Top 5 WordPress tutorials in 2020

WordPress is one of the most rewarding professional fields in the IT industry today. The demand for WordPress developers is on a high rise. However, the field is getting more competitive every year with an increasing number of talented WP professionals joining the field. In the year 2020, many more WordPress developers will join the industry making the competition even tougher. So you need to have expert knowledge and practical proficiency to make a solid career in WordPress. Finding good WordPress training institutes or qualified trainers might look demanding but there is an easy and practical solution for the same. Several websites contain excellent WP tutorials with practical tips, deep insights, and impressive presentation. What’s more, you can also get several video lessons by the top WP professionals. In this post, we are going to present you with a useful list of best WordPress tutorials for beginners, intermediates and advanced learners. 

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Envato Tuts Plus 

Envato TutsPlus is run by the leading marketplace offering diverse solutions for creative and website services- right from buying readymade themes to hiring freelancers for building apps, websites or graphics. It comes with a huge database of 28,000+ tutorials with step by step procedure along with screenshots and videos which makes it much easier for you to understand what you read and independently practice the same. The courses are intelligently designed to help you learn the “How-tos” of a profession which help you in turning your passion into an earning avenue. Organized structure, bitesie lessons, and availability of video makes it much easier for you to learn independently without compromising on the quality.

Tuts Plus has a valuable wealth of high-quality WordPress tutorials that are wisely divided into “digestible” sections to help the readers easily understand and be able to practically implement what they learn. It allows the students to gain in-depth knowledge of the subjects without being overwhelmed. Another USP of Tuts Plus is the frequent updating of tutorials that keep the content fresh and relevant as per the latest developments/versions. 

If you wish to gain a prominent career in the WordPress industry then Tuts Plus is the ideal platform for you. 

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WP Beginner 

WP Beginner needs no introduction. It is an authority on WordPress issues, tutorials and news. The engaging and informative WP tutorials are published on WP Beginner every week and offer actionable solutions on several practical issues which makes it an ideal learning platform for new and aspiring WP professionals.

Whether you want to gain a competitive edge in the industry or need quick tips to tackle a tricky WP issue, WP Beginner is most likely to contain the precise and practical solution catering to your needs.

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Pippin Plugins

Learning directly from active WP professionals with demonstrated caliber has its advantages. It allows you to combine theoretical knowledge and professional proficiency along with acquiring a hands-on approach on how to do things better and faster in the real-life environment. That’s where Pippin Plugins stand out.

Created by a famous plugins developer Pippin Williamson, his series of tutorial posts are written in a friendly and effective language with a focus on precision. For instance, you would get a detailed analysis and breakdown of how exactly the things function and the role played by individual features.

It also offers you practical insights on code integrations and customization. His video interviews are also quick to understand and easy to grasp.

Best WordPress Tutorials

WordPress Lessons

WordPress lessons offer you a well-organized set of lessons on how to work with WordPress and provides detailed information on multiple aspects of this popular CMS. The serialized presentation of topics makes it a great resource for beginners as well as the advanced users who are looking to hone their expertise.

It is worth mentioning that the tutorial offers an easily comprehensible format for beginners that cover a wide range of the CMS’s features without confusing or overwhelming the learners. Neat categorization, deep knowledge, and lucid explanation make it a great resource for beginners. Its contents are useful for a beginner as well as intermediates and advanced users but its style makes it a definite asset for the beginners.

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WP Hub 

WP Hub is another major platform that publishes excellent tutorial posts for beginners and intermediaries. If you are an absolute beginner then WP Hub is the best platform for you to learn WordPress from scratch. It is equally useful for you if you are an intermediate user wishing to enhance your knowledge.

The advanced users might want to look for another platform as the WP Hub hasn’t a good wealth of tutorials dealing with complex technical subjects or advanced professional knowledge on WordPress.


To gain professional excellence in the field of WordPress you need to acquire deep knowledge and practical insights. Thankfully, there are several WordPress tutorials on the internet. The readers are advised to exercise due diligence and discretion for finding the most suitable WordPress tutorial matching their level of understanding and exact needs.