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How to successfully convert your WP blog into a thriving community

The blogging has emerged as a healthy income option and many talented writers now treat it as a full-time career or business. A good blog can open an number of income opportunities for you to earn a regular active and passive income- right from affiliate income to securing new projects and clients. However, to tap the maximum potential of your blog you need to turn your readers into a thriving community. Most of the top blogs that are ranking on the top page of Google are the ones with a close-knitted healthy community of readers that frequently engage with their blog posts. We are going to present some tips on how to successfully convert your WordPress blog into a community:

Avoid clutter of ideas and be specific

You need a sustainable group of readers who share the same interests and purposes that will encourage them to regularly follow your blog, interact with other readers and eventually form a healthy community. So be focused on 3-4 relevant aspects of single niche and concentrate on value rather than the volume of the topics.

You should possess the knowledge and passion

Many bloggers choose the niche based on the commercial viability of the same, i.e., how many people are searching for that niche and how easy it is to get the sponsors or clients and what is the income potential. While it is not wrong to concentrate on the commercial feasibility, you also need to have the knowledge, passion and expertise.

The in-depth knowledge will help you to convince the readers with your thoughts while the passion will help you to create thought-provoking posts that quickly connect with the readers and touch their core. The readers are more likely share such blogs on facebook, twitter and other social media platform that can help in building social media community around your blog.

Create short and easily comprehensible posts

Long essays sound monotonous and can repel the readers. They will also cost you a vast majority of the mobile audience who prefer small and mini-blogs with a light tone that can be enjoyed even on the go.

So, it is wise to concentrate on value rather than volume and write short, crispy and well-focused posts that your readers can quickly finish and easily understand. Even the subject experts need to come down to the readers’ level of comprehension/interests while writing the posts so that they can instantly create a rapport with them and make readers the active participant of your blog.

Carefully choose the words and language you use

Even the small things like the use of personal pronouns (I, You and We), talking in the first person rather than a third person and using the active voice (instead of passive voice) can go a long way in personally connecting with your readers. Instead of focusing only on the technical details and strategies, storifying your articles at appropriate places will help you retain the readers' engagement and also allow to quickly grasp the import of the posts.

Actively invite your readers to participate

Just having comment boxes or social sharing buttons isn’t enough you should also actively encourage the users to interact with you. Ask their views and feedback on your posts, encourage them to share there own stories and even include their real-life anecdotes in your blog posts. It proves that you value your readers and are even ready to go that extra mile to make them an active part of your blog. It helps in creating a close friendly link between you and the readers. It will also result in starting a healthy conversation that will eventually form a close-knitted community.

Add fun to your blog

Interesting quizzes, polls and lightweight GK questions not only retain the interest of the readers but also induce a community feeling in them. Such fun engagement methods can also work as stress busters to lighten the mood of readers. The smart top bloggers wisely use this strategy to prevent their readers from getting bored. It can also be a great way to collect the relevant data that you could use in your next blog post.


To gain the maximum benefit out of your blog, you need to build a wide and evolving community of readers with active participation. It takes a lot more than just creating blog posts. You need to offer them the value, encourage them to share their views and opinions and adopt various other strategies to create and retain your community but with the right strategy, patience and wise planning you can succeed in this endeavor and start reaping the rewards.

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