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5 different ways to monetize your blog quickly

Starting a blog isn’t a difficult thing thanks to the CMS like WordPress. However, it takes some time to start earning from your blogs. You need strategic ideas to turn it into a reliable source of income. In this guide we will present the top 5 ways in which the beginners can start making stable periodical income from their blogs:

Join Affiliate Programs

Many top bloggers rely on affiliate programs as a major source of their income. The best way to earn through affiliate programs is to write in-depth and informative articles on the brands that you have joined with affiliate links. If your audience clicks on the links and buys the product/services, you will earn a commission on that.


·         Many brands offer a discount to the buyer if they buy through an affiliate link. Highlight this point to attract audiences and boost sales.

·         Research some unique content regarding the products/services you have joined and keep on posting the content around

·         Pay attention to the end purpose of the blogs. The audience especially loves how to articles and the ones written around the latest industry news/issues.

Top Affiliate Program for beginners

Affiliate Program Minimum Payout*
ShareASale $50
Rakuten $5.01 minimum (pad quarterly)
CJ Affiliate $50
Amazon Affiliate $100

* Minimum payout may change with time and/or region. Consult the website for confirming the present rates/ conditions before proceeding

Did you know the top qualities of affiliate marketing?

·         Convenience: 6 out of every 10 affiliates work from the comforts of their home

·         Less efforts: 47 out of every 100 blogger promote 10 products on annual basis

·         Good income: More than 3 out of every 100 affiliates’’ annual income exceeds $500,000

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Google AdSense

Google Adsense enjoys a prime position as the best and most reliable income source for the bloggers.  The deliverables are simple and straightforward. You display ads and Google pays you for that. You will be paid based on the page views (counted as $X per 1000 page views) or Clicks (counted as $x per click).


·         Your income is determined by your traffic and clicks. So the best way to increase your Google Ad sense income is to increase the traffic and using smart strategies that attract maximum clicks

·         Trying to outsmart Google can be very risky as it uses the latest techniques and tools to tell fake traffic/click from genuine ones and strictly penalizes the rule-breakers

·         Be highly active on social media. Create dedicated groups for readers and interested audience and instantly share each of your post

10 world-famous bloggers earning through Google Adsense (with monthly income)

  1. Jack Herrick of $7,000,000
  2. Kevin P. Ryan of $4,000,000
  3. Pete Cashmore of $1,000,000
  4. Jeff Pillou of $1,000,000
  5. Hongkiat Lim  of $4,40,000
  6. Courtney Rosen of $116,000
  7. Amit Agarwal of $50,000
  8. Shawn Hogan of $25,560
  9. Srinivas Tamada of $9,000
  10. Arun Prabhudesai of $5,000
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Sell Tutorials and know-how

Contrary to the general notion you don’t have to be an experienced teacher or university professor to sell courses through your blog. If you have flair to precisely impart the written knowledge in a user-friendly manner then you can easily create a paid course with minimal investment.

Tips & Advice

·         Having some relevant qualification, expertise and a proven track record establishes you as an authority and plays a prime role in boosting sales.

·         For instance, the “Advanced Growth Hacking Course” can get a much better  response if it is written by a digital marketer with 2 decades of experience

·         Depending upon your preferences and comfort level you can either sell video courses. EBooks, interactive courses, memberships or audio lessons.

Best Tools to create and present online courses (with Affordable price tag and/or free option)

·         Beaver Builder

·         Canva

·         Thinkific

·         Vimeo

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Get hired by potential clients

People need talented professionals to get their work done. If you are good at marketing your skills you can expect premium clients who are ready to pay you a decent amount for your services. That is why an increasing number of bloggers now have a dedicated page on “Hire me” where they advertise their talents and services they can provide.

Tips & Advice

·         Depending upon your strengths you can offer writing services, training services, marketing services, etc.

·         There is a difference between selling your services to an employer and selling them to your audience/potential clients. Don’t use general CV’s or a prosaic language as it will not allow you to connect quickly with the potential clients.

·         Be charming, assuring and positive while talking about you. There should be an element of genuine pride naturally reflected in your profile. It will not only show that you take the personal brand seriously but also tell people that you are really worthy of their attention (and dollars!)

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Solve Problems and offer advice

If you specialize in troubleshooting issues then you can also go for consulting sessions. The examples can be many and varied right from resolving technical glitches till offering best solutions to bring back a failing marketing strategy on track.

Tips & Advice

·         Make sure that the consulting services should match the profile of your blog.

·         The best and preferable way of consulting services is Skype communication or email. Bloggers can bill the clients based on the time (like an hourly bill) or project/issue ($xyz for resolving x issue).


In order to earn a stable income from your blog, you need a well-designed strategy. Things could be more difficult for beginners. In this guide, we have explained the best ways to earn a decent income from your blog. We have also mentioned the actionable tips that will help you concentrate your efforts in the right direction and avoid the possible pitfalls. While we don’t claim it to be the one-size-fits-all guide, It is worth mentioning that many ideas presented in the blog are supported by the top bloggers and a good number of beginners have seen positive results after seriously following these ideas.

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