the most reputed IT security providers, the Sucuri allows you to choose from a free or paid version. For sure the paid version is more powerful but the free version isn’t less impressive either- especially if you are just a beginner.

This plug-in offers you an extensive array of options to meet with your diverse security needs, for instance, you can enjoy a real-time 24X7 WP health monitoring then you can integrate your site with Sucuri web application firewall. After installation you will be provided the settings option where you can set your desired configuration for optimal benefits..

Salient features

·  Auditing (Security Activity)

· Monitoring Integrity of files 

· Remote Malware Scanning

· Monitoring Blacklist

· Hardens security for better safety

· Efficient actions to help the site recover quickly post hacking

· Security alerts and Notifications

· Website Firewall for the premium clients

· Enables you to switch off access to the WordPress Dashboard when you are on a break

Tip: Using the security check feature will automatically activate all the essential features


SecuPress enables you to have an overview of your latest security stats by running the security scanner. The security report generated by this plug-in is comprehensive yet comprehensible- thanks to the eye-friendly format.

To make things easier it also displays the grading system that tells you whether your site is at risk or is safe.

Salient Features

· Plugins update alerts

· Reminding services for deactivated plugins deletion 

· wp-config.php security suggestions

· Settings for security key 

· wp-admin/install.php status

· Status of Users/login 

· Optimizing WordPress core 

· Scanning Malware and Firewall

There are neatly organized separate modules for showing different things. If you need to make any changes just click the module settings and proceed ahead.


 iThemes offers a comprehensive yet user-friendly dashboard that is equipped with multiple friendly features and tools. It allows you to monitor the status of your WordPress security and optimize the same for best protection. It also offers you a security grading format that apprises you of your WP security status at a glance. The extensive and, uncomplicated interface and user-friendly options make iThemes a great option to monitor the security of your site

Salient Features

· 1-click instant security check

· Option to prohibit bad users/IPs

· Login and Admin URL hiding

· Customizing admin account name

· Enables you to change the wp-content path

· Security logs

· Protection against brute force File permissions and integrity checks

· Notifications of new file prating

· 2-F authentication for an extra layer of security

Except firewall, it offers the entire set of security settings 

All In One WP Security and Firewall

It is a powerful plug-in that allows you to enjoy the maximum security with minimum hassles. The plug-in comprises a strong portfolio of monitoring, prevention, and diagnosis solutions. It can capably prevent your site from the existing as well as potential security threats

Salient Features

· Automated login lockdown

· Metered display for security strengths

· Detailed system info

· Firewall

· Provisions to back up config file

· Force user logout

· Log reports for account activity

· Applies manual approval for the new users

· check file system permission and improves if necessary

· viewing last file change


Jetpack is a power-packed security plug-in that has been developed by the WP’s parent company Automatic. With the free version you can get a decent array of options. For more demanding clients it offers a paid version that comes with:

Salient Features

· Protection from Brute force attack

· Downtime monitoring

· Jetpack Backups

· Security scanning


WordPress is an open-source CMS and that is why it is always on the radar of smart hackers. Besides, every website has the gateways that can be exploited by hackers if they are left unguarded. So, it becomes highly essential to secure your WordPress site. The easiest and best way to protect your WP site is to use the security plugins as they offer reliable security against multiple threats.

Image Credits

All In One WP Security & Firewall

Jetpack 7.0.1: Security and Maintenance release

4 Reasons to Buy iThemes Security Pro

How to decide if you want to change the hosting for your WordPress site?

Should you change your web hosting

The quality of web hosting plays a key role in determining your site performance and speed which eventually shapes the user experience. That is why the top bloggers and websites pay a premium price to buy powerful hosting plans from most sophisticated companies. A poor hosting provider negatively affects the performance of your site, causes slowdown and even result in downtimes that can directly damage your business and reputation. In such a scenario, the best solution is to simply switch to another hosting provider. In this blog we are going to mention different signs that strongly suggest you to start looking for another, better web hosting provider. 

Frequent Downtimes

Experiencing a few downtimes once in a while isn’t a source of worry. However, if your website experiences several downtimes every month, then you should be alerted. In most cases, it has something to do with your web hosting provider or at least they can help you figure out the reason. If your hosting provider is not able to assist then you might need to start looking for another hosting provider with better services.

Before deciding to move, you can first contact the support team regarding the issue. If that helps that’s fine but in case if the problem persists then it’s the right time to move. 

Database connection errors

Repeated instances of the error message- Error Establishing Database Connection is another indication that either you need to upgrade your plan or change the hosting provider. The reputed brand-conscious hosting providers offer you comprehensive support through a dedicated account manager to find out the precise issue and quickly resolve the same. On the other hand, the substandard hosting providers fail to resolve the issue or even offer convincing support. To the best, they can keep on elongating the query on some of the other pretexts. Needless to say, in that case, you should not think twice before changing your hosting provider.  

Internal Server Errors

Encountering a few instances of occasional internal server errors is something that can be attributed to the unpredictable temperament of technology- something we can’t help but cope with it. However, if such an internal message becomes too frequent, it clearly shows that the servers used by your hosting provider are simply not optimized to support a WP site. They may either lack the capacity or the staff is not competent enough to fine-tune the settings. In either case, our site’s reputation is at a risk and you would certainly not like to lose many opportunities because of the same. If the support team can resolve the issue then it is fine- forget and proceed ahead. But what if they are unable to help or you keep facing this issue again and again? So yes, this is the instance where the only solution is to change your hosting provider. 


Poor Customer Support Service

Every hosting provider offers customer support services. However, what matters the most is the quality of support it offers. The customer support services lose its meaning if the support team does not respond in time, are not able to resolve your issues or worse still aren’t genuinely interested in helping you out of a situation. Just think of a scenario where your website is down, say during seasonal sales and the customer service don’t pick up your call or are not qualified to resolve the issue. You may end up making significant losses both in terms of business and reputation. It is not wise to wait for that extreme damage. If you need multiple attempts to contact the support team or if they are not able to assist you in repairing the issues then it is the high time you should start looking for a reliable hosting provider with a good level of support.


While the occasional price increase under reasonable limits shouldn’t trigger serious concerns, you should be alerted if your hosting provider frequently hikes the prices or needs you to pay the additional cost for every basic service that other hosting providers are offering on a complimentary basis. It significantly increases your cost and thus reduces your net profit. However, in such a scenario it is advisable to first talk to your hosting provider and ask for a discount. In most cases, the providers are willing to slash the prices for their old clients instead of losing them to their competitors. If it refuses to offer any discount and you feel that the increased prices are eating up your net profits then it is the high time you should move to another web hosting provider. 

Pro Tip: In case if you are getting exception hosting service quality and stellar support then it wouldn’t be advisable to take any hasty decision. Think seriously and carefully weigh the pros and cons before making any final decision. It isn’t advisable to switch to a substandard hosting service for saving a few dollars.


A poor web hosting company can not only affect the performance of your WordPress website but can also harm your business and spoil the reputation. So, it is advisable to keep on thoroughly assessing your web hosting provider and if you find their services unsatisfactory, expensive or of substandard quality then you should act fast and switch to another hosting provider that can offer you better services.

If your hosting provider doesn’t agree for that but you are happy with the hosting quality then you can also consider buying a higher subscription package say 2-year or more. It will not only save you from the future price hikes but will also help you to enjoy additional discounts even on the existing price tag.

Best ways to add icon fonts to your WordPress theme

Use Icons in WordPress

Icons offer a distinct look to your blog that instantly attracts the eye. As most of you already know, icons refer to the lightweight, small retina-friendly images that can easily and seamlessly be inserted into the content. If you wish to use icons in your WordPress WebPages or blog posts then you need to follow a specific process. There are different ways to install icons in your site but in this guide, we will concentrate on the easiest way to insert your desired icons without any coding or complexity. So let’s start.

Better Font Awesome Plug-in

First of all, you would need a plugin that enables you to insert icons on your site. Among many options, one plugin stands out due to its popularity, capability, and ease of use- Better Font Awesome Plug-in. So, here is the step by step instructions on how to install and use it:

·         Go to Plugins -> New and type Better Font awesome in the search box. Hit enter.

·         Click install and then activate it

Upon successful installation, you would see the link Better Font Awesome under your dashboard’s settings menu


·         Select Better Font Awesome from you settings menu

·         You will be taken to the plug-in settings page and here are the actions you can perform on that page

Version: For selecting the desired version of the plug-in 

Use minified CSS: for using the minified version of the CSS

Remove existing Font Awesome: For the removal of Font Awesome CSS/shortcodes that other plugins/theme might have added to your site

Hide admin notices: For hiding default admin warnings for API and CDN errors

The usage section displays a quick brief info on how to use the plug-in

Inserting Icons in your posts or pages

Once you have successfully downloaded, activated and configured the plug-in, you need to add the icons.

Two easy, zero code methods to insert icons in your posts and pages are via a shortcode, and through TinyMCE.


·         Visit Font Awesome website and search the icon that you wish to use with the help of keyword

·         It will open a page containing the icons as well as the code

·         Copy the block of code and go back to your WP dashboard.

·         Paste it in the Text editor

·         Open preview to see the icon. If it seems fine then publish it


·         Click Insert Icon in the visual editor and it will open the entire visual set of different icons In the search box

·         Type the icon that you want to use

·         Just click on the desired variant of the icon to get it added to your post/page

·         That’s all. Keep in mind that here the relevant info is automatically added by shortcode generator that relieves your from extra efforts


The wise use of icons in your content can offer an attractive look to your pages and posts. There are different ways to insert icons but the beginners are advised to use the plugins and easier non-coding methods to save themselves from complexity and eliminate the chances of mistake.