Remember these things when buying or selling a WordPress site

When you buy or sell a WordPress website, there are a number of things to be considered. You need to be careful throughout the entire process to ensure that you should not end up making a bad deal or landing yourself into any legal trouble. You need to get a good price as a seller and should be offered a high-quality website with zero payment issues. Likewise, as a buyer, you should strive to get the best value out of your money and shouldn’t end up making any compromises. You need to be fully satisfied in terms of functionality, reputation, or revenue potential. Here are a few tips that will help you buy/sell your WordPress website

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Use Escrow Services

Monetary protection is the key factor to consider before you buy or sell your WordPress site. Using the services of a professional Escrow agency will not only issue a form payment guarantee to the seller but will also allow the buyer to inspect the various key aspects of the website before paying for the same.

Make sure to check the status of the online platform before using it to buy/sell WordPress site

Some of the disadvantages of using non-escrow sites include

·         Fake identities

·         Fake credit cards

·         Chargebacks

·         Lack of funds

·         False claims

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Fact check everything

 Don’t be overwhelmed by tall claims. Be adamant about checking every minute detail before making a decision. Double-checking the facts will protect you from being cheated. All the agreement details should be carefully checked to ensure that you don’t end up making a poor deal.

Some of the stats to check include

·         Total number of traffic

·         Current Revenue

·         Detailed analytic report on ranking

·         Social media traction

Believing the sellers on their words might be a mistake. Instead of taking chances personally verify every detail and proceed ahead only if you are satisfied.

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Don’t let the brand or personality influence your decision

Treat the website as a separate entity than the seller or the brand to which it belongs. Don’t let your buying decision affected by the top brands or tall personalities to whom the website belongs.

Remember one thing- after switching the hands the website will no longer be benefited by the associated brand or personality. So, the only thing to consider before buying a site is the success and revenue potential of the website regardless of the owners’ personality, position or reputation.

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Don’t pay or ask extra price for social media accounts

 Make sure that you are not paying any extra price for the social media pages/handles etc. One thing to remember is that all these factors (i.e., social media traction, traffic, etc.) are already taken into account when pricing the website. If the seller attaches a price tag to such social media properties and you agree to pay that then you would end up paying much more than a reasonable price.

You should also remember the same thing while selling the website. Adding extra price for your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin properties would not only make the deal look dishonest but can also land you in the legal trouble as it is illegal to sell social media accounts with a separate price tag.

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Avoid direct communication (when using escrow services)

 When going through the escrow it is advisable not to have any direct communication with the other party (buyer or seller) regarding pricing or property. Many people believe that they might be in a better position if they use their business expertise by directly communicating with the other party. It could be a huge mistake.

Such behind the scenes communication is not covered by the escrow agent’s terms. So, you would be left on your own to tackle any discrepancies/issues arising out of such communication. Escrow, on the other hand, is fully equipped with both resources and expertise to efficiently safeguard your interests.


Buying or selling a WordPress website needs a high level of sincerity since you are transacting a digital business with specific commercial objectives. So you need to remain careful throughout the process and constantly look out for the pitfalls as well as the security cushions to keep you safe. Various tips and tricks mentioned in this blog will help you in making a safe deal but the readers are advised to create a checklist based on the same to enjoy the tangible benefits.

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