How to streamline your blogging journey (Beginners’ version)

Blogging Tips for Beginners
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The blogging industry is flourishing at a very high speed. It has already demonstrated its potential by producing some of the self-made millionaire bloggers who started their journey with nil or negligible blogging income. While not everyone can earn millions out of blogging, you can at least expect a decent lifestyle and a regular income source if you seriously build and maintain your blog. If you are a total beginner then this guide will help you make the right decisions for creating a professional blog with impressive looks and high-income potential. While this blog mainly focuses on initial issues, you will also find some quick pointers suggesting the actionable strategies to grow your blog towards the end of this guide. SO let’s start:

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Find the right niche for your blog

Start by deciding a niche that you are passionate about and also possess decent expertise in the same. It could be about corporate culture, SEO, politics, gardening, horticulture, – whatever it is ensure that you have a clear “angle for the content”.

What information it would pass? What would be the tone of the content- casual, formal, or a mix of the same? Would it concentrate on evergreen content or focus on the latest happenings? These are a few questions that you need to answer clearly before starting a blog if you wish to offer a distinguished personality to your blog.

One mistake that many bloggers do – “after a lot of research”- is to rule out the topics they specialize in just because they aren’t popular. There are two things to keep in mind- first, a topic that very limited bloggers are writing about has a high-profit potential due to as the supply is less than demand.

Secondly, you would have to face comparatively very little competition so that you fully can concentrate more on strengthening your foundation instead of diverting your efforts and attention to combating competition.

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Purchase Relevant domain name

 Ones you have decided the right domain that matches your passion and expertise, the next thing is to decide the right domain name for your blog. While there are several new-age domain extensions like .media, .blog, or .world, none can match the popularity of the dotCom extension. So, if you wish to succeed in the blogging field, dot com extension is the go-to extension to invest in.

 It may not always be possible to find your desired domain name in dot com extension. In that scenario, try to see if you can tweak the name a bit- for instance replacing “” with “” or “”. In most cases, this should solve the issue. Even if you don’t want to compromise on the desired domain name then go for the “next best line of extension” which includes .net, or .org.

In case your blog concentrates on a specific country audience like India or the US then you can also go for .in, .The US or any other country-specific TLD depending upon your targeted audience.

Domain name tips

The words and characters of your domain name also play a vital role. Avoid using stop words like for, at, on, etc. Use power words that are compact, descriptive but short. Unnecessary adjectives should also be kept at bay. People have a hard time memorizing jargon, synonyms, and very generic words. All these things should be considered while deciding the right name for your domain.

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Buy web hosting plan that supports your blog’s needs

 Once you have decided and purchased the domain the next thing is to buy a hosting service so that your blog can be published worldwide. Unlike domain name, buying a hosting service can be more complex due to higher cost and also because it is s subscription-based service that determines the user experience of your visitors. It is the quality of web hosting that decides the vital issues like speed, performance, and availability of your blog.

While it is good to check the reviews of different hosting providers, keep in mind that the majority of hosting review sites and blogs are affiliates of hosting providers they recommend. So it is not unlikely that their advice is biased. It is best to take an independent and well-informed decision by educating yourself about the technicalities of web hosting like uptime, bandwidth, storage space, RAM, Server type, etc.

Here is quick specific info about the ideal web hosting package for new blogs.

·         Buy shared hosting plans from a reputed hosting provider that guarantees a good uptime (above 99%) backed by SLA. It ensures that your blog is available online whenever visitors wish to visit it. 

·         Besides, it should also have a decent one-click WordPress installer like Softaculous as it will allow you to quickly install the WordPress and right away create a blog without any technical complexities

·         If your budget allows buying a managed WordPress hosting service that will take care of issues like WordPress maintenance updating and security management. Besides this type of hosting is equipped with the right resources and ideal volume to fully support your blog’s needs.

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WordPress installation and selecting right theme

 WordPress installation becomes quick and smooth with single click installer like Softaculous. Post-installation fills your details as a WordPress user and then selects the right theme. It is a vital step as your theme will determine the visual impact of your blog. So, choose the one that has a professional look and precisely aligns with the topic and tone of your subject.

There are many free themes available o WordPress but it is wise to buy a premium theme due to better looks and more extended controls. You can buy premium themes for as low as $10 or $15 which can easily be afforded by anyone.

·         WordPress themes have an easy, user-friendly interface. So, you won’t find any difficulty using the theme independently

·         If you need more creative freedom then consider buying a webpage builder that will enable you to create different WebPages of your site through graphic tools and drag and drop process

Another option is to hire a good WordPress developer for developing your blog exactly the way you want to look at it. Let’s simplify the decision-making process for you:

·         The most common approach is to use a free theme or buy a premium one if the budget allows, page builder tool is suitable if you have good creative skills and wish to build the blog from scratch without coding

·         Last but not the least you can also hire WordPress developer if you are very specific about your blog’s design and it needs comprehensive designing tasks.

Still, confused? Just install a free WordPress theme and start publishing the content. You can change anytime in the future.

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AMP (Accelerated Mobile Project)

Speed is extremely important and a majority of your visitors’ swill abandon the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. You would not like to lose so many potential audiences especially if they are browsing your site through mobile devices. So ensure that each webpage of your blog loads at super fast speed. Don’t settle for anything lesser. There are many techniques and tools to speed up your site.  One of the easiest and most standard options is to go for AMP pages.

 AMP is easy to be implemented and independently optimizes multiple aspects like eliminating irrelevant resource-consuming elements, making the page leaner, and other required alterations. Eventually, it helps in multiplying your site’s loading speeds.

Benefits of AMP

·         Replaces every image to seamlessly suit the viewer’s viewport

·         Makes sure that inline images appear above the fold of the webpage

·         Changes CSS variables into inline code to eliminate the need for parsing as a separate document

·         Identifies and preloads extended components into memory.

·         Thoroughly Minifies all CSS and HTML code to achieve ultra-high-speed

 Thanks to the AMP plug-in it is now even easier to make your site super fast. These plugins automatically evaluate the AMP readiness of your site and also delivers vital insights and suggestions/changes to make your site AMP-friendly.

It helps you in two ways. First, it enriches the user experience and keeps the visitors quickly get what they want. secondly, it also keeps you in good books of Google as Google likes the sites that are AMP ready as they provide a better user experience to the audiences.

While these are some of the major initial processes while setting up your blog, you still need to learn how to make it earn a good profit. Here are a few quick pointers on the same:

·         Google Analytics: It helps you check the detailed analysis of your blog to give a precise idea of its overall potential. It provides vital details and stats like traffic, CTR, engagement, geographical reach, etc.

·         Keyword-Research: Google bots find and rank the search-relevant sites by checking the keywords. They are built to quickly recognize the keyword and determine if your site matches the search intent of the user. So place keywords at all the prime places of your blog like heading, pointers, image tags, and URL, etc.

·         Steady income stream: Contrary to the common notion there is nothing like an ideal income stream for everyone Depending upon yr bog’s personality, reach, and expectations you can either earn through Google Ad-sense, sponsored content, banner advertising, affiliate marketing, or other option.

The golden rule is to select the option you are most comfortable with and give it some time to check the result. You may decide to continue it or replace it with other options depending upon the outcome.


Starting your blog can be a brilliant idea to earn a good income without working under stress or pressure. However, his major concern for any new blogger is how to start and grow your blog. You just read some best tips on creating and setting up your blog and giving it a fully professional look and feel. Readers may also have benefited from some of the quick pointers on increasing the income potential of your bog. For the best results, it is important to practically implement these strategies and wait for a positive outcome.

Want to be a rich blogger? These practical tips can help you

Blogging Tips

Starting a blog isn’t difficult but turning it into an income opportunity certainly requires serious efforts. Many people start blogging just because they have a passion for writing. However, they overlook other factors like technical aspects, business potential, SEO, etc. and that’s a big reason why most of the people now start their bog enthusiastically have to wrap it up within a year. In this blog, we are going to share some of the best tips to ensure that your blog won’t meet a similar destiny but would join the rank of successful blogs. 

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Put in hard work

There are millions of blogs worldwide and billions of blog posts are being written regularly. So the competition is very high. 

You need to be unique to enjoy distinguished positions. So you need to constantly learn the new things and upgrade the knowledge about your specific niche. Don’t try to dip your fingers into too many thing at the beginning.

Smart Tip: Remember, you don’t have to compete on global or national level if your main audiences are local. Likewise, if you are concentrating on your specific area (say the beauty salons in your block or the department shops in your avenue) the competition will dramatically become smaller and much easier to manage.

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Be ready to invest in the professional platform

While you may be tempted to opt for the free blog building platforms they lack the quality and professional appeal. So avoid them and go for the paid site builders with premium features and a good brand reputation. You may also hire a designer if you need a customized blog design with a specific personality.

Keep in mind that free blog platforms cost you reputation, respect, and revenue opportunities. If you weigh the things like a sharp businessman you would realize that it is much better to invest some amount rather than risking you blogging business by using free resources that, at best, can provide you a substandard blog with a DIY look- something that would neither attract readers nor convince potential advertisers.

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Invest wisely by adopting RoI based approach

You cannot escape the investment part if you are starting a blog as a business. However, you have to be careful while investing to avoid spending a pound to earn a penny. Weigh the things and think in terms of RoI. Most of the top bloggers with lavish websites started with a humble layout sans frill and fancy.

It is only after earning some income these bloggers started upgrading the design. As a beginner, the only major concern is having a professional and reader friendly design.

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Gain some level of relevant technical proficiency

You don’t have to master different technical aspects of web design and development but you need to have an average knowledge of these things to maintain the technical health of your blog. It will not only save you from recurring costs for modifying the design but will also allow you to take better control of the overall visitor experience.

On the web you can find a good amount of learning material on designing and development but you don’t necessarily need expertise. Just go through the basic knowledge and keep on sharpening it through hit and try the practice. A majority of bloggers learned that way and you can too. While ding all these things always maintain in your mind that the content is the hero of your blog while the rest factors like design and functionalities are the side characters. So, while the main objective should be to create a fine synergy among all, the major focus should be on the content and its quality. Serious readers may forgive a generic design if the content is great but they won’t tolerate a fancy, designer blog with low quality, copied, and generic content.

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Publishing consistency matters

Make a regular schedule of publishing. It is highly recommendable to write daily even if you wish to publish 2-3 posts a week. It will help you in sharpening your writing skill and build a signature style of your own that will give a distinct personality to your blog. Consistency plays a vital role in building a regular stream of readers.

If you publish 5 blogs today and then took a break of 15 days, you won’t be able to attract genuine readers. Your main objective is to build a reading habit among your blog visitors so that they can be converted to regular readers. It is also advisable not to dip your fingers into too many things at the same time. Wisely schedule things like content writing, content marketing, contacting advertisers, etc. so that one activity should not interfere with another. 

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Social media marketing

One of the easiest ways to promote your blog on your own with zero amounts is to create a good social media reputation. Just creating a Facebook page or twitter handle isn’t enough. You need to ignite the conversation and take it forward. If you would look at the social media handles of top bloggers you would observe that they are constantly engaging with their audiences. Right from creating engaging niche related social media posts to telling passionately about their latest posts and initiating discussions- these bloggers are expert at converting social media into a powerful promotional tool. To get the success you have to take inspiration from what successful people are doing. By and by you can strengthen your social media presence and constantly engage with your audience. 


To earn a decent regular income out of your blog it is very important to create a checklist of the major things to concentrate on. In this blog, we provided a list of the most important things that can determine the destiny of your blog. The readers are advised to carefully note these things down and follow the tips regularly. It will help them in enjoying decent success in their blogging career.

Blog your way to success by adopting these actionable tips (Part 2)

Blogging Tips

In our last blog, we shared some practical advice that you need to follow to grow as a blogger. In this concluding part, we are going to mention some more tips along with a quick list of the tools that can help you in practically following those tips without complicating your daily schedule. By following these strategies and using the mentioned tools, you would be able to constantly grow as a blogger and reach the coveted position of top 100 bloggers:

Poor grammar ruins blog’s reputation

Many writers hate grammar policing but it doesn’t mean that you can conveniently dispose of the basic grammar rules. Dedicated readers respect language and grammar is the foundation of any language.

Rampant grammar and spelling mistakes can easily annoy the readers and may also make your content meaningless. Moreover, the content with heavy spelling and grammar mistakes gives a spurious feel and compels audiences to hit back or close button- earning you a negative SEO point. Make sure that your content is free from spelling and grammar mistakes and achieves high readability scores.

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Respect those who inspire you

No blogger can honestly claim to offer 100% original content gained from the first-hand experience without any inspiration. Believe me, it is not a bold allegation but a practical reality.

It is not a bad idea to take inspiration from existing blogs but presenting that idea without acknowledging the source is simply unacceptable. You should start by openly asserting that the information you are going to share has been derived from another source and after presenting the information in the relevant format openly mention the name of the source and thank its author.

It is even a better idea to go a mile further and link to that specific blog post. It will not only establish your identity as an honest blogger but can also help you form some good relations with fellow bloggers. This strategy offers good SEO benefits as well.

No one likes copycat blogger

While we have told in the above paragraph that we need some inspirations to create high-quality blog posts, it is equally important to maintain the line of difference between inspiration and copying. Copy-pasting small portions from different blogs help you publish hundreds of high-quality posts without breaking a sweat. However, it not only brings you in the bad books of Google but also exposes you to legal actions. In the writing world it is known as plagiarism and today there are powerful tools like Copyscape to detect plagiarism.

Most of the serious professional bloggers keep a keen eye on “content stealers” and don’t hesitate to take legal action against them. Google can detect such copied content and take prompt severe action against them including permanent blacklisting of the site.

Also remember…

Many people think that they can easily fool Google or plagiarism checking tools by juxtaposing a few words/phrases here and there. This is again a wrong assumption. This, known as rephrasing, is equally considered as plagiarism and both Google and plagiarism tools can efficiently detect rephrased content and its source.

Create an appealing and reader-friendly design

Create a user-friendly, appealing design for your blog and make sure that the website design is responsive, i.e., it offers uniform visual experience across different devices and browsers.

Use minimalist design with an easy navigation structure and intuitive positioning of buttons, menus, and other elements. Make it eye-friendly by adding adequate white space, pastel colors, and retina-friendly resolution. It will encourage readers to keep exploring different topics at a stretch without feeling stress on their eyes regardless of the device they use. .

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Create a fine balance between passion and professionalism

 While blogging, in most cases, starts with a passion, you should know how to keep this passion from getting unruly. As a professional blogger, you have some responsibilities towards your readers. Your growth closely depends on your capability of aligning passion with professionalism.

Successful bloggers know how to channel their passion in a positive direction to create powerful blogs that readers trust, Google loves and advertisers prefer for promoting their brands. It won’t happen overnight but by devising and following a proper strategy along with marketing tactics you can steadily grow your blog into a dependable commercial venture.

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Best tools for bloggers

While following specific strategies allows you to develop as a blogger, you also need to have a practical, easy way to follow a systematic schedule on a daily basis. Thankfully, there are various tools that can help you streamlined your daily schedule, make it more productive and align it with your success goals. Here is a quick overview of some of the best tools that every blogger should use:

Content creation ideas

·         BuzzSumo

·         Quora

·         Quick Sprout

Idea organizing tools

·         Evernote

·         Trello

·         Google Calendar

Optimization tools


·         Google Trends

·         Keyword Planner

Writing assistant tools

·         Google Docs

·         Toggl

Visual creation tools

·         Canva

·         Meme Generator

·         Share as Image

Content distribution/sharing tools

·         Buffer

·         Filament

·         Click to Tweet


Constant growth as a blogger needs hard work, dedication, and patience. You need to learn at every point of your blogging journey and implement your knowledge in the practical scenario. Many tools can help you as a blogger and manage different activities- right from auto-scheduling to SEO optimization. Smart bloggers combine the right tools with the right strategies to gain the best benefits with the least efforts. Following the same strategy may not turn you into the richest blogger of the world, but it can certainly help you earn a steady decent income along with a solid reputation as a blogger.

Blog your way to success by adopting these actionable tips (Part 1 of 2)

Blogging Tips

Blogging is a career that promises you a life that allows you to follow the passion of your heart. It also helps you earn a decent income with high growth potential. However, it is not a get rich quick scheme. You should be ready to invest your efforts and time into it. You need to follow specific strategies and stick to a routine- at least for the initial 6 months or until your blog is properly established. In this article, we are going to share some practical tips to turn blogging into a successful business enterprise.

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Hone your writing skills

It is a no-brainer that you need to deliver high-quality content to create a successful blog. While it is true that writing is a natural skill, you still need to hone it to write the content that precisely satisfies the readers’ queries, aligns with the guidelines of major search engines, and has decent commercial potential. 

As a blogger you need to have the following skills

·         Excellent Knowledge of Language

·          (almost) Perfect Proofreading Skills

·         Awesome Presentation 

·         Competent Research Abilities

·         SEO Hacks

·         Excellent knowledge about the niche/topic

·         Create highly readable content

·         Adapting to the latest trends

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Don’t sacrifice honesty for immediate commercial interests

One of the major mistakes made by many newbie bloggers is to allow the immediate commercial interests to influence their original thoughts. Gradually they start losing their original tone. You cannot survive as a blogger if your readers don’t support you with their trust and time. So, respect your readers and offer them honest, unbiased, and genuine information.

No amount of marketing can help you in the long run if your blog publishes false reviews, sponsored positive posts about the brands you aren’t sure about, or pushing specific products through your content. Sooner or later the things will be revealed costing your blog the authenticity and readers’ trust. You will start getting negative feedback on social media channels, mass unsubscribing may happen, and your blog will lose the traffic and ranking it has acquired after so many efforts.  

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Blogging needs dedication, no matter what

Even the topmost bloggers of today started from a dorm or a small room of their home. They had many other responsibilities, but they still managed to reserve a specific portion of time and attention for their blog- posting new content, replying to comments, and researching new topics. It is this dedication that helped them to grow into top bloggers. Your takeaway: Your blog cannot succeed if you are not dedicated, period.

If you want to be a blogger, make sure that you dedicate at least 6 months of your life to blogging. During this period acquire as much knowledge as you can.

Learn about different aspects of blogging. Practice what you learn and see how it works for you. Most likely you would need to go through multiple attempts. This hit and try approach will help you precisely tailor the acquired knowledge to meet your specific needs.

Keep on reviewing the outcomes and retain only those strategies that offer positive results while leaving the unproductive ones.


Dedication should not be limited to a “feel-good” factor but it should be interpreted into practical reality. Create a daily/weekly blogging schedule and strictly follow this schedule at least for 6 months. Punctuality promotes dedication. 

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Constant evolution is the key to success

Evolution is not an overnight incident. It is a process that comprises several of stages. In the same way, if you wish to evolve as a blogger you need to follow a process patiently and persistently. Here are the most basic requirements that you should include in your daily schedule if you wish to grow as a blogger:

·         Learn: Enhance your knowledge by learning new relevant things- latest knowledge about your niche, SEO strategies, social media tractions and other factors related to your blog

·         Try: Try what you learn and see how it works in the real world. Are you satisfied with the results that you are getting?- this should be the prime question to base your final decision.

·         Review: Review the tangible outcome of the applied knowledge to determine what works best for you to meet your expectations. Retain the best, refuse the rest.

·         Fine-tune: Different bloggers have different requirements depending upon factors like demographics, topic, competition, etc. There is no one size fits all strategy for every blogger. Don’t hesitate to fine-tune the standard strategies to make them work best for your blog

·         Create your own strategy: Many strategies might not fit into a standard definition but they still work best for some people. Think about a casual FB conversation graduating into a huge business deal or a mundane get together at home or office helping you to make high-profile contacts. Consider investing some time and brainstorming on such innovative, out-of-the-box strategies.

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Daily practice is the key to success

Just like any other art, your writing gets better if you practice it daily. Of course, there are immediate professional benefits as well. Google also loves the reader-friendly blogs that are regularly updated with the latest information.

By incorporating some keyword strategies it can also help you gradually improve your visibility. Readers also prefer the blogs that offer them the wealth of the latest information as it allows them to remain on edge.

Make it a habit to write well-researched articles on the latest topics- posting at least one article every day.

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Don’t struggle with many niches

Make sure that your blog focuses on a specific niche. You may love traveling, technology, and literature but forcing all these disparate topics in the single blog can rob it of its unique confident personality. So, before starting a blog you should find your niche. It could be travel, technology, or even history- but make sure to focus on a single niche.

Having a specific niche not only saves you from unnecessary stress but will also allow you to concentrate all your energy, time, and efforts in a single direction that will significantly enhance the overall potential of your blog.


To grow as a blogger, you need to be very specific about how you spend your time, efforts, and energy. Just daydreaming won’t help you. You need to adopt the actions, thinking, and schedules that align with your growth plans. Clear direction, focused efforts, well-planned strategies, and constant optimization are some major basic requirements for those who wish to join the list of successful bloggers.  

The best plugins that every single blogger must use (Part 1)

Best Blogging Plugins

A large number of people earn their daily bread solely from blogging which makes blogging a practical business/profession instead of just a hobby. While starting your blog is technically easy, managing it regularly is quite a tiresome task- especially if you are an individual blogger. Thankfully, several tools empower you to take full control over your blogging business without having to hire even a single staff. Right from backups to editorial support these tools can offer you A to Z high-quality assistance you need to manage your blog like a pro. We have compiled a go-to list of some of the most ideal tools that will help you enhance your blog’s potential without any hassles:


As a blogger, you need to treat your content as a valuable asset. Adopt the surest ways to safeguard it. Despite all the efforts, the cent percent security remains a myth in the IT industry. Having a backup of your blog makes sure that even in the extreme scenario of getting your site hacked you won’t have to start all over from a scratch. However, it is vitally important to find the backup option that assures maximum backup of the latest content without going through technical complications.

VaultPress is a trusted tool that makes it easier for you to retrieve your entire content (as per the backup frequency you selected) with just a single click. The tool automatically creates real-time backups and stores it in the cloud which assures complete safety. One-click restoration option ensures that you won’t have to struggle with delays or dependencies for restoring your site.

Sucuri - Wikipedia


As an individual blogger you have to struggle with multi-tasking that affects your attention and increases probabilities of human error. Threat actors are always on a lookout for such errors or security gaps to hack your site and misuse it for their vested interests. For 24X7 security of your site, you can rely on Sucuri a highly trusted security service provider for websites. It closely monitors your site for suspicious activities and upon detecting one it releases prompt alerts. Along with prevention, detection, and alerts, it can also remove the malware automatically.

Google Analytics Logo | Google analytics, Analytics, Logos

Google Analytics

Audience analysis is a crucial requirement for building a solid growth strategy for your blog. You need to have accurate stats to take measured steps to build on strengths and work on weaknesses.

Google Analytics is a trustworthy tool designed by the internet giant Google that offers you comprehensive updated statistics to understand your targeted audiences and their behavior. Installation is quick easy and straightforward. The simple interface also makes it a time-saver tool that is equally beneficial for new as well as seasoned bloggers.

Yoast WooCommerce Premium bundle • Yoast

Yoast SEO

Yoast is a powerful SEO plugin that allows you to optimize your entire WP site to increase the probabilities of ranking higher on specific keywords. Easy to install and equipped with loads of purpose-specific features this tool can singularly manage multiple aspects of your SEO strategy. Thus, it relieves you from the need of investing in and struggling with multiple plugins.

Also, you don’t have to waste time understanding complex reports as the tool offers quick and clear insights along with intuitive light-based quality indicators – green, red, and orange- that automatically adjust in real-time as you make changes.

Edit Flow

Edit Flow

If you are running a multi-author websites then you should have come across the challenges of managing the editorial workflow. Knowing what different authors re writing about, assessing content quality, providing feedback, and managing editorial calendar- all these tasks drag you into the jumble of mundane tasks and distracts your attention from the bigger picture.

With the help of Edit Flow, you can smoothly execute all these editorial tasks through a single interface and quick steps. Right from content allocation to executions, feedback, and editorial scheduling, you can do everything through the straightforward interface of Edit Flow.


Managing a blog is not easy and especially for a single blogger with limited resources, it is an uphill task. However, in recent years many tools have been developed that enable you to efficiently manage your blog single-handed and with professional accuracy. Each blogger has unique needs. So it is best to create a checklist of your major requirements and the maximum budget you can spend (for paid versions) before you decide to buy or try such tools.

6 strong reasons why you should start your second blog this week

Benefits of multiple blogs

A large number of successful bloggers own two or more blogs and it is one of the major reasons behind their multiplying revenues. Multiple blogs open doors to a huge number of opportunities and diversify your portfolio. It not only establishes your reputation as a blogger but also enhances your business potential. Moreover, as opposed to the common notion, multiple blogs don’t require you to invest multiple efforts or time- as we will learn in this blog. So, if you are still thinking about whether or not to start your second blog, then this article will help you take an informed decision. In this blog, we are going to present some of the major benefits of creating multiple blogs:

Investment, Finance, Time

Better RoI on your time and efforts

It takes multiple attempts and long time to enhance quality and commercial profile of your first blog. You can use your hard-earned lessons from the trial and error approach of your first blog to create another highly professional blog that enjoys a better authority and superior commercial potential. Managing, maintaining, and marketing such professional blogs are easier and by utilizing your first-hand experience you can turn it into an opportunity magnet with reasonable efforts.

In other words, if it took you 6 months of trial and error to gain first small pay check out of your first blog then, you can get a much larger paycheck within, say, 4 months of starting your next blog- by applying targeted, focused efforts in the right direction.

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Impact diverse demographics

Another major benefit of blogging network is that it allows you to organically widen your impact across diverse demographics without compromising on the niche.

For instance, you love writing on technology and travel and wish to convert it into a career. But you cannot write about travel in your technology blog or post-tech-related articles in your travel blog. The easiest and natural way to do this is to have two separate blogs for travel and technology respectively.

Gear, Transmission, Technology

Boost your SEO efforts

Another advantage of multiple blogs is that it allows you to use your organic traffic juice to add some real strength to your SEO strategy. For instance, if you have to build a good following through technology-related blogs then it would be easier to inform and influence those loyal readers with your travel-related content as well.

Convincing your loyal readers to subscribe to your new (second) blog is much easier. You may send email newsletters to the subscribers, advertise it on your social networks and place catchy banners on your technology blog- there are various ways in which you can get a readymade wealth of loyal readers which saves you from the hassles and challenges of creating a brand new network of loyal readers.

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Establish your personal brand

Creating multiple blogs also allows you to establish and develop your brand. For instance, if Gucci comes up with a concept of a new luxury lifestyle magazine there are high chances that you won’t think twice before buying. Why? Just because Gucci is a reputed brand in the lifestyle industry and it gives you a kind of assurance that their magazine would maintain the high-quality standards that the brand is famous for. The same goes for your blog.

If you have already established yourself as a trustworthy blogger in the travel niche then it would be much easier for you to convey your existing readers as well as targeted audiences to visit your new blog that concentrates on travel gears and accessories. They can rely on you for unbiased, high high-quality on different travel gears because you have already won the trust of your readers as a sincere and knowledgeable travel blogger.

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Ethical cross promotion

Ethical cross-promotion another major advantage of having multiple blogs. It makes it easier for you to increase the authority of multiple blogs with relatively less efforts a reasonably shorter time.

In this strategy, you just have to invest your major efforts towards the link strategy of a single blog. Once you have achieved a good authority on that blog, you can use it for transferring the authority juice to your other blogs as well to enhance their SERPs ranking with fewer efforts. You don’t have to adjust your content to meet the policies of the third-party blog, wait for weeks to get the editors’ nod or go through multiple revisions.

Pro Advice: Avoid misusing the opportunity though. Make sure that you strictly follow the editorial guidelines while creating the content or placing links. Also, refrain from repetitively promoting the same site as it is the sure way to annoy Google and attract penalties.

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More advertising revenue

Advertising is one of the major sources of revenue for bloggers. However, convincing advertisers isn’t an easy task due to the high competition. Moreover, the advertisers prefer to divide their ads/promotional strategy across multiple sites to get the wider visibility and influence different demographics. It means that you will get a very limited number of deals for your single blog.

Multiple blogs multiply your earning potential as you can sell different publicity deals to the same advertiser across different blogs you own.

·         In other words, let’s say that an advertiser wishes to divide its publicity and advertising budget of $1500 across 6 different digital content platforms and the maximum expense on a single platform is $275

·         As single blog owners, you may land only a single deal (or $275) after investing all your marketing efforts

·         However, if you have, say 6 blogs then you have a chance of getting at least 2 or 3 deals, one for each blog

·         Be business wise and give the advertiser a package discount of $300 and you get your lion share of the entire $1200, while helping your advertiser to save $300- that’s what we call win-win situation

 So, having more blogs enhances your revenue potential as well.


Having multiple blogs allow you to enhance your reputation and increase your revenue manifolds. Moreover, the experience gained through your first blog will make it easier for creating and commercializing the subsequent blog(s). In this blog, we mentioned some of the major benefits of starting multiple blogs. The readers are advised to use their discretion and make informed decisions.

Podcasts: An innovative way to increase your content impact

Podcast Tips

For the last some years there has been a growing trend of publishing podcasts on different topics. While its popularity was earlier limited to the narrow niches, the recent podcasts cover a wider range of topics right from digital marketing to small business tips. Many bloggers have a notion that creating podcasts is a tedious and cumbersome task and it is not a suitable option for them during the initial phase. The reality, however, is different. While it is true that you need to invest some efforts in creating podcasts, with a reasonable learning curve you would be able to create decent podcasts.

Podcasts allow you to offer an additional and more interactive format of your content to the readers. A clever strategy to hike the consumption potential of your content is to serve a “buffet of content formats” to the audiences. This wider menu of content formats will enable them to pick and consume the content in their favorite format- text, video, or audio. Hence podcasts allow you to explore fresh set audiences in your preferred demographics and thus increases your reader base. Here are a few tips on creating impressive podcasts:

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Podcasts ensure better engagement rate

Podcasts are already pacing ahead of text-based marketing with a higher open rate. One of the limitations of textual content is that readers generally skim through it or quickly check the headings to decide whether or not hey should read the entire content. It may result in an ill-informed decision based on the wrong presumption, for instance, if you have written awesome content but headings aren’t that catchy, you may lose your audiences.

Skim reading also compresses the stay duration as busy audiences would go directly to the specific point they need, copy-paste it, and immediately close your site. This behavior prevents you from extracting the maximum SEO juice out of your content by denying you longer stay durations and CTR opportunities.

Podcasts, on the other hand, cannot be skimmed through and thus it allows you to keep your audiences engaged for long that increases the SEO potential of your blog and helps you to acquire committed audiences. You can also create a series of podcasts on different aspects of the same topic to build a strong group of subscribers.

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An easy way to start- converts existing posts into a podcast

Start by shortlisting the ideal content that seamlessly fits the criteria of a podcast format. Depending upon the matter and writing style some content might make great reads but fail to impress when converted into podcasts. It is also a good idea to categorize your posts and pick 4-5 posts that can be used to create multiple episodes that can be comfortably marketed into a single subscription package.

An immediate benefit of creating multiple podcast episodes is better reader engagement and more CTR opportunities but it has long term benefits as well. It will not only make it easier for you to commercially sell your podcast episodes in the future but will also make it easier or you to convert random visitors into committed subscribers.

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Creative use of podcasts to attract users to low performing posts

Along with allowing you to amplify the impact of your best performing posts, the podcast also acts as an anchor to pull traffic to your poor performing posts as well. Or that you need some wise strategy.

·         Start by shortlisting the content that is performing the best and then identify the poor performing content that is not getting good ranking, traffic, or social engagement

·         Now make pairs of high and low performing blog posts that can be placed in the same category. Wisely bridge the high performing posts with its low performing counterpart without disturbing the logical uniformity

·         Towards the end of your podcast, you can draw the attention of your listeners to additional aspects/perspectives of the topic and give them the link of your low performing posts

·         There are good possibilities that the audiences who liked your podcasts would be more likely to click and read that post. Eventually, it will also increase the traffic and engagement on your low performing posts in a reasonable time.

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Carefully design the presentation of podcasts

One thing to keep in mind while producing podcasts is that the presentation matters. Just like preferred formats, people also have specific presentation preferences. Some like to listen to opinions and ideas, while others love the content that categorically presents challenges and solutions. However, one of the most preferred content types for audio podcasts is a series of precise answers to the probable questions about the pain points of your target audiences.

Quora is a great source to check the most trending questions/challenges of your targeted audiences that will help you to create the most relevant and timely posts. Just go to quora and write your topic in the search box. Hit enter and you will see a list of questions around the same.

Look for the questions that match your area of expertise/niche and check their date. Filter out the old ones and copy the most recent questions. Creating a podcast on such topics will help you to connect better with your podcast audience by offering them a timely solution to their present issues.

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Pick the reliable tools to automate the podcast creation process

Thanks to the sophisticated tools you don’t have to invest too many efforts or hours to create podcasts around your blog posts. These smart tools can automatically y transform your content from textual to audio format with a quick process. It compresses the tedious process into a few clicks.

For instance, Play is a highly competent tool that can automatically narrate the written content in high voice quality. It offers you to choose from as many as 30 different voice types to suit the accent preference of your audiences. WordPress users just need to download and activate it and start using it in their WordPress interface.

All you have to do is to open your preferred posts and click the button convert to audio. That’s all- your posts will automatically be rendered as an impressive audio session.

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Manually record your podcasts but with a professional appeal

Bloggers with an impressive voice can also read their blogs in their voices. It will enable you to leave a better impact on your audience. Good oration skills, ability to align your tone and pitch to suit the content, and identifying/emphasizing power words are some qualities that will keep your audience hooked to the entire audio session.

Ensure that there isn’t any background noise or other disturbance as it can affect the impact of your podcast. Voice quality is as important as the quality of your content. So, be ready to invest in decent audio editing tools to polish your podcast presentation and give it a professional appeal before broadcasting it. As opposed to the common notion you can get reliable audio editing tools and paraphernalia at affordable prices.

 It is a good idea to use a microphone as it renders the required level of loudness and precision to your voice. You would also need a good recording and editing tools. One such tool is the audacity that provides sophisticated editing and recording options to produce engaging and high-quality podcast sessions that compels the audiences to listen to the complete presentation. ??

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Use the right promotion strategy for your podcasts

 Due to increasing popularity there I a tough competition in the podcast market. So you need solid promotional strategies to make your podcast stand out of the crowd. Even the best podcast session can be lost in the crowd of mushrooming podcasts if you fail to promote it well.

 Start by creating a quick but impressive blog post about your podcast. It will give an official appeal and also work as a powerful tool to attract the existing readers to your podcast. Near create stellar social media posts around your podcast and publish it on the major social media platforms. To connect with your audiences on a deeper and more personal level send announcement emails to your subscribers.


Podcasts allow you to create more engaging content and connect with your targeted audiences at a more personal level. However, to create impressive podcats you need to go through a specific learning curve. Right from choosing the right topics to using the right tools, there are multiple factors to consider if you wish to acquire a sustainable success as a podcast publisher. In this blog, we presented some actionable tips to conceptualize, create, and review your podcasts. The readers are advised to carefully read and follow this guide and also assess the outcome to create high-impact podcasts. You may also want to create a checklist based on the same to convert these tips into a practical daily schedule.

5 reliable tools to automatically repurpose your content

Content Repurposing

One of the major concerns for most of the bloggers is how to create more content without compromising on the quality. As an individual blogger, it might seem to be a Herculean task for the new bloggers. However, there is a smart solution to overcome this challenge. It is repurposing your content.

Did you know that majority of top bloggers repurpose their old posts and present the same content in different formats? It not only adds variety to their content types but also o allows them to connect with a wider set of audiences and multiply the impact of their content. You can also adopt content repurposing to maximize the outcomes of your content writing efforts. Here are a few reliable tools for repurposing your content:

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Google Tools

With the help of the Google Analytics tool, you can get a comprehensive analytical report about your content on search engines and various social media channels. The comprehensive details about social media traction can be used as solid criteria to shortlist the post that is performing well on SERPs as well as social media platforms.

It also helps you to identify the commercial potential of your content regardless of its traffic by showing you the different URLs that link to your WebPages and posts.


·         Advanced Analytics Intelligence

·         Comprehensive audience Reports

·         Reports on the acquisition, advertising, behavior, and conversion

·         Reporting on user flow

·         Data Analysis

·         Data Visualization

Edgar Ink - MeetEdgar


MeetEdgar provides an edge to your social media strategy by allowing you to build a well-designed repository of various social media posts to store your content and related elements (links, images, videos, etc.). You just need to instruct the tool to automatically publish the specific posts on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms on specific dates.

By automating the social media sharing process you can utilize your time and efforts for other productive tasks. The advanced options also allow you to enjoy an extended control over the creative aspect of your posts to make them more impressive.

Salient Features

·         Provisions to automatically reposting the content when the available content is consumed up.

·         Queue option to check upcoming posts

·         Complete freedom to customize or reschedule your posts

·         Easy ways to edit your posts and fine-tune the content to your needs



Airtable is a sophisticated purpose-built spreadsheet with many relevant options to design a structured database of content. Along with facilitating content research and brainstorming sessions it also makes it easier for you to divide the huge quantity of content raw material into many smaller, digestible pieces of finished content.

Salient features

·         Extended scalability to tackle the entire process of content repurposing

·         Keywords list management for search engine optimization

·         Content calendar for scheduling and tracking assignments

·         Metrics measuring

·         Audience feedback monitoring

How to do Facebook Analysis With BuzzSumo


 Two major concerns for the bloggers is to find the most trending content in their niches and tracking the results of their content strategy. BuzzSumo is a reliable tool that helps you in both the pre-publishing and post-publishing purposes. Here you can easily find the content that is widely shared on social media which gives you a better idea of the type of content and topics you should write about. At the same time, you can also track the success of your old blog posts by checking their present social media traction.

Pick the posts that are performing the best and still getting good attention across social media. By wisely repurposing those posts you can easily recreate the magic with relatively very few efforts.

Salient features

·         Advanced filtering options to view only the preferred content type like infographics, interviews, videos, etc.

·         Sorting options to see the content type in ascending or descending order based on specific criteria

·         Easy provision to search major influencers and experts on a relevant topic

SEO Software for 360° SEO Analysis of your Website

SE Ranking 

SERPs ranking of your existing blog posts plays a very crucial role in your content repurposing strategy. Higher rankings clearly show that people and search engines love your content. SE Ranking tool offers you a wholesome overview of your search ranking along with the key details like specific search terms, ranking performance during a particular period, etc.

You can use it for checking the target completion of your existing posts and picking the most successful posts for repurposing. Once you publish the repurposed content, don’t forget to track its performance as well. It will give you a clear idea about the potential of your repurposed content and if you need to revise it or optimize it for a better outcome.

Salient Features

·         Monitoring Competitors’ posts performance across diverse social media

·         Sophisticated tool for Keyword Suggestion 

·         Provision for keyword Grouping

·         Tracks Keyword Ranking

·         Monitors backlines

·         Keyword Research

·         Social Media Management

·         Monitors change in page ranking


Content repurposing refers to converting your textual l blog posts into different formats. It helps you in automatically multiplying your content writing outcomes with almost zero efforts. Thankfully several tools instantly transform you written content into different desired formats with just a few clicks and simple process. In this blog we presented the review of 5 reliable content repurposing tools. The readers are advised to use their discretion before buying any tool.

Struggling with your blogging career? Don’t give up before trying these 5 tips

Blogging Tips

Blogging can be a very promising enterprise if you follow the right strategy. However, many bloggers fail to do that and left their efforts in a middle way seeing that no progress has been made. Instead of putting in the initial efforts and then leaving a pursuit, it is better to identify the specific reasons for failure and working on them to improve your potential. An even better option is to regard your blog as a serious commercial venture right from the beginning and keep on identifying different income-generating opportunities. In this blog, we are going to reveal some of the best ways to earn from your blog even if you are a beginner.

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Offer real value to the audiences

The easiest way to start generating income from your blog is to offer expert services to your audiences. Now the term expert service is a wide term and under the umbrella you have varied fields like offering actionable advice on relevant issues, how-to guides, helping your audiences identify latent opportunities, and even offering your direct services in the fields you expertise in- digital marketing, website development, etc.

 In simplest terms, you can start by helping your readers identify the exact reason behind the tricky issues or hurdles they are facing, and even more importantly, help them overcome those challenges by providing immediately actionable practical advice.

 A majority of digital users browse content that can help them overcome their present challenges in the most practical way. By serving them such content you can build an instant rapport with this vast majority of audiences.

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Offer distinguished writing service to top brands

The reputed brands have a constant requirement for the skilled writers with demonstrated distinct capabilities. While there are numerous writers available in the world, very few can be put into the category if accomplished writers. So, developing such distinguished writing skills and marketing them in the best way allows you to join the relatively smaller community of high-caliber writers that minimize the competition. Moreover, the reputed brands are ready to pay a decently high price for each piece of writing. It not only hikes your income potential but also relieves you from the worry of living from paycheck to paycheck.

 The demand curve of skilled bloggers is going up which means that once you acquire the skills the income potential will constantly keep on rising- provided that you effectively market your skills to the right brands using right strategies.

 There are a number of writing courses available online. Carefully select the best courses. Such certification equips you with in-demand skill sets that the reputed brands are looking for. Make sure to go for certificate courses from reputed sources as the latter provides you a tangible proof to show the potential clients.

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Provide reasonably priced onine courses on related topics

 One of the best ways to get the best out of small community of potential buyers is to sell them something that assures a good revenue per sales and allows you to keep the maximum profit. One option is to sell online courses through your blog.

 Now the question comes that why people would invest in online courses when the internet is rife with free lessons on the same topics. The simple answer is comfort and trust. While people love free information, they are also aware that the quality and practical effectiveness of such information may not always be reliable. Paid courses, on the other hand, are looked as more trustable sources as the course creator is selling it for a price and is thus answerable to the learners. Also, the online courses bring multiple aspects of the same topic on the same ground and structure them in a linear, easy to understand format.

In order to attract people to your courses, you can keep the prices reasonably owner in the starting and also collect the feedback from the learners. It will offer you a wholesome review of your course identify the weaknesses strengths and work on them to further improve the quality. It will also help you improve your relations with the readers.

 It also allows you to work exclusively for your passion instead of blogging for various brands. That’s why it is the best option for passionate bloggers who wish to earn a good income without compromising on their passion or allowing commercial factors to alter their writing style/skills.

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Create e-books

 Now this advice is not directly related to the field of blogging but it is helpful nevertheless. You can create an e-book comprising your best articles that tend to the same issue. Sure, you may have to put in more effort- do some fill in the blanks, modify your strategy, and restructure the format to suit the style of an e-book. One of the best ways to sell your e-book content is through Kindle books but you shouldn’t neglect the other options either.

 One of the best factors about Kindle is that it is a part of the reputed brand Amazon- an eCommerce platform that enjoys unrivaled reputation across the globe.  

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Create a list of email subscribers

Another creative way to use your blog as an income generator is to create a list of email subscribers. In this way, you would have a list of email addresses of the people who are very likely to be interested in your topics and products.

Converting such subscribers into clients is comparatively easy and you can also employ this list to gain committed audiences, sell affiliate products, and use for other commercial endeavors. However, you need to maintain a fine balance between giving and take. You can start by offering exclusive content and more in-depth insights to your email subscribers only. It will help you bond better with such audiences. You can even ask their feedback and suggestion on the same and encourage them to interact with you through email.

Seamless communication and active interaction further strengthen the relations and make readers appreciate your proactive efforts in resolving their issues. Once you have thus fortified the relations, you can then send those emails about the tricky issues and naturally mention your affiliate products, paid courses, or kindle books as one of the best options to solve those issues.

In this strategy you follow a natural curve, starting from delivering high-value exclusive information right into the mailboxes of your email subscribers, then encouraging them to frankly discuss their issues with your through direct email communication, and then- after winning their trust- you suggest them about the best products or services that can solve their issues. It is much easier to convince people after building trust and familiarity rather than directly marketing their products.


Starting a blog is super easy but attracting audiences is difficult. Even more difficult is to generate income from your blog. However, instead of getting discouraged, the new bloggers can use some smart, easy, and sure-shot ways to gradually turn their blog into a profitable venture. In this article, we shared some actionable tips to help you get your initial paychecks even if your blog doesn’t attract lots of traffic.

5 best Facebook posting tips to enhance your blog traffic

Facebook Posting Tips

A majority of bloggers rely on Facebook to promote their latest blog posts. So, it could be difficult for you to get your posts noticed by the audiences. One of the surest ways to overcome this challenge is to refine your targeted audiences and use personalized content that leaves a instant and deep impact on those audiences. In this post we are going to mention some of the best ways to create Facebook posts and ad copies that attract and engage the readers:

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Use ideal headlines and meta tags

Facebook automatically displays the key elements like image, headline, and link description from the URL as you post it on Facebook. Using captivating headlines, engaging images and appealing Meta tags can go a long way in establishing a quick bond with the targeted audiences.


·         Headlines with specific numbers and a specific promising message get a better response than generic ones

·         Wise and modest use of exclamation marks, emojis and icons leave emphasizes the main points and offers a solid personality to your headlines.

·         Use of action words or power words at the starting provides an authoritative and confident appeal to your headlines. Avoid, as much as possible, starting with generic or stop words like The, A, One, Some, Every, etc.

·         Adding time-specific words like today, in a week or in 30 days leave a deeper and quicker impression on the visitors

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Visual communication

Visual communication leaves a quicker impression than the words. So, be very careful while picking an image for your social media post. It should be a clear, high-resolution image that is closely relevant to the topic.

Dimensions also matter a lot. The larger images get more digital real estate that enhances their visibility

Use Carousel post for better effect with fewer efforts

Using a carousel post allows you to share multiple bog articles in a single Facebook post that saves you time and efforts and thus maximizes productivity.

How to do it?

All you have to do is to add multiples featured images as a carousel and hover over each of them to see the link icon. Click on it and add the desired URL. That’s all.

Other tips related to facebook images

Try limiting the in-image text as too much text disturbs the visual appeal of the image.

Text overlay tool makes things easier for you. This tool identifies the images that contain too much text which possibly affects its overall impact and reach. At times the facebook also refuses to accept the ads that contain too much in-image text.

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Hike organic reach potential with right optimization

Sharing your post at the time when your targeted audiences and readers are online promises better visibility and higher impact.

How to do it?

·         Before you press the post button, go to Page Insights and click posts

·         It will display the specific hours and days that promise maximum reach to the targeted audiences.

·         Scrolling down will show you specific posts and the corresponding publishing times.

·         Study it carefully to determine the best time to publish your next post.

Claim your space in fans’ news feeds

When your posts are displayed in the news feeds of your fans, it automatically multiplies the chances of visibility. So encourage your audiences and visitors to like and share your post.

Confidently increase your reach with post boosting

Boosting your posts on Facebook is quite affordable even for the beginners, and its RoI is generally so high that it makes it a worthy investment. It allows you to effectively reach your targeted audiences.

By selecting the people who had earlier engaged with your FB posts, you can get an advantage of renewing their interest which promises a better positive outcome.

Basic steps for boosting your facebook post (for beginners)

·         Open Facebook Ad Manager and head to the /audiences page

·         Now click the option Create Audience

·         It will open a drop-down menu

·         Select the option Custom Audience forms this list

·         Now click Engagement setup the ad audience

·         Here you can target those who earlier engaged with your post

·         While setting up the targeting in your boosted post select the custom engagement audience that you built up in the earlier step


In order to enjoy optimum benefits out of your Facebook strategy you need to follow smart Facebook posting strategies. While it does not guarantee overnight success, you can certainly expect a steady improvement in your blog metrics like traffic, engagement rate, etc. when you patiently follow these strategies for some time.