How to get best output from your ad on Facebook Audience Network?

Facebook Marketing Tips

One of the best ways for effective blog content promotion on facebook is to promote it on Facebook Audience Network- the in app advertising network for the mobile apps. It is a form o off=page advertising. Not only does it claims a tremendous traffic of 1 billion+ every month, but it also helps in more audience targeted advertising for better and more personal impact.

Some strong reasons to choose facebook audience network for advertising are:

Lower CPC (Cost-per-click) prices than many other paid media

Extensive Targeting options to effectively reach relevant people with higher conversion potential

Boosts organic reach if the ad

Seamless set up and management of ads

In this blog post we will discuss how to attract more clicks to your ads at relatively lower prices:

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Share latest posts on facebook

 Start by sharing your blog post link on your official facebook page to gain visibility.

 Sharing your post will notify some of the people who liked that page.

 It will prompt some of them to engage with the post by liking of sharing it. It will most possibly have a sort of ripple effect- encouraging a few others to engage, like and/or share the post. Eventually it helps in increasing popularity and building curiosity around your post and content.

While sending the link, approach the people who are closely familiar with you- friends, families and colleagues. Don’t hesitate in asking them to like the post so that you can improve the CTR of your facebook ad.

 Likes increases credibility which attracts more clicks.

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Strategic Facebook post boosting

 By boosting your post you can easily promote it and build better visibility to your content. For that you need to start by determining a reasonable budget that you are comfortable with. Carefully select your targeted audience to leave maximum impact and finally click the button boos post/??

 It is always better to start tentatively and move ahead only after assessing the results. Use RoI approach to ensure that you are getting best outcome out of your ad boosting investment. Divide your budget into many small portions and go for single day campaign. It will offer you required flexibility to change your strategy or scale your budget to ensure optimum outcome.

 Now one question may come to your mind- how to measure the metrics for ascertaining the impact of your facebook ad campaigns. For that you can use Facebook campaign checkups. Here you will get quick overview of the key elements like :

CPC or Cost per Click to check how much it costs to get a single click on your promoted post

CTR or click through rate: to gauge the interest generated by the boosted post among your niche audiences

CPM or cost per mil- To calculate the cost your spent for getting per 1000 views to your boosted post.

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Use headlines that instantly connects the audiences

 Use headlines that instantly attract the readers and prompt them to click and read the content.  Add a solid punch to emphasize the USP of your content and why one must read it.

 Don’t be in compulsion to use your post headline as the ad headline. Be creative and come up with another, fresh, appealing headline for your ad.

A good headline:

Show specific benefits to the reader

Boosts credibility by including facts and number

Avoids exceeding 40-70 characters when creating an add

Talks a bit casually and use action terms like save, get, do and learn

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Employ unique visual art

 It is a no-brainer that pictures communicate faster than words, and research studies actually prove that. It is especially true when we talk in the context of ads. The main objective of ads is to communicate most in the least time without compromising on the message or impact. Right visuals can help you a great way in achieving this objective.

Just like copied or spun content, the stock and free photos give a bland, unimpressive look to your ad and the audiences generally scroll past it. As these stock photos are available for free, a majority of publishers and advertisers may have already used them for many times and on different platform which make them loose their uniqueness. Moreover, these photos generally lack the fine details and unique colour chemistry. So, consider investing in ad-designing. You can either tell your in-house graphic designer to design the advertisement banners/visuals or alternatively you can hire one thorough the sites like Fiverr or freelancer where you can get good talent at reasonable prices.

 Do some R&D on your competitors and similar ads to get an inspiration on the colours, designs and overall presentation of the graphics to leave a definite impact on the audiences.

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Write unique copy

 Write a high impact copy that compels people to click on the link. Keep in mind that people won’t read your content during the first interaction. The will read the ad copy which means the better quality of ad copy increases the probabilities of your content being clicked.

Here are a few things to keep in mind

 Facts and testimonials increase credibility.

Engage people’s attention by asking questions

Provide solution to various common problems.

Show the next step by using clear call buttons

Write headlines that directly connect with the user’s intention


While influencer marketing does help in enhancing you its reputations, it might not be affordable for all. By advertising it on Facebook Audience Network, you can reach out the most relevant audiences who are more likely to click the link.

How to eliminate mediocrity and offer superior capabilities to your blog

Blogging Tips

Have you ever wondered how the top bloggers are able to earn 6-figure income? What are the strategies they follow a how do they get so many engagements on their post? Well, it is all abut the ethical content strategy make the content shine and increase the traffic. In this blog we will talk about some of the major content techniques to adopt for gaining a distinct position on SERPs while also increasing the traffic and interaction:

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Focus on specific niche and identify relevant trends

 While you should have a passion for writing, it is equally important for any blog to have a specific focus and niche. Your blog should instantly connect with the niche audiences by delivering them focused, well-researched and contemporary information that adds value to their knowledge and work. It will keep them engaged for long and prompt them to subscribe your blog. So, once you have chosen a specific niche, invest your efforts in researching the niche-related topics with high potential.

 Writing on already trending topics allows you to ride on the existing wave of popularity. In other words you can attract a good traffic with fewer efforts.

There are some great tools that help you check the trending topics.

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Use right headlines to captivate people’s attention

Headlines can be compared to the outer packaging of your content. Even a great product fails to attract the attention if the packaging is shabby. So, work seriously while creating headlines for your content. The challenge is to pack super power into a compact format. You might have observed that the headlines of blog posts by top bloggers have a unique appeal that prompts you to click the link and read the post, even if you don’t have plenty of time. Well, that is among a few key factors that help them achieve popularity and stardom! The good thing is that you don’t have to rack your brains to come up with a unique headline. There are some great tools to make your work less difficult.  

 You still have to invest your creative efforts but these tools will give you the suggestions that will make the process more defined and enable you to invest calculated efforts.

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Content can visually be scanned for quick first impact

 After headline, the next thing that really matters is the overall visual structure of your article. Did you now tat before reading the article people generally look at a quick overview of the visual structure? The lengthy, overflowing paragraphs give a scary look and put them off. So, break your content into small digestible paragraphs of not more than 4-5 lines (maximum). Also use bullet points and lists to give your content a neat, organized look. Use bold headlines to properly categorize different sections of your content. Using H2 or H3 tags will make it easier for the search engine bots to navigate meaningfully through your content. It will also help mobile users to quickly scan through main sections of your article.  


·         Use sub headlines to further emphasize your points

·         Use digestible small sentences

·         Break up text with bullet points

·         Tastefully insert images at appropriate places in your content

Your post should also be quickly comprehensible for the readers and provide to-the-point solutions to their queries. Respect your readers’ time and use brevity as a tool to keep them engaged.

 There are many tools in the market that can offer you the complete information about readability of you content. Working on those insights you can optimize your content to make it comprehensible for readers and easier for search engine bots to discover.

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Invite subject experts as contributors

 Having experts on your website can significantly increase its value and builds a distinct brand authority among the audiences. For that you have to research well and build a strong strategy to invite experts in your niche to contribute insightful content on your blog.

 Register on Start by entering your brand name and upon being promoted you may enter other brands that you want to monitor in order to conduct a shoulder on shoulder comparison.

 It will show you the different social platforms where your/your competitors’ brands have been mentioned and the people talking about it. Now sort the list to search for niche influencers. Having niche influencer talking about brand means they are already familiar with it and are more likely to accept your invitation for contributing on your site- provided you approach them in the right way and do your homework well.

 Buzsumo is another important tool that can help you in finding the influencers who engage with or endorse specific brands.

It will offer you the complete overview like the content type, traffic, and use of keywords etc. so that you can identify the right influencers whose content, traffic and engagement style aligns with your specific objectives.

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Create unique featured images for quick impression

 Feature images when used wisely, is a powerful way to offer a distinct appeal to your site.

 In fact the featured image is the first image seen by your audience on your page.

 Featured image also happens to be most shared image on the social media channels. So treat it with utmost respect and ensure that it should have a grand impressive look.

You just don’t need a good featured image but have to use the image that simply claims the limelight among many other images.

 There are many easy graphic designing tools like Canva that allow you to create a unique catchy design with quick tools and automated steps.

Besides there are a number of readymade customized templates that make things even easier for you.

Rectangular featured images look great on thumbnails and Facebook.

Before you start creating, properly researched social media image size


Right, logically defined content strategy can play a vital role in increasing traffic and engagement rate. Along with the quality of your content other features like right headlines, proper content structure and easy readability are also important to engage more people with your content.

5 best technical SEO tips for your site in 2021

Technical SEO Tips

Technical SEO plays a vital role in your overall SEO strategy. It is more precise in nature and there are different solid metrics to measure it. Besides there are many tools that allow you to identify the gaps in your technical SEO while also providing you the deep actionable insights on how to repair it? In fact if you would carefully go through the upcoming Google update in May this year, you would notice that it deal with many aspects of technical SEO

In this blog we will talk about how to optimize the technical SEO of your site to increase engagement, visibility and clicks:

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Core web vitals metrics to enhance user experience

As you are aware that this may Google will bring its page experience algorithm which will involve, among other factors, the core web vitals that include

FID or the time it takes for a visitor to interact with your page. Ideally it should be below 100 ms.

Largest contextual paint: It refers to the time it takes for the largest content on your page to be loaded in visitor’s browser. The recommended time is less than 2.3 seconds

CLS or cumulative layout shifts: This metrics applies to the visual steadiness of your element on a device screen and the recommended level is .1 seconds.

While the core web vitals may seem quite technically complex to measure, the Google Search console can provide you the accurate site metrics without any technical complications or manual efforts on your side. Just enter you URL and with just a few clicks you can get the details as well as insights and recommendations.

Here are a few ways to optimize core web vitals:

·         Use Lazy-loading option for general images

·         Optimized image formats to make them browser-friendly

·         Enhance JavaScript performance

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Identify crawl errors on your site

Crawl errors refers to the situation where the search engine couldn’t find a specific page on your website.

Google search console enables you to check the crawl errors but you would probably like to use more advanced tools for the purpose like screaming frog, seoClarity and Deep crawl. These tools take you to the page with the crawl error so that you can do the needful.

Here are a few ways to repair it:

Use 301 redirects for correctly implementing all redirects

Properly go through the specific error pages to determine where you would like to redirect them

 Also search the instance of redirect loops where the same URL redirect to another URL for many times thus creating a kind of back and forth loop.

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Check internal /outbound broken links and repair them

 Link structure works as a navigation guide or both search engines and human visitors. If a user clicks a link which leads to a nonworking URL, it puts off the people and compels them to leave your site.

So, identify some of the issues that disturb the navigation experience of your audiences. A few such issue include

·         301/302 links redirecting to a different page

·         Links leading to 4XX error page

·         Unlinked pages

·         Very deeply interlinking structure

 You can either update the target URL or simply remove the link.

 For that you would need to go for a thorough site audit to repair the broken links issue.

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Delete thin or duplicate content

 At all costs avoid copying the content from other websites as  it not only results in negative SEO marking but also attract the Google penalties. Along with the some other factors that cause thin o duplicate content include multiple live versions of same sites, faceted navigation page replication

 In case of two site versions, immediately do the needful so that Google should index only a single site version. Google doesn’t know that both version belong to the same site and in its perspective each different domain belongs to different website.

In a search engine’s perspective the following URLs represents different websites





A few tips

·          301 redirects set up primary URL version. If is you primary version then URLS like should redirect to that version.

·          no-index/canonical tags Implementation on various duplicate pages

·         preferred domain and parameter handling setting in Google Search Console

·         Deleting duplicate content from different portions, posts and pages


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Make your site HTTPS for fully encrypt communication with buyer

 The sites that lack security, also called HTTP sites is not only counted as a negative SEO metrics but also stop buyers from making purchase form your site as they are concerned about the safety of the data they will best haring like address, PAN card, social security number and credit card number. So you lose SEO points as well as buyers. On the other hand the HTTPS encrypts any data that users share with you like Pan Card and social security number. It helps in preventing data leaks and having.


Technical SEO plays a pivotal role in any SEO strategy. By working on technical SEO you make your site more appealing to the visitors by enhancing their experience. AT eh same time the right technical SEO strategies make it easier for the search engine bots to navigate through your website which helps in easy indexing and inclusion in relevant SERPs.

How to track the SEO strategy of your competitor (and outpace them)

SEO Analysis

While digital technology creates immense opportunities to start your website and technologies/CMS like WordPress make it easier and almost free to create your website independently, the increasing competition in every field- right from eCommerce to blogging, may prevent you from growing your brand or revenue. However, with a keen competitor SEO analysis and improving your SEO strategy accordingly, you can outpace your competitors in a reasonable time. In this blog we will mention some of the powerful and effective tactics to track your competitors’ SEO:

Search Engine Optimization, Seo

Track the SEO profile of your closest competitor

If you want to enjoy a competitive edge on the SERPs then start by identifying your nearest competitors to gain more clarity.

 Start by finding some direct keywords for your business. For instance, if you are running a fashion store in Georgia, try searching for eh term fashion store Georgia and focus on the top results, especially the top 5. Pick the most relevant competitors and closely study their site and content. What text format they are using? Are they posting videos or infographics? Is it a whitepaper that frequently ranks in top searches or is it a general blog? Al such questions will act as a precise reference to help you plan things.

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Track backlink profile of your competitor

 The importance of backlinks can never be ignored. However, as opposed to the older days, you can’t just buy backlinks in bulk from many low-quality sites and expect an improvement in the ranking. Instead, you should exclusively concentrate on the quality (not quantity) of the backlink.

 One of the easiest and most practical approaches is to track the backlink profile of your competitor using Moz tools and then try getting backlinks from those sites. Writing for influential blogs is also a ret way to increase your back ink value. Start by signing specific companies and invite guests to your blog. In return, you might ask them to link back t your side on their homepage or blog post??

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Study the keywords that your competitor is focusing

 Keyword Analysis is extremely important when we talk about enjoying compete for advantage. With the right keywords strategy, you can significantly increase the chances of your pages ranking high during the relevant searches. One of the major factors that help competitors secured a better position than your site is the right choice and use of keywords.

 Many tools can help you do a deep analysis of keywords and make it easier for you to steadily build your distinct position.

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Deeply study the content on your competitor’s website

Powerful content is at the core of any SEO strategy. That’s the reason why it becomes important to regularly conduct detailed content auditing so that you can further improve its quality and update it to the latest information/developments to keep it relevant for your present audiences. Moreover, it is equally important to adapt your content to strike a chord with your targeted audiences.

·         Carefully read the content on your competitors’ website

·         Take inspiration from unique features of their site like website design, audio/visual content, and site navigation structure

·         Brainstorming with your content team to create a content strategy that is way better than your competitor

·         Research most potential keywords and incorporate them naturally in your content, the title, Meta description, etc.. Volume, length, and other attributes matter a lot when talking about keyword strategy.

·         Regularly study what’s happening on the social media pages of your competitor and accordingly create your own social media strategy to outdo the competitor

·         Especially read the customers’ feedback on you competitors’ site to understand their strengths and weakness. The objective is to optimize your features and content accordingly to present yourself as a better alternative


As the competition is growing rapidly in the digital sphere it becomes challenging to secure or retain a good rank on search engines/ one of the most specific issues with the new age marketers and brands is how to outpace your competitor. It needs a complete strategy and powerful tracking. In this post, we shared some of the best and relatively practical ways to perform competitor tracking and work on your SEO strategy to get better visibility and ranking than your competitors.

5 best alternative to Google AdSense for earning a good ad revenue

Google Adsense Alternatives

Google Adsense is no doubt the most popular revenue-earning option for bloggers. For a long time, it virtually didn’t have any competitors as there was no other reliable Ad platform providing good income opportunities to the bloggers. However, with time the competition increased and today we have several ad platforms including some of the reliable brands. Whether your Google Adsense application has been rejected or you want to try other ad platforms as well- this post will make it easier for you to determine some of the strongest alternatives to Google AdSense: Ad Network Review 2020 - Froggy Ads

 Run by Bing and Yahoo, is enjoying a respectable ranking in the field of contextual ad agencies which allows access only to the Bing or Yahoo! Searches which offers bloggers a kind of exclusivity on these platforms. The marketplace enables you to connect with the publishers exclusively focusing on the content thus opening you to a massive search market to attract maximum ad revenue.

 Thanks to its innovative, first of its kind platform for server-side header bidding, you can enjoy the best benefits

Propeller Ads Review on Average Pricing and Conversion Rates - Growtraffic  Blog


 Propeller Ads provides you an opportunity to reach as high as 100 million users which significantly increases the opportunities and size of your ad revenue. This ad network provides you a rich variety of ad formats like push notifications, sponsored links, and banners so that you can pick the formats that you prefer.

 The easy interface and straightforward ad creation tool take complexities and guesswork out of the campaign creation exercise. It also offers strong real-time tracking and targeting options to help you optimize the campaign to increase its output capabilities.

 The AI-based ad optimization feature automatically optimizes the settings to increase conversion probabilities without any human intervention.

WPeka - How To Add Amazon Native Ads To WordPress

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

 The Amazon’s native shopping ads is an edge over the popular Amazon’s affiliate program that has already been a hit among the bloggers and publishers.

 Being contextual to the content the Amazon Native Shopping Ads promise to maintain a consistent reading experience. Instead of annoying readers with intrusive, irrelevant ads, it creates an added value for them by showing them the products that they are more likely to be interested in. Moreover, it also increases the sales probabilities which directly affects your ad revenue.

 Being the most popular eCommerce brand in the market with arguably the cheapest options available, it also enjoys a maximum conversion rate. [Official Thread]


 If you are looking for an option where you can enjoy maximum control over the ad ecosystem, then adversal is the right option for you. This platform provides you complete ownership over the ads. You can start or stop the campaigns as per your preferences/ likewise, you can also pause a running campaign for some time and resume it later. It comes with an intuitive interface and easy processes. Just select your preferred setting and it will automatically work accordingly. There is no need for repeated manual intervention.

Sovrn Holdings, Inc., Acquires VigLink to Expand Suite of Products and  Services for Publishers | Business Wire

Sovrn /Commerce (Previous: VigLink)

 This is a high-capability tool that provides you deeper insights to help you know about the advertisers that are likely to help you earn maximum revenue. It frees you from guesswork or math so that you can concentrate on crafting compelling content that converts without worrying about complicated calculations.

 Moreover the platform also has powerful CPM ad networks that will pay you for every impression that assures you a guaranteed income each time the advertisement is served whether it is clicked or not.


For a long time, Google was the only reliable Ad platform to monetize your blog. With time some other reliable brands started their ad platforms which created more diversified opportunities for the bloggers. In this post, we presented a list of some of the trusted ad platforms by leading brands that you can trust.

Actionable tips to grow your blog in 2021

Improve your blog

Every blogger wants to grow and it makes the competition quite tough. Especially for the new bloggers, it is very difficult to make a distinct position in their niche. While there isn’t any quick sureshot solution to gain traffic and improve the ranking of your new blog, some strategies can help you grow steadily. In this post we are presenting some of the strategies that will help you build a good reputation for your blog:

Social Media, Connections, Networking

Make valuable relations with other bloggers

In the field of blogging, camaraderie matters a lot. It helps you in different ways- right from honing your skills to gaining more visibility and building social media traction. Communicate with other bloggers especially those in your niche and build relations with them. It may not always be easy for a newbie to connect directly with top bloggers. So start by connecting with the more approachable ones- the ones who are making fast progress. Networking helps in increasing site traffic, getting more shares and likes on social media, and views from the high-value audiences in your niche.

 Read the latest blog posts in your niche and share the posts that impress you the most. Also, consider leaving valuable comments and try starting a meaningful social communication around that blog post.

 Keep personal promotion out of your comment or interaction activities as it can irritate instead of impressing the bloggers. They have invested lots of time and resources in writing a good blog post and just can’t tolerate someone using it as a “quick launchpad” for promoting their brand for free. Instead, focus on highlighting the strength of those bloggers and their content which shows that you have invested time and attention thoroughly going through the post and understanding its import.

Social Media, Media, Board, Networking

Use forums to engage with fellow bloggers for cross promotion

Many forums and groups enable bloggers to connect at a more direct level. If you are looking to collaborate with other bloggers or running a cross-promotional activity then consider joining Facebook groups for bloggers or go to the relevant forums, make valuable connections, and carefully shortlist the bloggers you want to collaborate with or create long-term partnerships. Instead of just managing a crowd of many connections, it is best to pick the ones that are more relevant and approachable and start taking the communication further in the desired direction.

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Write guest posts for high authority blogs in your niche

 Backlinks from high authority blogs in your niche help a long way in enhancing your reputation and making your blog more popular. To be more specific you get exposure to a wider base of audiences who trust the platform where you are presenting your guest posts. Besides, your URL also gets the benefit of the SEO profile of that platform. Many such platforms actively publicize every new post on social media that increases your social media reach to valuable traffic. Some of them may even send the most popular and valuable guest post to their subscribers through email newsletters which allows you to make a more direct relationship with the audiences. That’s plenty of benefits. But to gain that you need to follow a strategic approach for guest posting

Be very selective when picking the right platforms for guest blogging. It is quite easy to get your post approved at low DA blogs with very small traffic but it doesn’t worth your time or efforts. Guest blogging on such a platform doesn’t bring in significant SEO or traffic benefits. So, shortlist the high authority platforms after assessing the social media shares and comments.

 Personal touch can make a huge difference. Instead of sending a mail right away, start by personally connecting with the blog owner or decision-makers (editors, etc.) on professional networks like Linkedin. Making a rapport with them before pitching your post will increase the probability of approval.

 Write an email pitch that concentrates on the blogger, their blog, and the subject of your content. Give them a rich context and tell them precisely why your pitch can be a valuable asset for their content strategy. Tell them all this in a confident but humble language.

 Start by honing your writing skills which improve the chances of getting your post published and appreciated by the readers.

Computer, Laptop, Technology, Keyboard

Essential pre- and post- guest posting factors

One of the best ways to find the right platforms for guest blogging is to track the backlink profile of your closest competitors. It will give you a good insight into the high DA platforms that are more likely to accept the guest posts which will give a better direction to your backlink strategy.

 Getting your guest post published is not the end of the game. You also need to promote it seriously on different channels which will create build awareness around your posts and will eventually encourage people to know more about you and your blog.

 Track any social conversation around your guest post and proactively respond to them, whether it is a comment or FB reaction, you need to track everything and respond appropriately to build relations with the new audiences.

Social Media, Social, Marketing

Join blogger-centric networking platforms

 While Facebook and Twitter help you a great way in gaining social media traction, there are some platforms specifically suitable for the community of bloggers. Like Triberr offers you an optimized ecosystem and tools to connect better with bloggers’ community, widen your presence and grow together.

 You can choose the bloggers on relevant niches and get updates from the specific bloggers which makes it much easier for you to create a valuable network of fellow bloggers.

 Every tribe has a chief and you join as a follower. Depending upon your performance and other factors the chief can decide to promote you as a full-time member which gives allows every tribe member to see your blog posts.

 You can start by creating a themed tribe on Triberr that facilitates discovering other bloggers who blog on the same topic.

Industry, Industry 4, Web, Network

Deeply research the content that connect with yoru targeted audiences

 Invest a good amount of time and attention while creating your posts. Make sure that your posts help the targeted audiences in specific ways. For instance, if your targeted audiences are CTOs then write about the practical ways in which CTOs can help a company tackle the growth slump by utilizing technology.

Adding excerpts from subject experts can significantly increase the value and appeal of your posts and also add an authoritative touch to them. Also, try checking the use cases and get in touch with the related individuals or companies to share their stories with you with an emphasis on specific techniques or resources that helped them to overcome the challenges. It will add a realistic touch to your posts and will also encourage organic sharing.


Blogging is one of the most profitable businesses on the internet. However, the competition in the field is increasing at a very high rate. If you want your new blog to register success, you need to follow a set of professional strategies. It includes socializing with your audiences, sharing your content, guest posting on other high authority blogs, and networking with other bloggers. In this post, we explained these strategies in detail. You can make a checklist based on this post and constantly update it to improve the ranking and reach of your blog.

How to increase Domain Authority of your blog- Part 2

Domain Authority

In our last blog on domain authority we discussed some of the practical ways to improve DA. In this concluding part we will discuss some more ways to increase the DA of your site or blog and enjoy better SEO profile.

Rusty, Chain, Link, Iron, Steel, Old

Delete toxic backlinks that hurt the DA (and SEO/ranking)

 While backlinks do offer many benefits to your site, some of them can pose risks as well. We are talking about toxic backlinks these backlinks are from low-quality sites, PBN (private blogging networks), etc.

Regular monitoring and assessment of your links will help you to identify such toxic links and effectively remove them.

 It is also important to check for the outbound links from your site that link to a low-quality site or broken links. Remove them immediately as they can intensely hurt the domain authority of your site.

 Tools like Link manager from SEOPresor save you from the repetitive and tedious manual process of link assessment by automating the tasks and providing you a single dashboard to manage the entire range of inbound and outbound links. So, you can perform link management activities more accurately and in a fraction of time.

Smartphone, Cellphone, Touchscreen

Mobile Responsiveness

 As an increasing number of people are using mobile devices to browse the internet, the search engines like Google have made mobile responsiveness an important ranking metric. So make sure that your web design or theme is fully responsive means ease of browsing and ideal visibility across different devices and browsers- be it smartphones, desktops, or tablets.

 Nonresponsive sites not only lose ranking but also lose visitors by providing a poor experience to mobile users. If you are not sure if your website is responsive or not then go to the Mobile-friendly test on Google develop page. It will give you an idea about how your site looks and behave on different devices.

Traffic, Highway, Lights, Night, Speed

Speed up your webpages

 Speed plays a pivotal role in determining the user experience even before they start reading your site content or interacting with it. Slow loading sites frustrate visitors and compel them to look for other alternatives. They hit the back/close button to search for fast loading sites and it can adversely affect your site SEO. It also hurts the domain authority of your site. One of the major reasons behind slow lording site is heavy images and apps.

 There are many tools- both free and paid- to minimize the image sizes and speed up your site. Also, make it a habit to use apps responsibly and keep on assessing their usability. Immediately remove the ones that you no longer use. Other ways to speed up your site are minifying codes, removing flash and other demanding software, and using lighter image file versions. Many times an inferior hosting service quality or insufficient hosting resources also slows down the loading speed. In that case, buy additional resource, upgrade your plan or switch to a better hosting provider- choose the option that seems most relevant and reasonable to you.

Mobile Phone, Smartphone, Keyboard, App

Use top social media sites for content promotion

 Promoting the content not only helps you gain better visibility but also encourages other people to link to your site. AN easy way to promote your blog is to write informative posts around the topic and publish t on the high authority industry sites with a contextual backlink to the original content. It will not only increase your authority but will also get you exposure to a wider set of audiences- and collectively it helps in increasing our DA.


Domain authority represents the quality value of your site. For digital growth, you may like to improve your DA. In this post, we mentioned some of the reliable ways to enhance your DA. By practically working on these tips you can expect healthy DA growth which plays a good role in telling people about the domain authority of your site.

How to enhance domain authority of your blog?

Domain Authority

Domain Authority is an excellent way to know the SEO potential of your website or blog and by improving it you can strengthen the SEO. It also allows you to compare your website confidently with your nearest competitors to see where you currently stand and then determine the right strategy to grow.

Domain authority is measured at a scale of 1-100 and lower domain authority means low value while higher domain authority is associated with a high-value website. Some of the most popular and reputed sites like Facebook and Google have a domain authority of 85+ while the small websites can have less than 10 DA. If you need healthy digital growth then consider increasing your DA consistently.

In this blog, we will mention some of the ethical and reliable ways to increase your domain authority

Web Design, Domain, Web

Select relevant domain name

Domain name may not technically impact your ranking but it still plays a decisive role in influencing the key factors that affect your ranking. Suppose you have created a blog on WordPress with high-quality content and named it “”. There are very few chances that people visitors will click the URL even if it appears on the first page- simply because the name is not relevant.

On the other hand, if your competitor has named his WP blog the visitors are comparatively much more likely to click on that URL simply because of the relevant domain name that instantly connects with their search intent. So, a relevant domain name attracts more links that in turn improve your ranking.

Internet users have a low attention span. Also, many visitors may get interrupted- say by a call from their employer, or a Whatsapp message- which prevents them from completing browsing sessions on your site and they may decide to return later.

A simple short and memorable domain name allows them to remember your URL and return to your site later. From the Domain Authority point of view, the age of the domain also matters a lot. So, instead of buying a new domain name and waiting for it to get aged, you can consider buying an existing domain name which not only saves your time but also offers you a pre-existing DA right in the starting which makes things easier.

For instance, if you buy an old domain with a DA score of 58 you will have a readymade advantage of a high DA score without any active efforts on your side. That said after purchasing a high authority aged domain name, you would need to work relentlessly on your site, in terms of content, design, SEO, and other aspects- for retaining the organic domain authority and improving it further.

Long term renewals can also help in increasing domain authority as it indicates that you have long term plans for your domain/website and are not going to abandon it anytime soon.

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Content Optimization

 Another way to increase your DA is to review your on-page content and optimize it to make it search engine friendly. Along with the main content and keywords, you also need to work on codes like image alt tags, title tags, etc/?

 Also consider using the eye-friendly format to enhance the readability of your content by using italics, bold, and underline formatting at appropriate places.

 Instead of shallow content of 250-300 words, write research-based high-value content in the long-form format covering all the key aspects related to the topic. The idea is to improve value delivery for the audiences so that almost all their key doubts/queries are cleared without visiting other sources.

 For instance if you are writing an article on the latest SEO practices then start your article with an official definition of SEO and its real-life benefits.

 Along with an improved value delivery the comprehensive content presented in the right format (headings, bullets, questions, etc.) also makes it easier for search engine bots to fully understand the content context and increases your chances of appearing in relevant search queries.

 To make things easier you can take help from tools like BiQ and Quora that help in deciding the most popular question and keywords and structure your article accordingly.

Content Is King, Online Marketing

Produce content that attracts links

 Regular publishing of content with high linking potential is another way to increase your visibility. It plays an important role in improving DA.

 Also try including factors like statistics, infographics, and original research in your content that will encourage good authority websites to refer your site for inspiration/information and link to it while citing the sources.

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Healthy Internal Linking Strategy

 While external links do help you a great way in enhancing your domain authority, the internal linking is no less important.

 With strategic internal linking, you can increase the click-through rate while also increasing the average stay duration of visitors. It also helps in guiding the user through different useful and relevant pages of your site and also prevents them to hop to other sites for additional information. It is also advisable to add multiple interpage links (obviously relevant ones only) on a single page.

 With appropriate interlinking practices you can not only promote the aged posts of your blog but also increase visitors’ interest in your site.

With appropriate internal linking you can also help search engines like Google to index the entire site which influences its visibility


DA or Domain Authority plays a vital role in determining the growth status of your website. In this blog post we mentioned some of the best ways to enhance your site DA. In the second part of this blog post we will conclude with some more factors that directly influence your site DA.

5 best free tools for bloggers to create interactive content in 2021

Free Interactive Content Tools

As the number of blogs is increasing at an exponential rate, it has become all the more difficult to stand out of the crowd. You have to constantly upgrade the users’ experience and serve the top of the quality content to keep them engaged for a long. One of the easiest ways to ensure engagement is to offer them the content that prompts them to interact with it. Yes, we are talking about interactive content that doesn’t just limit the audience to consume the content but enables them to interact actively which helps in making an instant connection.

As opposed to the common notion, creating interactive content is neither complicated nor expensive. With some free tools and a little learning curve you can create high-quality interactive content in different formats- right from programmed quizzes to interactive maps- and all this without touching a single line of code. Here is a curated list of some free interactive tools that you can consider using

Qzzr - Home | Facebook


 One of the best ways to invite people’s curiosity is to post interactive quizzes on your platform. However, creating an attractive interactive format for quizzes can be a daunting task. Qzzr precisely chips into this situation by offering easy tools and intuitive processes to create quizzes that appeal to curiosity. At the same time, it also empowers you to increase the RoI of your quizzes by enabling you to bind your quizzes with targeted offers and email capturing system, and CTA (or call to action). It can actively increase the leadership opportunities and conversion rate.

SnapApp - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Snapapp is an easy-to-use interactive content builder with drag and drop features and extensive integration capabilities that enable you to multiply the effect of proprietary technologies that you are using. By integrating it with lead-oriented systems like SalesForce, Pardot and HubSpot you can effectively enhance the lead-generating potential of your content. Of course, you can also use the Snap app as a standalone solution and expect an awesome experience. 

This wonderful tool provides you easy and quick processes to publish the content across a wide range of platforms/devices like emails, landing pages, mobiles, websites, etc. Along with helping in publishing the content it also assists in powerful content analysis by offering you enterprise-grade analytical tools.

About | The Complete Guide To Content Marketing World 2014 |  Guides

 Guides are arguably among the most popular mediums of content that have been consumed by global audiences. Creating an engaging guide could be a challenge though as modern audiences don’t prefer plain textual guides. If that’s the issue you are struggling with then seriously consider using

The tool allows you to easily add relevant videos and images to enrich the readability and engagement potential of your guides. It also makes the interaction behavior more realistic with actions similar to click-to-flip and allowing people to clear their doubts and communicate with others on the platform-something that helps n building a loyal community of readers. It also allows readers to leave comments.



 If you are looking for a tool that is a bit of different interactive things then Apester is your go-to option. It helps you o create various interactive content like polls, personality tests, and Interactive videos & quizzes.

Along with multiple capacities it also makes the content creation process extremely easy and straightforward thanks to the intuitive interface and straightforward quick processes. With a little practice, you would be on your way to creating interactive content that keeps people engaged for long, increase CTR (Click Through Rate), and drives more conversions.

Map builder to create custom interactive map with ease - Mapme


 If you are looking for leveraging the power of visual storytelling to deliver a more interactive user experience then go for MapMe. This tool provides you 3D interactive maps along with relevant and engaging visuals and media files that offer a realistic touch to the virtual journey. Taking interaction to the higher level this tool also allows readers to add their preferred locations on the map.


By adding interactive content to your blog you can multiply the engagement rate while also increasing the conversion potential. By strategically using the interactive content you can also guide the visitors to take desired actions like subscribing to your blog or clicking an affiliate link. In this post, we presented a list of some of the free interactive content tools with different formats and capabilities. You can carefully choose the ones that are most relevant to your business model and objectives,

The latest Google algorithm to be implemented in May 2021: Is your site prepared?

Google Algorithm Update Page Experience

The 2021 update, rescheduled for May 2021 emphasizes improving the page experience. This algorithm update will have a direct influence on the ranking. It will reward the sites with high-value relevant content. The objective is to help users identify the content relevance of web pages right on the search engine pages to make their searching experience more effective and faster. It will display visual flags to highlight the websites delivering the best page experience assisting users to concentrate only on those pages that closely match their search intent.

As Google allowed an entire year to the users before implementing this new algorithm, we can say with quite a certainty that it is going to be a major update with a deeper effect.

The new update will concentrate on the Page Experience which simply means the experience of a visitor while interacting with your webpage. It measures the experience on individual pages of your site. Here are some major factors that define page experience (and included in new algorithm):

Browser, Internet, Web, Search, Tab

Core web vitals

3 major site performance metrics that directly influence the user experience on your page. It includes the Core Web Vitals like:

·         Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

·         Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

·         First Input Delay (FID)

Mobile Devices, Laptop, Website, Mockup

Mobile friendliness

Mobile friendliness of your website that determines the experience of mobile users while navigating your site on their devices. It is largely based on the Google Mobile-Friendly test tool or Google search console which means that if your site’s mobile compatibility is flagged on these platforms it means that you need to work on the flagged issues to make your site compatible with the 2021 algorithm update.

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Secured browsing

It ensures that your site doesn’t have any phishing content, hazardous downloads, malware, or other unsafe elements/factors that compromise users’ security and privacy.

Key, Unlock, Locked, Security, Metal


HTTPS for secured communication: If the run site is HTTPS and provides secured encrypted communication through SSL certificates.

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Intrusive interstitials (for mobile users)

 If your site houses annoying popup that disturb the user experiences like an ad popup that repeatedly pops up and creates inconvenience to the users.

 Talking about its effect on your site, this algorithm update will possibly improve your ranking if all/most of your WebPages offer a good user experience.

 Along with rewarding the high-quality relevant web pages the new algorithm will negatively affect the ranking of websites having many irrelevant pages with factors that disturb user experience, like annoying pop-ups. The algorithm will also include Core Web Vitals to search signals associated with page experience.

What are core web vitals?

Core web vitals are parameters to measure the quick usability of a webpage to a visitor. Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift are 3 main criteria to measure.

Google, Logo, 2015, Internet, Brand

Monitoring and managing core web vitals through Google Search Console

If you want to monitor Core Web Vitals then start by setting up the Google Search Console that gives a solid hint about Google’s perception about your site.

Search console flags different web pages based on the issues and the severity. Strategically acting on these flags- or insights, you can optimize your site to meet the compliance guidelines of the upcoming Google Algorithm Update of 2021. The color-coded flags make things even easier. You may start with working on red flags (most severe issues) then moving to yellow flags (less serious issues) and finally considering the ones with green flags that only show the positive aspects- which need no improvement. However, it is best to avoid modifying those pages- as far as possible to keep their positive factors intact.

Ads, Advertisement, Website, Layout

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

It measures the time to see the major part of your website content or in simple words; it is the page loading speed of your site which is measured in seconds. Longer loading time acts against your site and may adversely affect the ranking.

 Google search console classifies your web pages as great, poor, or bad. Open different WebPages of your site in the search console, record the time it takes to load, and optimize the design/other factors accordingly to achieve ideal loading speed (Reviewed as Great in search console). You have to be more specific while measuring this core vital. Concentrate on the individual loading sped of different elements like visuals, navigation elements interactive technology, and texts so that you can pinpoint the particular elements that are slowing down your page loading speed.

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Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

 Cumulative layout shift measures the moving frequency/behavior of different elements on your page during the initial half-second of interaction. You will get negative marking o this point if the page elements move in any direction after your webpage loads in a browser.

With Google search console you can have a better understanding of this issue which allows you to do the needful to stop the movement and deliver an improved experience to the users.

Working, Man, Sitting, Computer

First Input Delay (FID)

 It refers to the time it takes for visitors to interact with your page content. This latency is caused by the prolonged loading process of page elements.

 An easier way to monitor is to open your site in a browse and instantly click any link. Measure the time it takes to respond. However, the search console gives you a precise picture by showing the exact time that is too short to be registered by human attention. Besides, with the exact figures, you would be in a better position to take the right action.

Voice Search, Google, Mobile, Cellular

Measuring with Google PageSpeed Insights

 While the Google page speed insights are focused on increasing speed, the insights it shows can help you a long way in improving the web core vitals and thus making your site perform more favorably in the latest Google algorithms which helps in improving ranking and visibility. At the top pane of the screen, you also have the option to check mobile and desktop versions.

 Keep in mind that the score that you get shows how Google perceives your website. It may not always have the exact corresponding impact on your rankings. In other words, if your site getting a good ranking in terms of loading speed it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will rank on the top or first page.

Improving your site performance

 More than 85% of its are not yet optimized for core web vitals. Besides there are many other factors that affect the user experience on web pages and may prevent you from improving your ranking. Here are a few practical solutions:

Computer, Pc Tower, Desktop, Pc, Data

Review your web hosting experience and take immediate actions

 Web hosting plays a vital role in determining the loading speed of your WebPages- which directly impacts the Largest Contextual Paint that we discussed above.

Many cheap web hosting plans use substandard servers and throttle the resources to keep prices low. It can severely impact your site speed and lowers down the largest contentful pain while adding to the first input delay- 2 major points that negatively impact your core web vitals.

Consider increasing the resources or upgrading to a higher plan (from shared hosting to VPS- for instance). Server-side caching can also help in improving server performance and increasing speed.

Another way to improve performance is to add a Content Delivery Network or CDN that ensures high-speed delivery regardless of the geographic locations/distance between the site server and browser. In many cases, the delay is caused due to sub-standard service and low-quality infrastructure of your hosting provider. In such cases, the easy solution is switching to a better-reputed web hosting provider.

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Image and Video content optimization

 Images engage people but also cause delays thus affecting your core web vitals score. You can overcome this issue by optimizing h video and image file

·         Reduce the size of your images and/or replacing background images with lighter alternatives

·         Remove above-fold images for mobile layout

·         Make use of new age image formats with lower footprint like Web

 Also avoid keeping videos in the first fold. Also, consider replacing video thumbnails with image placeholders to optimize the sped.

Youtube, Website, Page, Layout, Template

An alternative to switching hosting provider

While in many cases it is not that hard to switch your hosting provider, things become difficult if you are hosting our site on BigComemrce, Shopify, or similar brands where the hosting is entwined with your CMS. For that, you can start by customizing themes, templates, images, and videos.

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Maintain App hygiene

Heavy apps are another major culprit behind slow loading sites. So be responsible while installing the apps and always check their size before installation. Make it a habit to review your apps on a periodical basis and uninstall the ones that no longer serve any purpose.

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Buy Lightweight and responsive templates

While buying the templates for your site. Always make sure that they are responsive and lightweight. Instead of design-heavy templates focus on the one with the minimalist approach as it can significantly speed up the loading speed.

Cookie, Chocolate Chips, Bakery, Baking

Remove unnecessary cookies

Your site may be loaded with lots of third-party cookies without your knowledge. These cookies interrupt during the loading process and slow down the speed. Cookie reviewing should be a regular part of your site management regime.

Some of the most general cookies are placed by old emails, SMS marketing platforms, old affiliate programs, and old social network advertising.

Not all cookies are harmful though. Carefully pick the ones that don’t add any value and instantly remove them.  


 By fully optimizing the user experience you would be able to improve your ranking and overcome possible adverse effects of May 2021 Google algorithm update. It will also help you connect better with the visitors they are more likely to respond positively to the sites that align best with their intent and deliver a quick, positive experience. It also increases the conversion possibilities as once all the needed information is satisfied on the same site the potential buyers are more likely to purchase from that site.

We will conclude this article in the second part which will concentrate on other aspects of page experience.