How to track your conversions on Woocommerce?

Woocommerce offers you a strong and reliable platform to sell your products online without purchasing an expensive eCommerce website. However, to get the maximum benefits out of your Woocommerce site it is very important to constantly track your conversion and sales patterns to optimize your site for better sales. In this guide we are going to present a step by step method, tips, and tools for tracking your conversion rate in Woocommerce and taking the right measures to accelerate your sales potential:

How to turn on tracking in Google Analytics?

· Visit Google Analytics dashboard and click on your site address

· Click the admin button and in the page that opens click Ecommerce settings

Turn on the two options- Enable eCommerce and Enable Enhanced Commerce>>

· The eCommerce reporting feature would be turned on

Monsterinsights: How to install eCommerce tracking?

Click Insights> Add-ons page to install the eCommerce plug-in and activate it

Click Insights > Settings and then switch to eCommerce tab

Turn on the option Use Enhanced Ecommerce>

Turn on eCommerce reporting in MonsterInsights

In MonsterInsights turn on eCommerce reporting<< MonsterInsights comes with autodetection of your specific eCommerce software. 

How to check tracking reports?

After a successful setup, allow sufficient time to Google Analytics for data collection. 

Once some data has been collected you could see the eCommerce updated reports in MonsterInsights as well as Google Analytics

· In the WordPress site click Insights > Reports

· Open eCommerce tab

· All the key conversion metrics like transactions, conversion rate, total revenue and the average value of each order is visible on the top>>

· Just below that you would see top selling products with vital details like sales quantity, revenue, and percentage

· Below that you would able to view the top sources of conversion and shopper behavior reports which also includes the total number of times when your products were added/removed from the shopping cart

How to track woocommerce in Google Analytics?

In your Google Analytics account, you would also be able to view the more advanced details

In Google, Analytics dashboard click conversions > ECommerce 

In the overview report, you will get the overview of all the key details 

To dig deeper into any specific aspect you can further click the additional options like Shopping behavior report will further fetch insights into the business-specific activities during specific user sessions (like adding/abandoning the cart or successful checkouts denoting completed sales

How to boost Your Woocommerce Conversions and Increase Sales?

Abandoned cart issues

According to a study, only 2-4 people out of every 10 visitors end up purchasing your products. That means you need a strong provision to recover the 6-8 visitors who didn’t purchase your product. Here is one of the best plugins to recover abandoned cart:

·        Optin Monster: Automatically sends mail to the visitors who abandoned the carts. It also saves the cart content and restores the same when the clients want to proceed.

Make affiliates

You can make affiliates to multiply sales by offering a certain commission on each item.

·        YITH Woocommerce affiliates are one such plug-in that allows you to easily build a strong affiliate network to skyrocket your sales potential.

Add quick digital payment feature

One of the major reasons for people abandoning the cart is the lack of quick payment options. 

· It would be great to offer your customers a digital payment option like Amazon Pay. With a simple and quick plug-in named Amazon Pay plug-in, you can easily add a trusted digital payment option for your customers

Send email newsletters

Many times the visitors just open your site and close it without making any purchase.

· You can keep those customers in the loop by using email newsletter services like Constant Contact.


To boost your sales through the Woocommerce site you would need a strong tracking provision for monitoring your conversion potential and optimizing the same. It is advisable to rely only on the reputed tools and plug-ins for accurately tracking your conversion rate and carefully read tutorials and reviews to take the right decision.

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