Best SEO hacks to gain more from your WordPress blog

The WordPress offers you an easy and quick way to build and manage your own website. However, you need efforts to make your site successful. The ranking of your website plays a central role in its success. That is why it is vitally important to improve your site ranking if you want to realize tangible benefits from your online business. However, it isn’t easy and involves a lot of hard work. You would need to optimize your entire site to meet the latest search engine algorithms to ensure visibility during relevant searches. In technical terms, it is known as SEO or search engine optimization. In this post, we are going to discuss some vital SEO strategies to improve your ranking and gain better benefits:

Keyword Planning

Keyword planning is the most crucial aspect of SEO strategy. It is the focal point of the foundation on which your SEO strategy is built. The fast-paced, highly competitive nature of the blogging industry requires an agile and strategic approach to keywords with a keen focus on RoI.

Your objective is to get more positive results within a reasonably shorter period. Getting ranked on high competition keywords is tough, tedious and expensive. So, go for low competition keywords with a high monthly search volume which is comparatively easier and cost-effective.

Using Google Adwords Keyword Planner and similar tools can proactively help you to find relevant keywords with all the key information (monthly volume, difficulty, etc.) enabling you to sort down to identify and pick the low competition keywords with high search volume. Creating a strategy around those keywords (and consistently following the same) promises higher RoI in less period.

Here’s another keyword hack namely the top keywords on which your site is already ranking. The obvious benefit of this approach is that you don’t have to struggle to get ranking on specific keywords but just to optimize your web pages to tap the maximum potential of the keywords you are already ranking for. The tools like Low Hanging Fruit from RankWatch can actively assist you in this :

The LHF option involves:

·         Keyword –targeting specific keyword or phrase

·         Rank – to search where your page ranks for that keyword/phrase

·         CPC – Comparative PPC costing for an ad copy containing the keyword

·         Volume – total number of times the keyword has been searched on Google

·         Trend – Monthly performance of the keyword on Google Search

By consistently tracking the keywords you can easily see the specific WebPages that

In simple words, tools like RankWatch allow you to follow a more agile and effective approach with higher levels of certainty thus reducing the guesswork. When used wisely, it significantly compresses the process of keyword strategy.

Advanced Backlinks strategy with higher RoI

Link building is another crucial factor for an effective digital marketing strategy but of late, the new SEO guidelines require you to be very careful while planning Link Building strategy. Getting tons of links from low-grade sites or PBN doesn’t offer any benefit and may even result in penalties. So, you have to target authoritative websites with high traffic volume. It is more difficult but assures better and sustainable rewards.

 You would need to search the authoritative sites for popular content (relevant for your niche) and further improve its value by adding untouched aspects, practical applications or simplified approach. Send processed article to the source. Upon publishing it would be a win-win approach for all- it improves reader experience, allow the source to further enhance its content value and most importantly it offers you a legitimate way to earn a high-potential backlink from an authoritative website which can significantly boost your webpage traffic.

Finding such popular content isn’t easy though and enhancing its content value is even more difficult due to the high editorial policies of authoritative websites. Besides, it also involves lots of guesswork and uncertainty. So it is best to use the premium tools from Buzzsumo, Ahrefs, Moz and other reputed SEO automation tools. 

Improve your site speed

Speed matters a lot as netizens want to browse more sites in a shorter period. If your site takes time to load, the visitors would simply hit the back/close button and visit the alternative site- may be your competitor. So, make its regular practice to measure your site loading speed and do the needful to improve it. Instead of slow-loading designer WordPress themes go for minimalist themes with fast loading speed.

Web hosting plays a crucial role in your site loading speed. So buy web hosting from reputed providers and keep on revising your hosting plan as per the changing requirements. If your website is growing then you may need to upgrade the basic hosting plan to VPS, cloud hosting or other higher plan with better resources and ecosystem.

Images and media slowdown your site by consuming lots of bandwidth. So compressing them can effectively increase your site speed. Thankfully the tools make things easier for you. You can get genuine tools by finding them on the main WordPress site.  

Don’t forget to deactivate or delete the plugins after successfully compressing the images as that plugins itself might delay the loading speed.

Adopt a special minimalist approach for your homepage design and avoid too many widgets. Instead of complete posts, you can display the post summaries. Removing pop-ups is another strong strategy for speeding up your site and improving the user experience.

Effective On-Page SEO

 Adopt a page-specific approach to ensure that all the key pages get good ranking for relevant keywords. Identify the specific keyword phrase for each page and optimize it accordingly. Go for the full-fledged approach involving keyword density, outbound links, URL Slur, and readability of your content.

Plugins like Yoast SEO offer you an easy, quick yet effective way to improve your ranking by following best on-page optimization. These tools are loaded with advanced data-based technology to take care of different SEO aspects like indexation, web crawling, content quality and keyword density & placement.

 There are several tasks you can do with the SEO tools like Yoast SEO like adding an ideal meta description with the right length, focus keyword identification, XML sitemap optimization, etc. Instead of just basic knowledge, it is imperative to thoroughly understand the interface and practical output of SEO tools to derive maximum benefits from the same.

Frequent posts and updates

 The frequency of posting content also plays a vital role in your SEO strategy. Google loves the sites that post fresh original content and frequently update the existing one to maintain its relevance and enhance the value. Fresh content also makes it easier for you to optimize it for the latest keyword trends. So it is advisable to periodically update our site content to keep on posting new blog posts regularly.

Along with frequency, you should equally be careful about the other aspects like content length, originality, graphics, user-friendly approach and adding trust-building factors like stats, survey results, and research studies. 


Due to heavy competition in the digital landscape, it has become very difficult to improve your ranking in major search engines like Google. However, by wisely following some smart tips and tricks you can ethically optimize your website according to the latest search engine algorithms and improve your site ranking. You would need to follow a strict discipline and an agile approach to get the benefits.