WordPress revenue boosting guide: Develop unique sites for your clients- quicker and better than others

WordPress has millions of fans across the globe and it is the most popular CMS as of today. Its huge popularity has also helped several WordPress developers in earning a good income. However, if you are running a small agency or are an independent WordPress developer, then you may naturally be inclined to find the best ways to scale up your income. The good news is that now it is possible to increase your income without over-stressing yourself. In this blog we are sharing some smart and actionable tips on how can you increase your income potential as a WordPress developer while at the same time reducing your efforts:

Take ideas from top WP websites

As a designer it feels good to come up with your unique designing ideas. However, such ideas need time and efforts. Your client doesn’t have that much of time or patience. There is an easy solution, though. Why not go through some awesome WordPress websites and get an idea?

 Some of the best WordPress developers of the world, including good agencies, do follow this approach and design the brilliant WP sites for their clients in the record time.

Keep in mind that you need to get inspiration, not to copy the codes or design elements as it is not acceptable.

For the best results, consider taking inspiration from at least 5-6 websites sharing a similar theme. Also, ask yourself “How can I execute the same idea in my unique way?” It will help you to evolve as a designer and design impressive sites in a relatively shorter time.

Here are a few best sources to get design inspiration

·         http://www.site.uplabs.io/

·         http://www.goodui.org/

·         http://littlebigdetails.com/

·         https://www.thebestdesigns.com/

·         https://www.typewolf.com/

Commercial objectives are more important than the beauty

The business clients are more interested in tangible commercial objectives rather than the beauty of the site. So, instead of focusing intently on how the site looks, concentrate on how well it aligns with your client’s objectives.

Arrange a detailed meeting with your clients and understand their core commercial objectives and expectations from the website. Throughout the entire process of designing the site as you should concentrate on : “How will this feature help my client to achieve his commercial objective?”

Go beyond the obvious and fine-tune maximum aspect of your design with the client’s commercial objective.


·         For instance, if they wish to maximize their online sales, then find the ways to add a good volume of attractively designed CTA (Call to Action) elements, creating a dedicated promo page and adding a simple and intuitive order form to drive more conversions.

·         Likewise, you need to follow the same strategy to meet diverse objectives of clients like better ranking, branding, online reputation, or supporting a specific cause.  

Use Tools for quick execution

 Several WP tools help you to leverage your potential, save the time and reduce the efforts. Even the leading WordPress designers actively utilize tools for compressing their time to market.

Understandably with an improved time to market, you will be able to scale up your revenue as well.

Tailor the readymade theme (instead of creating from scratch)

Let us face the reality- creating your WordPress site from the scratch is not an easy thing, especially if you are creating it for your client. Designing specific sections takes lots of time and that time is further multiplied if your client demands to modify the same.

A better, faster and surer approach would be to buy WordPress themes from reliable sources and customize them as per your client’s requirements. Not only will you get tons of pre-tested functionalities that eliminate long hours of work but you also get the benefit of those themes being proven to work in the real-life scenario.

Furthermore, you have reviews to check the competency of the theme and its suitability for the specific purpose. Most of the designers offer reliable support that saves you from technical hurdles or hassles caused by unprecedented issues. As already mentioned, you can easily customize the best part of the theme with relatively fewer efforts to suit your clients’ requirements.

Here are a few best market places to buy a theme at the reasonable rates. Don’t forget to check and confirm from the vendor regarding the extent of modification allowed by these themes.

·         Elegant Themes

·         StudioPress

·         WPMU DEV

·         Graph Paper Press

·         MyThemeShop

·         iThemes

·         Themify

Add user-friendly features by using the right plugins

Along with the awesome design a good theme should also have user-friendly functionalities and features. Two of the major concerns of the designers are to add this functionality without interfering with the theme and coming up with the exact precise features/functionalities that match the clients’ perspective both in terms of design and functionality.

Thankfully, the WordPress makes the things easier for you by offering you a plethora of plugins that can be called the detachable readymade functionalities that can get seamlessly attached to your theme and save you from the coding ordeal. Thus all you have to do is to integrate the right plugins into your theme within moments (instead of hours or days together).

Besides, you can also show a live example to your client by opening the website that is already using those plugins. Here are a few plugins that you can use for creating awesome designs

·         Advanced Custom Fields

·         Revive Old Posts

·         Better Click To Tweet

·         Optimole


A fast growing number of WordPress developers has resulted in high competition. To enjoy a good reputation and better revenue opportunities you need to offer unique, and high value services to your clients. A wise blend of best WordPress development techniques and latest tools can help you claim your distinct position in the market.