How to get organic back links like a pro?

Getting backlinks isn’t difficult. The challenge is to earn valuable backlinks from reputed websites. That’s why many businesses prefer to take a shortcut route. They start buying backlinks or engage in link exchange programs which not only dilute their brand reputation but can also hurt their website ranking as Google actively discourages these unethical ways of getting backlinks by penalizing the parties involved in such shady link schemes. In this post we are going to share some of the best tips to get organic, high-value backlinks from the authentic and leading website or blogs:

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Write High Quality guest posts

Guest posting refers to contributing content to the other website generally to build a good brand reputation – either by establishing you as an authority figure and/or getting an organic backlink to your site. The links can either b present in the bio section or the contextual phrase of the content.

There are two ways of practicing this strategy- right and wrong. The wrong way to writing shallow content with the sole purpose of getting quickly assured backlinks without concentrating on the relevance or reputations often linking websites. It is an easier website and requires very little resources (time, money, efforts).

If you have some experience in writing then you can quickly spin a shallow content containing the desired phrase back linking t your webpage. You may also hire cheap writers and get the content authored at very low rates. Most of the times, your content is approved without being thoroughly checked. Alternatively, you can also buy backlinks. Though much easier, this method can do more harm and no good to your site reputation.

Write well-researched and relevant content that offers good value to the readers and conforms to the high-quality standards. It is also important to get it featured on the reputed websites with good popularity.

Another right and approved method are to write value-packed content for the relevant site. Such content offers specific solutions to the targeted readers’ issues present an original opinion or makes an interactive entertaining read. Write valuable content that is relevant for the targeted readers of the linking website 

 The reputed niche-relevant publications seem to be a natural option but it can be more challenging to get your post accepted in such publications. So we can save it for the later.

An easier way is to check the sites on which your nearest competitors are contributing guest posts.

There are different ways to do that. The traditions way is to conduct a simple Google search using “Guest Post” + “your competitor’s name/site”) It is preferable to use your competitor’s name but in case if it doesn’t fetch any results or sufficient volume of results then you can also try their site’s name

Your objective is to get the most specific results in the one go without having to separate the relevant from irrelevant ones. So wisely structure your phrase query like this. In simple human language interpretation we are telling Google to bring all the guest posts posted by the specific person but exclude their websites from the results because you wish to know about the external sites that have published the guest posts by your competitors.

Ahrefs’ Content Explorer tool to identify content written by a certain author, too.

Avoid spammy unnatural and irrelevant posts and concentrate on providing well-written and researched posts. Regarding the backline the

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 You can also employ your bets PR skills to get more backlinks. For instance the you can be cited in the content as a source.

If you are not averse to put into some reasonable efforts and have required patience then you can do it all by yourself. For instance HARO or Help a Reporter is a service that can help you get notified when a journalist needs sources for their articles.

All you have to do is to mention your expertise and any requirements relevant to your skills are automatically sent to you via email. Upon getting the requests you can contact the journalists to take the things forward.

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Publish Press Releases

Writing Press Releases is another good strategy to be followed. Creating high-quality press releases and distributing them online offer you better chances of getting valuable backlinks in the content relevant to that subject. Moreover, you can also add Press Release to directories and databases which can help you in building a strong backlink profile.

 Instead of keyword stuffing practice inserting the contextual links to give an authentic, respectable appeal to your press release. Also, follow ethical standards while creating anchor text.

Many times, the external writer might just quote your brand name without beckoning t your website. In such a scenario, you can simply reach the writers and check with them if they can backlink to your website. There are various tools on the net that will instantly notify you as and when your brand name is mentioned (even without backlink). You can register and upon getting the notification you can promptly send an email to the source/writer asking to link to the press release.

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Fix the Broken Links for other website – with your content

Many websites have the broken link issues because the content they refer to is no longer available. You look for such a niche-relevant website with broken links and figure out the content it should have linked to. If your site has the relevant content, then you can contact the website owner telling them about the specific broken link issue, its disadvantages and if they would wish to link it to the relevant high-value content present on your website.

 This strategy can help you get a good quality, organic backlink from a reputed website while at the same time helping that site owner to fix the broken link issue. Understandably, you are also helping the interested readers to explore the related content that those backlinks refer to.

One of the best tools to check the broken links is Ahrefs Broken Link Checker

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Skyscraper content

Another good way to get high-quality backlinks is to identify the high-quality content that is ranking well on the desired keywords and then creating a better, content on the same topic.

 The wrong way of doing it is to write the same content using more fancy terms or in other words just changing the language to make it sound more interesting without adding any real value to the information. Google is too smart to be “fooled” easily this way. You may get occasional success but why use this random appeal. Better, you conduct deep research, find how you can improve the already available information, add more aspects to it, and make it more beneficial for most of the interested readers. Additionally, you can also add some aspect a can make your article appealing to a wider scope of audiences.

In short, find the gaps like the unanswered questions, lack of clear instructions, use of niche-specific language or jargon, etc. Simply look for any gap where you can smoothly step in like a hero and save the day…or being more realistic- serve more readers in a better way.

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Compile a resource

You can also use the strategy to bring all the relevant information sources about a specific subject at a single place. The trick is to find different reliable sources that offer information on diverse aspects of a single subject. Copy their URLs and create an original post giving introductory information about each aspect.


Backlinks can help you a great way in improving your site ranking. However, you need to concentrate on high quality back links instead of buying backinks or getting links from private blogging networks. In this post we mentioned some smart tips to get high value backlinks with comparatively less efforts. By wisely following these tips you can also create a good back linking profile for your website or blog.