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Note: If a wpCentral account does not exist it will be created

Installing wpcentral plugin on your WordPress Website
You can install wpcentral plugin in your WordPress Website following the guide here. Requirements
  • Minimum WordPress version : 4.4
  • Minimum PHP version : 5.3
  1. Download wpcentral plugin from here.
  2. Upload the plugin folder to your wordpress website directory/wp-content/plugins/wp-central folder.
  3. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  4. You can find the Connection Key by clicking on “View Connection Key” link that appears on the Plugins page. 
  5. Go to and sign in. If you do not have an account with Softaculous/WPCentral, you can create an account.
  6. Add your website there using the connection key by following the guide here.
  7. It’s Done! You can now start exploring.
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