5 best WooCommerce payment gateway plugins to boost business potential

WooCommerce has allowed the small merchants to take their digital business potential to the next level without having to invest in expensive heavy-built eCommerce websites with a rather complex structure. However, you would still need some plugins to further enhance the overall business capabilities of WooCommerce . In this blog, we are going to present a list of 5 best WooCommerce  Payment Gateway Plugins that will allow you to seamlessly accept the payments through multiple payment cards, digital payment options, and even in-person payments. It will help you to provide a quick and easy checkout experience to your shoppers:

FONDY Payment Platform

Fondy is truly business-friendly plugins that help you to receive payments from almost all the major countries. With this plug-in, you can accept payments from 120 different countries. The installation process is almost intuitive. The major requirements are to get your Merchant ID and Secret key by creating an account on the Fondy website. It allows your global clientele to pay via their preferred digital or physical payment options like Maestro, Visa, PayPal, direct debit, master card or even cash on delivery. It supports more than 100 different currencies of the world and allows you to create a branded appeal and safe payment experience by personalizing your merchant portal to ensure a seamless checkout process.


If you are running your digital business across several countries then Stripe could be an excellent payment gateway for you as it can work in as many as 26 countries and supports various payment cards. Along with prime names like MasterCard, Visa, and Discover, it works seamlessly with less popular or region-specific payment options like Giropay, Sofort, iDeal and Sepa. Further extending your capabilities it also facilitates transactions through mobile payment channels through its Web payments API support.

PayPal Checkout

While there are several digital payment options across the globe, the majority of the customers prefer to use only PayPal due to its distinct reputation and trust that it has achieved over a long time. This plug-in makes it easier for you to attract this huge population of digital buyers by allowing them to pay with their favorite and trusted payment options. The context checkout of this add-on confirms to the sophisticated security requirements that are necessary for any e-commerce site. While the in-context checkout utilizes a modal window on PayPal servers, it doesn’t affect your site’s theme and the seamless, smooth process won’t make your customers feel that they are stepping out of a safe zone. Just after checkout, the customers will be redirected to your site.


Many digital storefronts also have a brick and mortar shops and not all of them are comfortable tackling cards or digital payments, due to lack of manpower, hectic schedule or know-how limitations. This plug-in makes life easier for such merchants by allowing them to accept in-person payments. The user interface is neat and intuitive while the ability to sync WooCommerce  store inventory with Square POS further enhances flexibility. The best thing is that the customer payment is tackled directly by Square thus relieving you from any unnecessary hassles.


After achieving an undisputed reputation in the online shopping industry the Amazon has also started making its presence felt in other sectors as well. Though relatively new the Amazon Pay has already achieved huge popularity among online shoppers. This plug-in allows you to receive payments through Amazon pay and thus assures a seamless checkout experience to your customers. After completing the transaction the customers will see a final Thank You page confirming that the transaction has been successful.


A huge number of digital stores miss several sales opportunities due to limited payment options. It disappoints the shoppers and forces them to switch to another shopping site. However, several WooCommerce  payment plugins allow you to accept payments through various cards and other digital options. In this blog, you read about 5 best payment plugins for your WooCommerce  store. The readers are advised to carefully compare the features, check the relevance and read the reviews of any plug-in before using it.

Take your Gutenberg experience to next level with Atomic Block Plugin

Atomic Plugin

Gutenberg is a highly effective new age default for the WordPress that takes content creation to the next level with the help of easy to use content blocks with more customization options for adding and editing various elements lie columns, heading, videos, buttons heading, etc. Moreover, the Gutenberg collecting plug-in allows you to further add extra content blocks with better options to create sophisticated and business-friendly website experience. One such plug-in is Atomic Block. In this blog we are going to read about t various features of Atomic Block Plain and how can it help you in creating awesome WP pages/posts 

What is Atomic Block plugin?

Atomic Block refers to the prebuilt blocks that are purpose-designed to speed up the post or page creation process and make it easier. Some of the pre-built Atomic Blocks include blocks for

·          Post Grid that provides full-width section containing title, paragraph text and a button which could be customized as per your requirements.

·         Container block that group multiple blocks into a single section

·         Testimonials Blocks to create well-presented testimonials by adding/modifying the citation, text, and avatar

·         Inline Notice Block: To create visually striking notices/messages with text, title, and icons

·         Sharing Icons Block: To enable users for social sharing the specific sections/posts/products

·         Author Profile Block: To create impressive user profile

·         Accordion Block: To create compelling Accordion text toggle with the title and text

·         Customizable Button: To create beautiful buttons and add to the desired page with various formatting/functional options like shape, size, target, and color

·         Spacer and Divider: To create a spacer between the blocks as well as a divider (optional)

How to install Atomic Blocks Plugin?

Atomic Blocks Installation process is easy and quite intuitive 

·         Sign in to the WP admin dashboard 

·         Click Plugins

·         Select Add New at the top

·          Search for atomic blocks and hit enter

·          Just near the Atomic Blocks click Install now

·         After installation click Activate

·         Using it is equally easy. 

·         After adding the title click + button just under it

·          Keep on scrolling down and click Atomic Blocks Entry

·         Expanding the entry will display the entire list of available Atomic Blocks

·          Select the desired blocks to insert into the post. As mentioned these blocks are customized and you can personalize it as per your specific needs. You can add multiple blocks in your page according to your preference.

·         Once added you can easily customize them and use them an active creative feature to create the engaging visual presentation for your pages and blocks.


In this blog, we have mentioned the features, details, and scope of one of the most popular Gutenberg plugin by the name of Atomic. It allows you to add a precise personal signature t yr website by creating the pages and posts that perfectly cater to your creative needs and business objectives. By wisely utilizing these features the readers can enjoy better flexibility and extended control over different sections and elements of their website. 

What is SEO spamming and how can it affect your site?

SEO Spamming

As the name suggests SEO spamming refers to the unethical practice of using your site’s popularity/rankings for providing SEO benefits to the external, unrelated businesses without your knowledge.

Hackers exploit the vulnerabilities of your site to gain unofficial access and then “engineer” the SEO specific fields like Meta Data, Keywords, Links, etc. to promote their own products/services which are usually illegal or of low quality.

These SEO elements generally don’t show on the front end website but are accessible (and of great value) to the search engine bots (like Metadata/description). These bots play an important role in analyzing the relevance and showing (and to some extent ranking) specific sites that match a search query.

You and your visitor won’t notice the spam while it silently sabotages your online reputation by ranking low quality, illegal and unrelated products/services piggybacking on your site’s popularity/ranking.

For instance by injecting the keyword “ABC nulled themes” in the keyword description of your site’s source, your site will start ranking high on nulled themes keyword sending a wrong message to the visitors that you deal with in nulled themes (even if you are selling the genuine themes).

Moreover, they can also insert the links to the related sites (for instance ABC nulled themes site) that will take the visitors to the targeted site. So, in short, piggybacking on your brand reputations and site ranking the SEO spammers route the visitors to their low-quality spammy links/illegal sites.

There are various ways in which SEO spammers can use your site’s ranking/popularity for the SEO benefit of external sites. Here are a few of them:

Business, Management, Hand, Write

Inserting unrelated and external keywords

Using Black Hat SEO techniques the SEO spammers stuff your site with their keywords in the sections that are only visible to the search engine bots. It will bring your site on the SERPs when someone searches for those keywords on a search engine


Road Sign, Attention, Shield, Stop

Injecting Spam Links on your site

 By injecting malicious external links on your site the spammers can redirect the visitors to the website they want to rank. Besides they can also hide the desired links under your general clickable content. When users click the infected content they are redirected to the external website that spammers want them to visit. This technique is also known as clickjacking.


Website, Design, Code, Build, Develop

New Page(s) Creation

 The smarter hackers can even go deeper into your site admin ecosystem and build entirely new pages that are specially designed to deceive the search engines and offering undue benefits to the related external websites using your digital property as a launchpad. For maximum impact, they can create numerous web pages.


At, Mail, Virus, Virus Warning, Trojan

Sending Spam Emails to your subscribers

 If they are successful in getting access to the customer database it enables them to deceive your customers using your official business email ID. The spammers send emails to promote the illegal and own quality products/services.

When your customers click the links in the mail they are directed to third party products and services which disappoint them and they stop trusting you. They would simply unsubscribe from your email list or instruct their mail provider to automatically send your emails to the spam folder. It can greatly hurt your email marketing program and effectively reduce your subscribers/customers’ base.


Hands, Smartphone, Social Media

Spamming your ads and banners

By taking control over your pop-ups, banners, CTAs and ads the spammers can also misuse them as a means to promote their illegal content products and services. It not only damage your reputation also wastes a huge chunk of your time and resources spent on advertising and marketing activities.


SEO spamming refers to the malpractices of hacking WordPress sites and using them to unethically help the unrelated external sites rank higher (generally the ones selling illegal or low-quality services/products). The hackers change the SEO specific sections of your site by injecting their on keywords, links and other SEO elements to help those (external) sites piggyback on your site’s reputations/SEO efforts to rank higher. In this post, we have mentioned various ways in which SEO spamming affects your site.

How to install WordPress using wpCentral?

Wordpress installation in wpcentral

WordPress is arguably the most reliable and simple CMS used across the globe and appreciated by beginners as well as advanced users. However, if you own multiple WordPress sites, you may experience the management complications that will expose your site(s) of security threats or lack of updated performance benefits. It is due to the increased chances of human errors because of repetitive steps, switching between different interfaces and multiple login requirements.

Single WP management dashboards like wpCentral help the users to easily manage multiple aspects of their several WordPress sites right from updating the themes and reviewing security to advanced plug-in management. In this guide, you will learn How to install WordPress using wpCentral

WordPress Installation through wpCentral

·         Sign in to your wpCentral panel using your registered credentials

·         Ensure that the domain on which the WordPress is to be installed, is already added to you wpCentral account. If needed, you can follow this guide for the instructions.

·         In the left panel click on Install WordPress option and you will be taken to the installation form.

·         Enter the required details like domain name, protocol, database name, admin login details, language, directory, etc.

·         For installing the script in domain root leave the directory field blank.

·         In the Advanced options section you will get the option to select your backup locations. Select it via Settings page where the installation backups need to be stored.

This is an optional field to specify your own backup location. You can leave it empty if you want to use the default location (automatically created by wpCentral) for backup storage.


After completing all the details click install button.

After successful installation you will get the installation links. It will also install the wpCentral plug-in on your website and the site is added to the wpCentral panel allowing you to manage it directly via the single dashboard of wpCentral · Clicking on the provided link will directly take you to the selected site’s page or homepage.


There are different smart tools that make it much easier to install WordPress without any technical complication. wpCentral is one such tool that takes the complexity out of WordPress installation procedure. wpCentral saves your time and efforts by enabling you to install WordPress with just a few quick and easy steps.

How to Add One-Click Login With Google in WordPress

Single Click Login

Remembering the login credentials and entering them every time for signing in to your WP site can annoy your audience. One of the best ways to make things easier for them is one-click login that allows them to log in the account with a single click using their Google account. Along with saving time and efforts it also relieves the users from the need of remembering login credentials of their account on your WP site.

The benefits of single click login with Google accounts

To remain updated with the latest mail communication, internet users prefer not to log out of their Gmail account. Hence by linking their Gmail account to your WP account via single click login, you empower them to quickly log into their WP account using single click step.

Step by step guide to enable single click login

·         Install Google Apps Login plug-in and activate it

·         Open settings and select Google Apps Login Page in the WordPress admin area. Now provide the client ID and code in main Setup tab

·         Open Google Developer Console to obtain the details

·         Click Start a project and then on New project on the popup dialog box

·         In the relevant boxes, type the desired project name and the location (i.e., the official domain name) where you wish to save it

·         You can skip typing the location if you are creating from personal account

·         Now click on Create button that will take you to APIs and Services dashboard

·         Click credentials and then on OAuth consent screen page

·         Enter your email address that you used to create the project and the site URL

·         Click Save

·         You will be redirected to credential page. Click Create credentials and copy OAuth client ID

·         In Application type select Web Application. Type your domain name in the JavaScript origins field

·         In Authorised redirect URLs, type http://www.example.com/wp-login.php

·         Click on create to see the client ID and client Secret information

·         Copy the above information

·         Go to plugins settings in WordPress admin area and paste the above mentioned keys in client ID and client secret respectively.

·         Logout from your account

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How to enable secure login with Loginizer?

One of the favourite technique employed by hackers is to repeated login
attempts and each time employing different advanced techniques to breach the
matching login credential pairs. Limiting the maximum login attempts can be an
effective remedy here. You can temporarily lock the user by blocking his IP
after he has reached a specific number of attempts (for instance 4 attempts or
5 attempts).

Along with deciding the maximum number of permissible attempts you can also
set the locking period like 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or even the entire

Loginizer is one of the excellent plugins for limiting login attempts by
automatically blocking the IPs after reaching maximum attempts. It also offers
you advanced features to take your security to the next level with the help of
features like reCAPTCHA, 2-factor login, logging without password, etc.

·          The users will be prompted for their username and email address and a temporary login link will be mailed to them

·         An authorization code will be mailed to the users and they will be required to enter the same (also o the name an password) for logging in))

·         Twin factor authorization provision via an app (authy, Google authenticator and other popular apps(

·         Prompting users for the answer to a challenge question before being able to login

·         ReCAPTCHA – Google’reCAPTCHA can be configured for the Login screen, Comments Section, Registration Form, etc. to prevent automated brute force attacks. Supports

·         Google reCAPTCHA for a better level of security 

·         Renaming the login page of wp-admin url

·         Disable XML-RPC – An option to simply disable XML-RPC in WordPress. Most of the WordPress users don’t need XML-RPC and can disable it to prevent automated brute force attacks.
Disabling or renaming XML RPC

·         Automatically blacklisting specific common usernames like administrator, admin, etc..

·         Disabling new registration and automatically blacklisting

·         Along with blacklisting or whitelisting IP/IP range it can also send you an email about the maximum lockouts an extends the account and detect maximum lockout


With the help of Google On Click Login you can save the time and efforts of your site visitors by enabling them to use their gmail account to log in securely with just a single click. It saves them from remembering their login credentials or entering the same every time they wish to post a comment or perform other member-specific activities.

How to Install WordPress – Complete WordPress Installation Tutorial

Learn to install wordpress

WordPress is the most popular CMS across the globe due to its user-friendly features and functionalities. If you are also interested in developing your site on WordPress then you should first download it. In this blog, we will tell you how to install a WordPress manually locally with the help of AMPPS.

What is AMPPS?

AMPPS is a solution stack of Apache, MySQL, MongoDB, PHP, Perl and Python for Windows NT, Linux and macOS. It comes with 442[3] PHP web applications, over 1000[] PHP classes and versions of PHP. AMPPS is created by Softaculous Ltd. a company founded in 2009 which makes the Softaculous Auto Installer. AMPPS is used to develop on PHP, MySQL applications like WordPress,[5] Joomla, and Drupal.

AMPPS is a free software package that is equipped with everything needed for running WordPress. It has the programming language PHP, Database MySQL, and the web servers Apache.

Steps for WordPress installation

•    Start with downloading the AMPPS version and be patient while it downloads as the file is quite heavy.

•    The downloading process is quite intuitive and does not need any special explanation

•    Control center is the default page you would see upon opening the app fro the first time

•    You will see two green buttons meant for starting Apache and MySQL respectively. Click on the buttons to get started

Make sure that you have started WordPress Apache and MySQL. Make sure to check the success message in the status bar. Now open http://localhost/ in your internet browser

•    Visit AMPPS Home for further process by clicking on the house icon.

•    Type http://localhost/amppsNow click on the link Add Domain For the testing/example purpose four reserved domain extensions can be used

click on the link Add Domain For the testing/example purpose four reserved domain extensions can be used




.local host

In this example, we will use Your site. example domain

•    Open add domain screen and enter the desired domain http://localhost/ampps/index.php?act=ampps_domainadd As the screenshot

Check for the below-mentioned stats

•    Is Domain Add-on or Parked? Check it

•    Add an SSL entry? Let it remain unchecked

•    Add an entry to Host File? Check it

•    Look for the option Add Domain and click it.

•    Now open http://wordpress.localhost/ that will display a page containing empty directory index

•    Download WordPress and unzip in your directory path

•    Go to the wordpres.org and look for the WordPress core files. Download them as zip files and unzip in the above-mentioned directory.

The path is: /Applications/AMPPS/www/WordPress.localhost

•    Post file extracting the WordPress installation screen would be displayed when you visit the domain name. Now select the WordPress language selects screen and then proceed to set u the database. Step 6: Set up a database selection in phpMyAdmin

•     open http://localhost/phpmyadmin

•     And click the new link in the left pane on the top Click new and type myname as an example

•    Click create. Upon getting information message of the database is successfully created on WordPress.localhost.

Connection with Database

•    Now select the language and then continue Now click let’s go. On the database credentials screen, input the following information:

•    Database Name: The name you have chosen

•    Username: root

•    Password: MySQL

•    Database Host: localhost

•    Table Prefix: wp_

•    There are default username and password combination

•    Don’t use MySQL root in the live server s it is not advisable

•    As you would go through these steps a wp-confog.php file will be created by WordPress to facilitate the connection with the database. Once connected you would need to fill in the WP site information

•    Here you can specify the information like site login credentials and email address

•    To be on the safe side it is recommended to try off the search engine visibility. (toughs technically not mandatory)

•    You would be taken to the WP dashboard as you will click install WordPress. This dashboard allows you to control the features of the wp site you just installed

Note: While it is good to know about the manual method of installing WordPress, it consumes more time and efforts and is also prone to human errors. So if you are looking for the best way to install WordPress is with the help of single-click WordPress installation options.

For instance, instead of going through this entire process you can easily install WordPress using a reputed platform like wpCentral.com.


Installing WordPress is not as difficult as many people think. You just need to follow the instructions properly. Still if you find it difficult to manually install the WordPress then you can take help of auto installers that compress the entire installation process in just a single click.

Full-feature Review- Take hassles out of your WordPress Management Schedule with wpCentral

Owning multiple WP sites brings more rewards but also burdens you with multiple responsibilities. Repetitive switching between multiple admin panels adds stress and separately performing the daily tasks (updates, backups, etc.) further increases the headache. Before you know, you get so occupied with the technical micro-management of your sites that it starts hurting your business objectives. Wisdom is in auto-piloting the management tasks. There are many tools that allow you to manage multiple WP sites easily. However, not all of them are equally competent. So, it would be best to get a detailed report on the efficiency and practical benefits of a tool before using or buying it. In this post we are going to present a detailed review of such a tool called wpCentral. It is a feature-rich tool that allows you to manage multiple WP sites with ease.

What is wpCentral?

WpCentral is a friendly WordPress management tool to manage multiple WP sites in a single window with simplified processes and quick steps. It takes the complexity out of your multi-site management schedule by allowing you to view, manage and control all your sites from a single panel. That’s not all. It also facilitates bulk actions, schedules key processes and secures all your sites with just a few clicks.

One notable thing here is that wpCentral has been developed by Softaculous- a leading brand that holds a solid experience in developing One-click solutions for installing and managing different web applications like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, etc. on a website with just single click. So, they have used years of wisdom and practical expertise in developing wpCentral.

Is wpCentral worth your IT dollars?

One of the major concerns of the new users is to ensure whether or not the new tool will meet the requirements. For the convenience of such users, wpCentral offers free features that allow them to get a decent overview of its potential and capabilities. Readers can first use the free version to get a solid idea of its potential capabilities and reliability. The premium plans enable you to add dozens of WP sites and perform even mission-critical tasks that can directly affect your business potential.

Now let us take a closet look at the various feature of wpCentral and how could it help you in your objectives/business:

Easy security management

Manual updates are prone to various human errors like making a mistake in processing, missing a step or forgetting to update your theme/plugin on a timely basis. The issue becomes more complex especially when working with multiple WP sites.

WpCentral allows you to accurately update your WP sites securely. The fully automated process not only saves your time and efforts but also eliminates the chances of human errors.

However, it still needs you to regularly monitor the available/upcoming updates and manually initiate the process- something that could be inconvenient for busy bloggers and the owners of multiple WP sites. The premium package precisely solves this issue by allowing you to auto-schedule the entire backup process of your WP sites. You just need to set the backup schedule (i.e., selecting the sites and period) once and wpCentral will take complete care of your backup requirements independently (as per instructions).

Single click login

Creating and remembering different login credentials for each site is a cumbersome exercise and complicates the daily schedule. WpCentral makes things simple for you by allowing you to enter the admin panel of multiple websites with just a single click.

Single Dashboard and uniform commands for all your sites

WpCentral allows you to manage all your websites from a single dashboard thus relieving you from multiple logins or switching to different panels/windows. Additionally, its smart interface also facilitates applying the same action on multiple sites with a single step, i.e., taking backups, multiple updates, etc. Similarly, you can also manage other features quickly and conveniently as we will explain ahead. 

Security and Backups

WpCentral helps you to quickly secure all your WP sites with easy steps. The bulk action feature enables you to apply the same security features on multiple sites thus saving you from repetitive actions.

Likewise, you can take the backups of multiple sites by selecting the desired (or all) sites and proceeding with a single series of steps. In other words, taking the backup of 10 sites is almost as easy and quick as taking the backup of 1 site.

Installation process of wpCentral

Visit your WordPress admin panel and click Plugins

·         Select Add new

·         A new page will be displayed

·         In the search box type wpCentral and click on the install button

·         After installation activate it

·         Open installed plugins page and click View connection key link just below the wpCentral to get your connection key

·         Visit the site https://panel.wpcentral.co and create your account

In the left panel click Add Website

·         Type your URL and connection key and save your site

·         Enter your URL and Connection Key in the provided boxes

·         In the connection type, you can select whether you want to use connection key or WP admin credentials as WP login credentials

·         Click Save website

·         On the left hand you will see the list of various wpCentral features/tasks like adding a new site, WP installation, plans, billing, etc.

·         You can add new websites in the same manner with their respective login credentials.


·         If the connection key is not present by default, then paste it with Ctrl+V*

·         Copy the wpCentral connection key from the welcome page

Pricing Plans

With the free plan of wpCentral, you can manage unlimited sites. For additional features, it offers affordably priced premium plans starting at just $2.5 per month. You can choose the one that suits your profile, and requirements and fits into the budget. Whether you are a beginner with just 1 WP site or a global corporate brand with 100 WP sites, wpCentral has the right plan to meet your needs.

You can get the complete pricing list here: https://wpcentral.co/pricing

Quick summary

wpCentral is a robust tool for managing multiple WordPress sites in a single interface using centralised control panel. It allows you to perform bulk actions on multiple sites including:

  1. Multiple WP Sites management
  2. Single Click Admin Access
  3. Security, backup and retrieving
  4. Managing themes and plugins
  5. Single click updates
  6. Modifying websites
  7. Monitoring and managing uptime
  8. Resource management
  9. Updating and maintenance


Managing multiple WordPress sites can be a complex task and it would be a wise idea to automate daily processes with plugins like wpCentral. Such plugins not only save your time and efforts but also eliminate the human-errors. Most importantly, it relieves you from micro-managing your sites so that you can concentrate better on the bigger picture- the core business objectives. With a few clicks, you can perform site updates, quick backups, report generation, security monitoring, and various other tasks.

Delight your new users by sending personalized welcome email (Final)

Personalized welcome email to new users

Sharing a good rapport with your new users allows you to build audience loyalty and assures a long term engagement that eventually helps in enhancing the popularity of your WordPress site or blog. Email communication is the best way to build engagement and WordPress does have an option to send an automated email. However, the default welcome email sent by WordPress to the new users does not align with the individual personality of a specific site or blog. Thus this general welcome mail may fail to leave a lasting impact on the new users of your site and also restricts you from adding some specific site-relevant info like telling the benefits of joining your site or educating new users about how to use the site in the best manner. You also lose the opportunity to employ the welcome mail as a CTA platform- redirecting your new users to offers page or the membership plans page.

Send personalized welcome email with Plugins

It is the easiest way to send a welcome email to your users as the entire hard work is done by plugins and you just need a few, reasonably easy steps.

One of the best plug-ins for this purpose is Better Notifications for WP.  Here is the guide on how to use this plugin:

·         Install it and activate the plug-in.

·         Now click Notifications and select “Add New Page”

·          Provide a relevant title to the new notification

·         Just near the Notifications for the option you would see “New User- post-registration email”. Click it to create the personalized welcome mail.

·         Find and insert the shortcodes (i.e.,


) by clicking find shortcodes button.

·         After finishing the mail click “Save”.

·         Save the welcome email notification.

It is a good idea to confirm that it functions well by sending a test notification to you.

·         Click “Send me a test email” and you would instantly receive the mail in your inbox to see how it would look to the recipient.

It is equally important to ensure that your mail function is aptly configured to deliver email.

·         To confirm that the emails should be delivered without fail you would require WP Mail SMTP plug-in to facilitate the use of SMTP server for ideally sending your WP emails to the new users.

Get more advanced options with Constant Contact Email Marketing

In the first method you could trigger an email based on customers’ actions on your site. However, this method is more advanced and also facilitates constant communication with your users thus allowing you to build long term relations and ensure a regular audience. You can also have multiple onboarding emails for different purposes.

For that you would need a reliable email marketing service. Though there are many, one that stands out is Constant Contact.

·         Visit Constant Contact website and register yourself there.

·         Head to the contacts page and click create button near email lists to store email addresses of your contacts.

·         Give a relevant name to the email list and hit Add List

·         Now install constant contact forms plug-in on the website and activate it

·         Now visit Contact Form and select Connect Now page

·         Click the button Connect Plug-in

·          You will be redirected to Constant Contact website

·         Log in with your credentials

·         Click Advanced Optin section and check the option Add a checkbox to the WordPress user registration page’ option.

·         Near Add, subscribers to option there is a dropdown of the email list. Select the one that you created.

·          Now add the desired message that you want new users to see and clicks save changes

·         Go to your WordPress website registration page to see the functioning it will be in the form of a checkbox enabling the new users to subscribe to your email list.


Sending a personalized email to your new users not only enables you to build strong relations but also allows you to send purpose-specific mails to the users like encouraging them to visit the latest products page or browsing through the most popular blog posts. Thankfully various plugins in the market (both free and paid) allow you to send personalized emails to the new users almost effortlessly. However, the readers need to be careful while choosing the right plug-in to ensure that it fully aligns with their specific needs and purpose.

6 best WP themes to boost the visual appeal of your photography site

Best WordPress photography themes

Creating a photography website can get tricky and demanding as you need a versatile platform to showcase your visual portfolio and at the same time enable the visitors to purchase your services online. So you need a perfect blend of beauty and utility features. While there are several themes available in the market, you need to be very careful about choosing the theme that best surveyor purpose. In this blog we are going to present some of the best photography themes that you should seriously consider for building your photography site:

Image result for astra theme


If you need to exercise the best of your creative appeal without going through a complicated process or compromising with the quality then the Astra theme is the right choice for you. Its awesome demo layouts fully cater to the needs fo a photography site and you would also love the variety and quality of starter sites as well. It fully supports the easy page builders allowing you to further customers the overall visual personality of the theme. There is a wide collection of fonts, colors and backgrounds t choose from. You also get the ability to build your personalized landing pages equipped with the best selling features with the help of third-party plugins.

Image result for uncode theme


Your photography site is a great way to exhibit your creative works and portfolio but at the same time you also need to cater to your commercial goals. For that, you require a versatile theme that can be used for showcasing your portfolio, telling people about your services and enable them to buy your services online. Uncode is one such theme that stands out due to the fine balance between aesthetics and utility features.

You would love the specially designed photography-centric templates that come packed with all the key features required for an impressive photography website with user-friendly features.

The wide array of demo pages, ready to use layouts and purpose-specific features like multiple header options with an ability to add the desired style/animation makes it stand out as the most ideal theme for your photography site.

Image result for Oshine theme


Oshine is another powerful theme with plenty of features that allows you to create a professional photography site with appealing visual quality and loads of utility value. It allows you to comfortably stretch your creative imagination with its 40+ demos- each having a different personality. So, you wouldn’t have to compromise with your visual needs.

The theme boasts of a large number of satisfied clients which is a perfect testimony to its quality commitment. It also means that the company has benefited from lots of use cases to constantly improve their themes to suit the specific requirements of the clients.

You would get a huge number of customization options like quick page builder with drag-drop features, various layout combos, appealing video backgrounds for a better impact and a wide array of blog layouts. The major USP of oshine lies in its eye caressing appeal that assures your visitors a luxury visual ecosystem without straining their eyes. Its seamlessly integrates with Woocommerce and WPML that makes it a great fit for your commercial objectives as well.

Image result for TheGem theme


TheGem is aptly named as its quality is simply outstanding. It comes with powerful features and supports several use cases without compromising on the quality.          

You will get a huge, curated collection of demo pages and multiple header styles to choose the one that best fits your site. Also, the extensive variety of colors and fonts simply takes the cap off your creative capabilities. Slider plugins are attractive and come in 3 varieties NivoSLide, LayerSlider and Slider Revolution to produce spell bounding hero screens loaded with loads of beauty and features.

In the portfolio set you can find some of the most professional-looking designs for a photography site that look luxurious yet soothing to the eyes. It seamlessly integrated with multiple plugins.

Image result for Inspiro theme


If you are more inclined to use your website for a creative purpose, i.e., showcasing your creative skills rather than using it as a selling platform then this is the best theme for you. It offers you a full-fledged creative canvas to show your best works to the world with the enchanting presentation and awesome theme.

With the availability of as many as six well-crafted demos and several excellent features to enhance the visual appeal, the theme guarantees to fully satisfy your creative needs. It is worth mentioning that the theme also has a dedicated demo for videographers.

Some of the visual effect tools are video backgrounds, full-screen headers, friendly widgets for slideshows and multiple gallery modules. Its seamless compatibility with page builders like unison Page builder and Beaver Builder Plugins further helps you to personalize the theme to suit your creative expectations.

If you a looking for a theme with stunning looks and friendly list of features that don’t overwhelm the visitors then this is the best theme for you.

Image result for Milea  theme


 Photography is closely related to luxury, aesthetics, and storytelling. If you love to showcase the occasion or event-based photography portfolio then Milea is the right platform for building your site. It is more suitable for professional photographers and agencies that expertise at theme-based or event-specific photography services. The site’s layout allows you to showcase the pictures with the best professional appeal that is the key to attract the high-worth clients and enterprise clients.  

You would also love the features like easy page builder with drag and drop steps that empower you to fully personalize the layout or produce the new one that meets your profile, criteria, and objectives. For instance, you can insert clients’ reviews and feedback sections. Add Instagram feeds etc.

As a professionally inclined theme the mileas offers you several promotion-specific features to widen your reach and impact. Its seamless integration with MailChimp allows you to initiate email outreach without any complex process as it comes already integrated with the program.


Building a photography site needs you to put into much of the efforts and creative inputs to make your site stand out in the competition. Thanks to the availability of many economically priced and free themes in the market it has now become easier for you to create your photography site without going through technical complications or creative limitations. However, to get the best benefits out of your sites you would need to invest a good time ad go through multiple review guides like this one to make sure that you should get what you exactly need.

How to track your conversions on Woocommerce?

Conversion Tracking in WooCommerce

Woocommerce offers you a strong and reliable platform to sell your products online without purchasing an expensive eCommerce website. However, to get the maximum benefits out of your Woocommerce site it is very important to constantly track your conversion and sales patterns to optimize your site for better sales. In this guide we are going to present a step by step method, tips, and tools for tracking your conversion rate in Woocommerce and taking the right measures to accelerate your sales potential:

How to turn on tracking in Google Analytics?

· Visit Google Analytics dashboard and click on your site address

· Click the admin button and in the page that opens click Ecommerce settings

Turn on the two options- Enable eCommerce and Enable Enhanced Commerce>>

· The eCommerce reporting feature would be turned on

Monsterinsights: How to install eCommerce tracking?

Click Insights> Add-ons page to install the eCommerce plug-in and activate it

Click Insights > Settings and then switch to eCommerce tab

Turn on the option Use Enhanced Ecommerce>

Turn on eCommerce reporting in MonsterInsights

In MonsterInsights turn on eCommerce reporting<< MonsterInsights comes with autodetection of your specific eCommerce software. 

How to check tracking reports?

After a successful setup, allow sufficient time to Google Analytics for data collection. 

Once some data has been collected you could see the eCommerce updated reports in MonsterInsights as well as Google Analytics

· In the WordPress site click Insights > Reports

· Open eCommerce tab

· All the key conversion metrics like transactions, conversion rate, total revenue and the average value of each order is visible on the top>>

· Just below that you would see top selling products with vital details like sales quantity, revenue, and percentage

· Below that you would able to view the top sources of conversion and shopper behavior reports which also includes the total number of times when your products were added/removed from the shopping cart

How to track woocommerce in Google Analytics?

In your Google Analytics account, you would also be able to view the more advanced details

In Google, Analytics dashboard click conversions > ECommerce 

In the overview report, you will get the overview of all the key details 

To dig deeper into any specific aspect you can further click the additional options like Shopping behavior report will further fetch insights into the business-specific activities during specific user sessions (like adding/abandoning the cart or successful checkouts denoting completed sales

How to boost Your Woocommerce Conversions and Increase Sales?

Abandoned cart issues

According to a study, only 2-4 people out of every 10 visitors end up purchasing your products. That means you need a strong provision to recover the 6-8 visitors who didn’t purchase your product. Here is one of the best plugins to recover abandoned cart:

·        Optin Monster: Automatically sends mail to the visitors who abandoned the carts. It also saves the cart content and restores the same when the clients want to proceed.

Make affiliates

You can make affiliates to multiply sales by offering a certain commission on each item.

·        YITH Woocommerce affiliates are one such plug-in that allows you to easily build a strong affiliate network to skyrocket your sales potential.

Add quick digital payment feature

One of the major reasons for people abandoning the cart is the lack of quick payment options. 

· It would be great to offer your customers a digital payment option like Amazon Pay. With a simple and quick plug-in named Amazon Pay plug-in, you can easily add a trusted digital payment option for your customers

Send email newsletters

Many times the visitors just open your site and close it without making any purchase.

· You can keep those customers in the loop by using email newsletter services like Constant Contact.


To boost your sales through the Woocommerce site you would need a strong tracking provision for monitoring your conversion potential and optimizing the same. It is advisable to rely only on the reputed tools and plug-ins for accurately tracking your conversion rate and carefully read tutorials and reviews to take the right decision.