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How to install wpCentral plug-in on Wordress site ?

If you own multiple WordPress sites or blogs, you must have experienced the difficulty and hassles in managing different sites. Switching between multiple windows, multiple login/logouts and updating different sites need repetitive actions and complicate the things. Apart from creating unnecessary stress it also increases the risk of human errors.

WP Central: The single platform by Softaculous to manage all your WordPress sites

Thankfully, now you have a reliable solution in the form of WP Central – your single platform to easily manage, update and secure all your WordPress without switching to different accounts/panels.

WP central is developed by Softaculous- the famous program for single-click installations that are used and trusted across the globe. Softaculous is known for uncomplicating the complex technical tasks for site owners like application/script installations and working with WPcentral is equally easy.

How to install wpCentral on your WordPress site?

To enjoy hassle-free management with wpCentral you first need to install wpCentral on your website:


For installing wpCentral in your website you would need:

·         Wordpress 4.4 higher versions

·         PHP 5.3 or higher version

Instructions for installing WPcentral

·         Go to and click the Download button

·         Visit WordPress website directory/wp-content/plugins/wp-central and upload the plug-in folder.

·         Open “Plug-in” menu in WordPress and activate the plug-in

·         Click “View Connection Key” link on the Plugins Page

·         Visit  and login with your credentials. The new users need to create an account with wpCentral by entering your details here:

·         Add your website to wpCentral using any of the 2 options as applicable:

·         Using Connection Key if you have already installed wpCentral

·         WordPress administrator credentials if you haven’t yet installed the plug-in and would like wpcentral to install the plug-in add your website.

·         All you have to do is to enter your basic information sites like URL and login credentials and wpCentral will do the rest.

Voila! It’s done. You can now manage multiple sites via wpCentral. Also if your web hosting provider provides Softaculous Auto Installer to install WordPress then you can simply choose wpCentral in the plugin section.

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