Podcasts: An innovative way to increase your content impact

Podcast Tips

For the last some years there has been a growing trend of publishing podcasts on different topics. While its popularity was earlier limited to the narrow niches, the recent podcasts cover a wider range of topics right from digital marketing to small business tips. Many bloggers have a notion that creating podcasts is a tedious and cumbersome task and it is not a suitable option for them during the initial phase. The reality, however, is different. While it is true that you need to invest some efforts in creating podcasts, with a reasonable learning curve you would be able to create decent podcasts.

Podcasts allow you to offer an additional and more interactive format of your content to the readers. A clever strategy to hike the consumption potential of your content is to serve a “buffet of content formats” to the audiences. This wider menu of content formats will enable them to pick and consume the content in their favorite format- text, video, or audio. Hence podcasts allow you to explore fresh set audiences in your preferred demographics and thus increases your reader base. Here are a few tips on creating impressive podcasts:

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Podcasts ensure better engagement rate

Podcasts are already pacing ahead of text-based marketing with a higher open rate. One of the limitations of textual content is that readers generally skim through it or quickly check the headings to decide whether or not hey should read the entire content. It may result in an ill-informed decision based on the wrong presumption, for instance, if you have written awesome content but headings aren’t that catchy, you may lose your audiences.

Skim reading also compresses the stay duration as busy audiences would go directly to the specific point they need, copy-paste it, and immediately close your site. This behavior prevents you from extracting the maximum SEO juice out of your content by denying you longer stay durations and CTR opportunities.

Podcasts, on the other hand, cannot be skimmed through and thus it allows you to keep your audiences engaged for long that increases the SEO potential of your blog and helps you to acquire committed audiences. You can also create a series of podcasts on different aspects of the same topic to build a strong group of subscribers.

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An easy way to start- converts existing posts into a podcast

Start by shortlisting the ideal content that seamlessly fits the criteria of a podcast format. Depending upon the matter and writing style some content might make great reads but fail to impress when converted into podcasts. It is also a good idea to categorize your posts and pick 4-5 posts that can be used to create multiple episodes that can be comfortably marketed into a single subscription package.

An immediate benefit of creating multiple podcast episodes is better reader engagement and more CTR opportunities but it has long term benefits as well. It will not only make it easier for you to commercially sell your podcast episodes in the future but will also make it easier or you to convert random visitors into committed subscribers.

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Creative use of podcasts to attract users to low performing posts

Along with allowing you to amplify the impact of your best performing posts, the podcast also acts as an anchor to pull traffic to your poor performing posts as well. Or that you need some wise strategy.

·         Start by shortlisting the content that is performing the best and then identify the poor performing content that is not getting good ranking, traffic, or social engagement

·         Now make pairs of high and low performing blog posts that can be placed in the same category. Wisely bridge the high performing posts with its low performing counterpart without disturbing the logical uniformity

·         Towards the end of your podcast, you can draw the attention of your listeners to additional aspects/perspectives of the topic and give them the link of your low performing posts

·         There are good possibilities that the audiences who liked your podcasts would be more likely to click and read that post. Eventually, it will also increase the traffic and engagement on your low performing posts in a reasonable time.

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Carefully design the presentation of podcasts

One thing to keep in mind while producing podcasts is that the presentation matters. Just like preferred formats, people also have specific presentation preferences. Some like to listen to opinions and ideas, while others love the content that categorically presents challenges and solutions. However, one of the most preferred content types for audio podcasts is a series of precise answers to the probable questions about the pain points of your target audiences.

Quora is a great source to check the most trending questions/challenges of your targeted audiences that will help you to create the most relevant and timely posts. Just go to quora and write your topic in the search box. Hit enter and you will see a list of questions around the same.

Look for the questions that match your area of expertise/niche and check their date. Filter out the old ones and copy the most recent questions. Creating a podcast on such topics will help you to connect better with your podcast audience by offering them a timely solution to their present issues.

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Pick the reliable tools to automate the podcast creation process

Thanks to the sophisticated tools you don’t have to invest too many efforts or hours to create podcasts around your blog posts. These smart tools can automatically y transform your content from textual to audio format with a quick process. It compresses the tedious process into a few clicks.

For instance, Play is a highly competent tool that can automatically narrate the written content in high voice quality. It offers you to choose from as many as 30 different voice types to suit the accent preference of your audiences. WordPress users just need to download and activate it and start using it in their WordPress interface.

All you have to do is to open your preferred posts and click the button convert to audio. That’s all- your posts will automatically be rendered as an impressive audio session.

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Manually record your podcasts but with a professional appeal

Bloggers with an impressive voice can also read their blogs in their voices. It will enable you to leave a better impact on your audience. Good oration skills, ability to align your tone and pitch to suit the content, and identifying/emphasizing power words are some qualities that will keep your audience hooked to the entire audio session.

Ensure that there isn’t any background noise or other disturbance as it can affect the impact of your podcast. Voice quality is as important as the quality of your content. So, be ready to invest in decent audio editing tools to polish your podcast presentation and give it a professional appeal before broadcasting it. As opposed to the common notion you can get reliable audio editing tools and paraphernalia at affordable prices.

 It is a good idea to use a microphone as it renders the required level of loudness and precision to your voice. You would also need a good recording and editing tools. One such tool is the audacity that provides sophisticated editing and recording options to produce engaging and high-quality podcast sessions that compels the audiences to listen to the complete presentation. ??

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Use the right promotion strategy for your podcasts

 Due to increasing popularity there I a tough competition in the podcast market. So you need solid promotional strategies to make your podcast stand out of the crowd. Even the best podcast session can be lost in the crowd of mushrooming podcasts if you fail to promote it well.

 Start by creating a quick but impressive blog post about your podcast. It will give an official appeal and also work as a powerful tool to attract the existing readers to your podcast. Near create stellar social media posts around your podcast and publish it on the major social media platforms. To connect with your audiences on a deeper and more personal level send announcement emails to your subscribers.


Podcasts allow you to create more engaging content and connect with your targeted audiences at a more personal level. However, to create impressive podcats you need to go through a specific learning curve. Right from choosing the right topics to using the right tools, there are multiple factors to consider if you wish to acquire a sustainable success as a podcast publisher. In this blog, we presented some actionable tips to conceptualize, create, and review your podcasts. The readers are advised to carefully read and follow this guide and also assess the outcome to create high-impact podcasts. You may also want to create a checklist based on the same to convert these tips into a practical daily schedule.

5 reliable tools to automatically repurpose your content

Content Repurposing

One of the major concerns for most of the bloggers is how to create more content without compromising on the quality. As an individual blogger, it might seem to be a Herculean task for the new bloggers. However, there is a smart solution to overcome this challenge. It is repurposing your content.

Did you know that majority of top bloggers repurpose their old posts and present the same content in different formats? It not only adds variety to their content types but also o allows them to connect with a wider set of audiences and multiply the impact of their content. You can also adopt content repurposing to maximize the outcomes of your content writing efforts. Here are a few reliable tools for repurposing your content:

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Google Tools

With the help of the Google Analytics tool, you can get a comprehensive analytical report about your content on search engines and various social media channels. The comprehensive details about social media traction can be used as solid criteria to shortlist the post that is performing well on SERPs as well as social media platforms.

It also helps you to identify the commercial potential of your content regardless of its traffic by showing you the different URLs that link to your WebPages and posts.


·         Advanced Analytics Intelligence

·         Comprehensive audience Reports

·         Reports on the acquisition, advertising, behavior, and conversion

·         Reporting on user flow

·         Data Analysis

·         Data Visualization

Edgar Ink - MeetEdgar


MeetEdgar provides an edge to your social media strategy by allowing you to build a well-designed repository of various social media posts to store your content and related elements (links, images, videos, etc.). You just need to instruct the tool to automatically publish the specific posts on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms on specific dates.

By automating the social media sharing process you can utilize your time and efforts for other productive tasks. The advanced options also allow you to enjoy an extended control over the creative aspect of your posts to make them more impressive.

Salient Features

·         Provisions to automatically reposting the content when the available content is consumed up.

·         Queue option to check upcoming posts

·         Complete freedom to customize or reschedule your posts

·         Easy ways to edit your posts and fine-tune the content to your needs



Airtable is a sophisticated purpose-built spreadsheet with many relevant options to design a structured database of content. Along with facilitating content research and brainstorming sessions it also makes it easier for you to divide the huge quantity of content raw material into many smaller, digestible pieces of finished content.

Salient features

·         Extended scalability to tackle the entire process of content repurposing

·         Keywords list management for search engine optimization

·         Content calendar for scheduling and tracking assignments

·         Metrics measuring

·         Audience feedback monitoring

How to do Facebook Analysis With BuzzSumo


 Two major concerns for the bloggers is to find the most trending content in their niches and tracking the results of their content strategy. BuzzSumo is a reliable tool that helps you in both the pre-publishing and post-publishing purposes. Here you can easily find the content that is widely shared on social media which gives you a better idea of the type of content and topics you should write about. At the same time, you can also track the success of your old blog posts by checking their present social media traction.

Pick the posts that are performing the best and still getting good attention across social media. By wisely repurposing those posts you can easily recreate the magic with relatively very few efforts.

Salient features

·         Advanced filtering options to view only the preferred content type like infographics, interviews, videos, etc.

·         Sorting options to see the content type in ascending or descending order based on specific criteria

·         Easy provision to search major influencers and experts on a relevant topic

SEO Software for 360° SEO Analysis of your Website

SE Ranking 

SERPs ranking of your existing blog posts plays a very crucial role in your content repurposing strategy. Higher rankings clearly show that people and search engines love your content. SE Ranking tool offers you a wholesome overview of your search ranking along with the key details like specific search terms, ranking performance during a particular period, etc.

You can use it for checking the target completion of your existing posts and picking the most successful posts for repurposing. Once you publish the repurposed content, don’t forget to track its performance as well. It will give you a clear idea about the potential of your repurposed content and if you need to revise it or optimize it for a better outcome.

Salient Features

·         Monitoring Competitors’ posts performance across diverse social media

·         Sophisticated tool for Keyword Suggestion 

·         Provision for keyword Grouping

·         Tracks Keyword Ranking

·         Monitors backlines

·         Keyword Research

·         Social Media Management

·         Monitors change in page ranking


Content repurposing refers to converting your textual l blog posts into different formats. It helps you in automatically multiplying your content writing outcomes with almost zero efforts. Thankfully several tools instantly transform you written content into different desired formats with just a few clicks and simple process. In this blog we presented the review of 5 reliable content repurposing tools. The readers are advised to use their discretion before buying any tool.

Struggling with your blogging career? Don’t give up before trying these 5 tips

Blogging Tips

Blogging can be a very promising enterprise if you follow the right strategy. However, many bloggers fail to do that and left their efforts in a middle way seeing that no progress has been made. Instead of putting in the initial efforts and then leaving a pursuit, it is better to identify the specific reasons for failure and working on them to improve your potential. An even better option is to regard your blog as a serious commercial venture right from the beginning and keep on identifying different income-generating opportunities. In this blog, we are going to reveal some of the best ways to earn from your blog even if you are a beginner.

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Offer real value to the audiences

The easiest way to start generating income from your blog is to offer expert services to your audiences. Now the term expert service is a wide term and under the umbrella you have varied fields like offering actionable advice on relevant issues, how-to guides, helping your audiences identify latent opportunities, and even offering your direct services in the fields you expertise in- digital marketing, website development, etc.

 In simplest terms, you can start by helping your readers identify the exact reason behind the tricky issues or hurdles they are facing, and even more importantly, help them overcome those challenges by providing immediately actionable practical advice.

 A majority of digital users browse content that can help them overcome their present challenges in the most practical way. By serving them such content you can build an instant rapport with this vast majority of audiences.

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Offer distinguished writing service to top brands

The reputed brands have a constant requirement for the skilled writers with demonstrated distinct capabilities. While there are numerous writers available in the world, very few can be put into the category if accomplished writers. So, developing such distinguished writing skills and marketing them in the best way allows you to join the relatively smaller community of high-caliber writers that minimize the competition. Moreover, the reputed brands are ready to pay a decently high price for each piece of writing. It not only hikes your income potential but also relieves you from the worry of living from paycheck to paycheck.

 The demand curve of skilled bloggers is going up which means that once you acquire the skills the income potential will constantly keep on rising- provided that you effectively market your skills to the right brands using right strategies.

 There are a number of writing courses available online. Carefully select the best courses. Such certification equips you with in-demand skill sets that the reputed brands are looking for. Make sure to go for certificate courses from reputed sources as the latter provides you a tangible proof to show the potential clients.

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Provide reasonably priced onine courses on related topics

 One of the best ways to get the best out of small community of potential buyers is to sell them something that assures a good revenue per sales and allows you to keep the maximum profit. One option is to sell online courses through your blog.

 Now the question comes that why people would invest in online courses when the internet is rife with free lessons on the same topics. The simple answer is comfort and trust. While people love free information, they are also aware that the quality and practical effectiveness of such information may not always be reliable. Paid courses, on the other hand, are looked as more trustable sources as the course creator is selling it for a price and is thus answerable to the learners. Also, the online courses bring multiple aspects of the same topic on the same ground and structure them in a linear, easy to understand format.

In order to attract people to your courses, you can keep the prices reasonably owner in the starting and also collect the feedback from the learners. It will offer you a wholesome review of your course identify the weaknesses strengths and work on them to further improve the quality. It will also help you improve your relations with the readers.

 It also allows you to work exclusively for your passion instead of blogging for various brands. That’s why it is the best option for passionate bloggers who wish to earn a good income without compromising on their passion or allowing commercial factors to alter their writing style/skills.

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Create e-books

 Now this advice is not directly related to the field of blogging but it is helpful nevertheless. You can create an e-book comprising your best articles that tend to the same issue. Sure, you may have to put in more effort- do some fill in the blanks, modify your strategy, and restructure the format to suit the style of an e-book. One of the best ways to sell your e-book content is through Kindle books but you shouldn’t neglect the other options either.

 One of the best factors about Kindle is that it is a part of the reputed brand Amazon- an eCommerce platform that enjoys unrivaled reputation across the globe.  

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Create a list of email subscribers

Another creative way to use your blog as an income generator is to create a list of email subscribers. In this way, you would have a list of email addresses of the people who are very likely to be interested in your topics and products.

Converting such subscribers into clients is comparatively easy and you can also employ this list to gain committed audiences, sell affiliate products, and use for other commercial endeavors. However, you need to maintain a fine balance between giving and take. You can start by offering exclusive content and more in-depth insights to your email subscribers only. It will help you bond better with such audiences. You can even ask their feedback and suggestion on the same and encourage them to interact with you through email.

Seamless communication and active interaction further strengthen the relations and make readers appreciate your proactive efforts in resolving their issues. Once you have thus fortified the relations, you can then send those emails about the tricky issues and naturally mention your affiliate products, paid courses, or kindle books as one of the best options to solve those issues.

In this strategy you follow a natural curve, starting from delivering high-value exclusive information right into the mailboxes of your email subscribers, then encouraging them to frankly discuss their issues with your through direct email communication, and then- after winning their trust- you suggest them about the best products or services that can solve their issues. It is much easier to convince people after building trust and familiarity rather than directly marketing their products.


Starting a blog is super easy but attracting audiences is difficult. Even more difficult is to generate income from your blog. However, instead of getting discouraged, the new bloggers can use some smart, easy, and sure-shot ways to gradually turn their blog into a profitable venture. In this article, we shared some actionable tips to help you get your initial paychecks even if your blog doesn’t attract lots of traffic.

5 best Facebook posting tips to enhance your blog traffic

Facebook Posting Tips

A majority of bloggers rely on Facebook to promote their latest blog posts. So, it could be difficult for you to get your posts noticed by the audiences. One of the surest ways to overcome this challenge is to refine your targeted audiences and use personalized content that leaves a instant and deep impact on those audiences. In this post we are going to mention some of the best ways to create Facebook posts and ad copies that attract and engage the readers:

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Use ideal headlines and meta tags

Facebook automatically displays the key elements like image, headline, and link description from the URL as you post it on Facebook. Using captivating headlines, engaging images and appealing Meta tags can go a long way in establishing a quick bond with the targeted audiences.


·         Headlines with specific numbers and a specific promising message get a better response than generic ones

·         Wise and modest use of exclamation marks, emojis and icons leave emphasizes the main points and offers a solid personality to your headlines.

·         Use of action words or power words at the starting provides an authoritative and confident appeal to your headlines. Avoid, as much as possible, starting with generic or stop words like The, A, One, Some, Every, etc.

·         Adding time-specific words like today, in a week or in 30 days leave a deeper and quicker impression on the visitors

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Visual communication

Visual communication leaves a quicker impression than the words. So, be very careful while picking an image for your social media post. It should be a clear, high-resolution image that is closely relevant to the topic.

Dimensions also matter a lot. The larger images get more digital real estate that enhances their visibility

Use Carousel post for better effect with fewer efforts

Using a carousel post allows you to share multiple bog articles in a single Facebook post that saves you time and efforts and thus maximizes productivity.

How to do it?

All you have to do is to add multiples featured images as a carousel and hover over each of them to see the link icon. Click on it and add the desired URL. That’s all.

Other tips related to facebook images

Try limiting the in-image text as too much text disturbs the visual appeal of the image.

Text overlay tool makes things easier for you. This tool identifies the images that contain too much text which possibly affects its overall impact and reach. At times the facebook also refuses to accept the ads that contain too much in-image text.

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Hike organic reach potential with right optimization

Sharing your post at the time when your targeted audiences and readers are online promises better visibility and higher impact.

How to do it?

·         Before you press the post button, go to Page Insights and click posts

·         It will display the specific hours and days that promise maximum reach to the targeted audiences.

·         Scrolling down will show you specific posts and the corresponding publishing times.

·         Study it carefully to determine the best time to publish your next post.

Claim your space in fans’ news feeds

When your posts are displayed in the news feeds of your fans, it automatically multiplies the chances of visibility. So encourage your audiences and visitors to like and share your post.

Confidently increase your reach with post boosting

Boosting your posts on Facebook is quite affordable even for the beginners, and its RoI is generally so high that it makes it a worthy investment. It allows you to effectively reach your targeted audiences.

By selecting the people who had earlier engaged with your FB posts, you can get an advantage of renewing their interest which promises a better positive outcome.

Basic steps for boosting your facebook post (for beginners)

·         Open Facebook Ad Manager and head to the /audiences page

·         Now click the option Create Audience

·         It will open a drop-down menu

·         Select the option Custom Audience forms this list

·         Now click Engagement setup the ad audience

·         Here you can target those who earlier engaged with your post

·         While setting up the targeting in your boosted post select the custom engagement audience that you built up in the earlier step


In order to enjoy optimum benefits out of your Facebook strategy you need to follow smart Facebook posting strategies. While it does not guarantee overnight success, you can certainly expect a steady improvement in your blog metrics like traffic, engagement rate, etc. when you patiently follow these strategies for some time.

Best tools to overcome technical barriers of your communication strategy

Blogger Automation Tools

Direct communication with your targeted group and readers help in increasing and retaining your blog traffic. However, it may be an uphill task for them to repeatedly send emails. post on social media, check the engagement stats etc. For a better and stronger impact you need to tactically tackle such technical travails. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is to wisely use tools that can automate your social media tasks- right from email automation to creating and executing the entire digital campaign with curated post content. Here are a few prominent tools you can rely on:

Hootsuite Review | PCMag


Sharing your best posts is an exhilarating experience. However, the same task becomes mundane and stressful when you have to do it on a daily basis. It saps your energy and affects your productivity. An easy way to automate this task is it uses the Scheduling feature of HootSuite.

Hootsuite automates the post-management and scheduling for you allowing you to schedule different times for different posts well in advance.

Not only does it allow you to take better control of your time table but it also relieves you from the digital exhaustion caused by repetitive tasks and switching between different social media platforms. So you would have more time to concentrate on your first love, your passion- crafting awesome content and honing your writing skills.

With the help of Hootsuite, you can set up various social media streams to monitor the posts, tweets, and shares that mention you or your blog.

You can use this information to review the reaction and overall feedback of the digital readers’ community that allows you to optimize your blog by working on weaknesses and building on strengths.

Brand guidelines - IFTTT

IFTTT- A smart and proactive social media assistant always ready to take commands

IFTTT acts as a connecting tool to link different internet services to allow seamless interaction among them. It is available in both website and app format and you can use any one of them depending upon your preferences and convenience.

The IFTT websites has as many as 400 different apps that can be linked with each other for collaborative working by forming a cause and effect equation between them which allows you to define the specific trigger criteria that should automatically prompt the desired action.

In simple words the IFTT is what it says: If this then that.

 A free yet effective tool, IFTT connects a wide array of popular applications using cause and effect equations between two applications. It has a wide number of daily use applications, right from automatically opening your garage when the car enters inside your main gate, to switching on your TV the time you enter the hours (that’s a bit tricky but possible) but for the sake of relevance we would discuss how can it help you and other bloggers like you.

In short, it helps by automatically promoting the content without requiring any repetitive manual efforts. All you have to do is to set the specific triggers and desired actions based on the same.

For instance you can automatically share your blog posts at the same time when you publish it on your blog. Likewise, you can automatically share the content from one social platform to another (with repurposed format) like sharing the Pinterest post on Facebook.

How to use  IFTT?

·         All you need to do is to create a free IFTT account and link with the desired social media channels.

·         Now go to the search section and explore different integrations and automation

·         The simple dashboard interface makes this task almost intuitive for you

·         Don’t hesitate to try with different integrations automation

·         Start with a few of them and once you are comfortable (and it shouldn’t take long) you can then come up with more original and innovative ideas.

·         Along with different social media platforms/profiles you can even connect emails and virtual assistants by creating an equation of cause and defect between the connected applications.

To determine the high potential social integrations you can consider sorting the results by social networks

By activating WordPress to Facebook posting automation your post would be automatically shared on the Facebook the moment you publish it.

Login | Mailchimp

MailChimp: Schedule the mails and personalize the content

Email communication allows you to cement the relations with your readers. For the best impact, you need to use personalized emails to connect with each reader at a more personal level. Mailchimp makes it easy for you. It acts as an end to end marketing tool for bloggers and businesses. Bloggers can create great email messages; targeted digital ad campaigns, build optimized landing pages, and get a detailed up to date reporting of their marketing outcomes. However, its prime feature is the set of capabilities it offers to automate and send targeted emails.

With Mailchimp you can create wonderful email templates that look equally well on PC, laptops, tablets, and mobiles. All you have to do is to explore the vast library of prebuilt templates and pick the one that you like the most and customize it using an easy drag and drop process. Though quick and simple, the customization process allows you to offer the best branding appeal to your content.

The features like welcome messages prompted by filling of the newsletter submission form, building a series of welcome emails or goodbye messages to those who unsubscribe make it a great automation tool to communicate effectively with your targeted audiences.

It offers you detailed reporting for the performance of your email marketing campaign thus putting you in the commanding position to take complete control of different phases and aspects of email marketing.

Mail chimp empowers you to design awesome email templates with minimum- almost zero, efforts. It not only hikes the professional appeal of your emails but also encourages readers to engage with the content.

Social Media Management Pricing You Can Afford | Agorapulse


With Agorapulse you can bring your entire social conversations to the same place that facilitates reviewing and acting on them. This powerful tool creates a chronological series of different content elements including messages, mentions, reviews, and comments. The labelling option makes things even easier and quicker for you and helps in streamlining the workflow.

Salient features of Agorapulse

·         With an automated moderation rule option you can set default rules for tagging, hiding, review, or assigning the key messages. It keeps your inbox organized and clutter-free and also enables you to take prompt actions as soon as you enter your inbox.

·         You would also love detailed post-management options to automate the publishing routine and queue messages.

·         Along with streamlining your posts it also offers better control over your social media community by giving engagement-based ranking to your followers, fans, and influencers.

·         You would get automated alerts displaying key stats like hashtags, keywords, trends, and other major stats

·         Gathers multiple conversations across different social media site into a single inbox

·         Automated notifications to monitor hostages, trends and keywords

·         Engagement based ranking for your users to help you identify high potential users

·         In-depth reports with key insights presented in an easy to understand format

·         Easy key message management with automated user moderation rules

·         Extended flexibility to queue or program the content for automated publishing (one time, multiple times or repetitive publishing)

How to Use Missinglettr


Missinglettr helps you in automatically generating new social media campaigns by offering you high-value suggestions on the imagery, quotes, content, and hashtags that are most relevant to your article.

In fact, it can independently create the entire campaign using its AI capabilities and notifies you via email so that you can review and if needed, modify it to your preferences.

It will publish social media posts across multiple channels only after you have approved it. You can schedule the posts in advance for the entire year. It empowers you to select the most opportune times and days to publish occasion-based content that leaves a better and instant impact on the targeted audiences.

This smart tool can also help in multiplying your content impact with the help of SEO friendly republishing on reputed platforms like Medium.

Along with your own blog posts the missinglettr also enables you to create an automated social media campaign for your guest posts as well.


Direct communication with your targeted audiences and committed readers allows you to increase the traffic of your blog and strengthen relation with the existing readers. However, communicating with the audiences is a demanding task and not everyone has got the time or resources to manage their communications effectively. By wisely using the sophisticated communication management tools you can automate the technical tasks of communication strategy so that you can concentrate on the content, message and relation building exercises, rather than being challenged by the technical complications.