Delight your new users by sending personalized welcome email (Final)

Sharing a good rapport with your new users allows you to build audience loyalty and assures a long term engagement that eventually helps in enhancing the popularity of your WordPress site or blog. Email communication is the best way to build engagement and WordPress does have an option to send an automated email. However, the default welcome email sent by WordPress to the new users does not align with the individual personality of a specific site or blog. Thus this general welcome mail may fail to leave a lasting impact on the new users of your site and also restricts you from adding some specific site-relevant info like telling the benefits of joining your site or educating new users about how to use the site in the best manner. You also lose the opportunity to employ the welcome mail as a CTA platform- redirecting your new users to offers page or the membership plans page.

Send personalized welcome email with Plugins

It is the easiest way to send a welcome email to your users as the entire hard work is done by plugins and you just need a few, reasonably easy steps.

One of the best plug-ins for this purpose is Better Notifications for WP.  Here is the guide on how to use this plugin:

·         Install it and activate the plug-in.

·         Now click Notifications and select “Add New Page”

·          Provide a relevant title to the new notification

·         Just near the Notifications for the option you would see “New User- post-registration email”. Click it to create the personalized welcome mail.

·         Find and insert the shortcodes (i.e.,


) by clicking find shortcodes button.

·         After finishing the mail click “Save”.

·         Save the welcome email notification.

It is a good idea to confirm that it functions well by sending a test notification to you.

·         Click “Send me a test email” and you would instantly receive the mail in your inbox to see how it would look to the recipient.

It is equally important to ensure that your mail function is aptly configured to deliver email.

·         To confirm that the emails should be delivered without fail you would require WP Mail SMTP plug-in to facilitate the use of SMTP server for ideally sending your WP emails to the new users.

Get more advanced options with Constant Contact Email Marketing

In the first method you could trigger an email based on customers’ actions on your site. However, this method is more advanced and also facilitates constant communication with your users thus allowing you to build long term relations and ensure a regular audience. You can also have multiple onboarding emails for different purposes.

For that you would need a reliable email marketing service. Though there are many, one that stands out is Constant Contact.

·         Visit Constant Contact website and register yourself there.

·         Head to the contacts page and click create button near email lists to store email addresses of your contacts.

·         Give a relevant name to the email list and hit Add List

·         Now install constant contact forms plug-in on the website and activate it

·         Now visit Contact Form and select Connect Now page

·         Click the button Connect Plug-in

·          You will be redirected to Constant Contact website

·         Log in with your credentials

·         Click Advanced Optin section and check the option Add a checkbox to the WordPress user registration page’ option.

·         Near Add, subscribers to option there is a dropdown of the email list. Select the one that you created.

·          Now add the desired message that you want new users to see and clicks save changes

·         Go to your WordPress website registration page to see the functioning it will be in the form of a checkbox enabling the new users to subscribe to your email list.


Sending a personalized email to your new users not only enables you to build strong relations but also allows you to send purpose-specific mails to the users like encouraging them to visit the latest products page or browsing through the most popular blog posts. Thankfully various plugins in the market (both free and paid) allow you to send personalized emails to the new users almost effortlessly. However, the readers need to be careful while choosing the right plug-in to ensure that it fully aligns with their specific needs and purpose.

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