These 5 WordPress Plugins will make your site the SEO Rockstar of 2019

To enjoy good ranking on the search engines you need to write SEO friendly content that aligns with the Google algorithms and at the same time offers a great user experience for the visitors. It is easier said than done and even the seasoned bloggers find it difficult to fully optimize their posts for the best SEO returns. Thankfully, several SEO plugins will help you to scale up the SEO potential of your blog posts with a few easy steps while the hard work will automatically be done by the plugins in the background. So here are top 5 WordPress plugins you should start using immediately to enjoy better rankings on these search engine results:


Yoast enjoys a distinct position as the easy SEO plug-in with extensive features and reliable performance. It aims at offering you all the essential SEO information about your content with real-time updates. It simply means that you can modify the content as per the suggestions and instantly see how it has impacted your SEO. 

While the Yoast allows beginners to understand the SEO suitability of their content in an easy manner, it also offers advanced insights for the expert users. It makes Yoast a suitable solution for both beginners and advanced users.


SEMRush is the best tool for more demanding users. It offers data, insights and actionable information on multiple SEO elements of your site. Right from suggesting the suitable organic keywords for your site to offering information on the most rewarding backlinks, it proactively assists in the wholesome SEO endeavors. Along with actionable insights, it also fetches you the details and current SEO strategies from your competitor’s websites that can help you to design the focused SEO strategy to rank ahead of your closest competitors.

Due to its deeper and more concentrated insights the SEMRush is counted among the best tools by the websites as well as the professional SEO specialists across the world.  

Google Keyword Planner

 Understandably your entire SEO strategy is designed keeping Google in minds. So it is obvious that Google keyword tool is the most reliable way to design your keyword strategy. If you are looking to bid on the most profitable keywords in your advertising campaign then look no further than Google keyword planner. For using the tool you need to be a Google advertiser. It offers you the deep insights of different keywords like the volume of search, level of difficulty and the total number of search results. If used wisely, you can search the most rewarding keywords that with significant search volume, advertisers interest and other details. Along with paid results, it can also help you to create a better strategy for ranking higher in organizing search results.

The autocomplete feature of Google suggests the top-ranking queries for a specific keyword. However, using this feature manually is a very tedious task. Keyword tool makes things easier for you by showing you the powerful keywords according to the Google autocomplete feature in a friendly and usable format.

 Though available for free, this tool is second to none when it comes to the efficiency and usability. The best thing is that it not only limits its suggestions to Google but also includes other major platforms as well like Bing, Youtube, and Google app.


 Email plays a vital role in your marketing efforts but you need to use the effective email format and be careful regarding your outreaching efforts. One of the major concerns here is to take the guesswork out of your email marketing campaign by exactly knowing the number of emails that reached the inbox, how many of them were opened and the number of recipients who clicked the link. OutreachPlus is result-oriented software for outreach that offers you insights on all these aspects thus allowing you to modify your strategy or strengthen it further for the better success potential.

The best thing is that it prevents your mails from being thrown into the spam box with its specially designed email client. Many other user-friendly issues will help you get the comprehensive insights on your campaign and take suitable actions based on the same.

Along with building backlinks, the tool also helps you in your endeavors to make rapport with influencers or establishing relations with the press to get some media limelight.  Whether you have just started using email as a tool for the digital campaign or are a seasoned email marketer, this is the must-have tool for you.

2 Bonus Tools


Images makes your site super cool but at the same time, it also makes them slow. Thanks to Short Pixel it is now possible to decrease the size of your images without losing on the visual finesse. So, you can now have greater liberty to upload the high definition and bigger pictures without worrying much about the size or site speed. What’s more, you can also choose to compress the size of your old images as well. It is advisable to use the tool wisely and you should still upload the images responsibly.

Caching Plugins

Caching is another powerful feature to optimize the speed of your website for the improved user experience. A number of top bloggers actively uses the caching plug-in to make their site load at a considerably fast speed. Some of the best caching tools for your WordPress site are WP Rockstar and WP super cache.


SEO is a comprehensive activity and needs deep and diverse efforts. Thankfully there are various smart SEO tools that can reduce your time and efforts while also saving you from human errors by automating the process. For the best benefits it is advisable to take your time, read deep reviews and select the one that precisely meets your SEO  requirements.