Full-feature Review- Take hassles out of your WordPress Management Schedule with wpCentral

Owning multiple WP sites brings more rewards but also burdens you with multiple responsibilities. Repetitive switching between multiple admin panels adds stress and separately performing the daily tasks (updates, backups, etc.) further increases the headache. Before you know, you get so occupied with the technical micro-management of your sites that it starts hurting your business objectives. Wisdom is in auto-piloting the management tasks. There are many tools that allow you to manage multiple WP sites easily. However, not all of them are equally competent. So, it would be best to get a detailed report on the efficiency and practical benefits of a tool before using or buying it. In this post we are going to present a detailed review of such a tool called wpCentral. It is a feature-rich tool that allows you to manage multiple WP sites with ease.

What is wpCentral?

WpCentral is a friendly WordPress management tool to manage multiple WP sites in a single window with simplified processes and quick steps. It takes the complexity out of your multi-site management schedule by allowing you to view, manage and control all your sites from a single panel. That’s not all. It also facilitates bulk actions, schedules key processes and secures all your sites with just a few clicks.

One notable thing here is that wpCentral has been developed by Softaculous- a leading brand that holds a solid experience in developing One-click solutions for installing and managing different web applications like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, etc. on a website with just single click. So, they have used years of wisdom and practical expertise in developing wpCentral.

Is wpCentral worth your IT dollars?

One of the major concerns of the new users is to ensure whether or not the new tool will meet the requirements. For the convenience of such users, wpCentral offers free features that allow them to get a decent overview of its potential and capabilities. Readers can first use the free version to get a solid idea of its potential capabilities and reliability. The premium plans enable you to add dozens of WP sites and perform even mission-critical tasks that can directly affect your business potential.

Now let us take a closet look at the various feature of wpCentral and how could it help you in your objectives/business:

Easy security management

Manual updates are prone to various human errors like making a mistake in processing, missing a step or forgetting to update your theme/plugin on a timely basis. The issue becomes more complex especially when working with multiple WP sites.

WpCentral allows you to accurately update your WP sites securely. The fully automated process not only saves your time and efforts but also eliminates the chances of human errors.

However, it still needs you to regularly monitor the available/upcoming updates and manually initiate the process- something that could be inconvenient for busy bloggers and the owners of multiple WP sites. The premium package precisely solves this issue by allowing you to auto-schedule the entire backup process of your WP sites. You just need to set the backup schedule (i.e., selecting the sites and period) once and wpCentral will take complete care of your backup requirements independently (as per instructions).

Single click login

Creating and remembering different login credentials for each site is a cumbersome exercise and complicates the daily schedule. WpCentral makes things simple for you by allowing you to enter the admin panel of multiple websites with just a single click.

Single Dashboard and uniform commands for all your sites

WpCentral allows you to manage all your websites from a single dashboard thus relieving you from multiple logins or switching to different panels/windows. Additionally, its smart interface also facilitates applying the same action on multiple sites with a single step, i.e., taking backups, multiple updates, etc. Similarly, you can also manage other features quickly and conveniently as we will explain ahead. 

Security and Backups

WpCentral helps you to quickly secure all your WP sites with easy steps. The bulk action feature enables you to apply the same security features on multiple sites thus saving you from repetitive actions.

Likewise, you can take the backups of multiple sites by selecting the desired (or all) sites and proceeding with a single series of steps. In other words, taking the backup of 10 sites is almost as easy and quick as taking the backup of 1 site.

Installation process of wpCentral

Visit your WordPress admin panel and click Plugins

·         Select Add new

·         A new page will be displayed

·         In the search box type wpCentral and click on the install button

·         After installation activate it

·         Open installed plugins page and click View connection key link just below the wpCentral to get your connection key

·         Visit the site and create your account

In the left panel click Add Website

·         Type your URL and connection key and save your site

·         Enter your URL and Connection Key in the provided boxes

·         In the connection type, you can select whether you want to use connection key or WP admin credentials as WP login credentials

·         Click Save website

·         On the left hand you will see the list of various wpCentral features/tasks like adding a new site, WP installation, plans, billing, etc.

·         You can add new websites in the same manner with their respective login credentials.


·         If the connection key is not present by default, then paste it with Ctrl+V*

·         Copy the wpCentral connection key from the welcome page

Pricing Plans

With the free plan of wpCentral, you can manage unlimited sites. For additional features, it offers affordably priced premium plans starting at just $2.5 per month. You can choose the one that suits your profile, and requirements and fits into the budget. Whether you are a beginner with just 1 WP site or a global corporate brand with 100 WP sites, wpCentral has the right plan to meet your needs.

You can get the complete pricing list here:

Quick summary

wpCentral is a robust tool for managing multiple WordPress sites in a single interface using centralised control panel. It allows you to perform bulk actions on multiple sites including:

  1. Multiple WP Sites management
  2. Single Click Admin Access
  3. Security, backup and retrieving
  4. Managing themes and plugins
  5. Single click updates
  6. Modifying websites
  7. Monitoring and managing uptime
  8. Resource management
  9. Updating and maintenance


Managing multiple WordPress sites can be a complex task and it would be a wise idea to automate daily processes with plugins like wpCentral. Such plugins not only save your time and efforts but also eliminate the human-errors. Most importantly, it relieves you from micro-managing your sites so that you can concentrate better on the bigger picture- the core business objectives. With a few clicks, you can perform site updates, quick backups, report generation, security monitoring, and various other tasks.

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